Everything will be fine

in life •  7 months ago

I must immediately stop my whine!
In general, this is not surprising, all difficulties in my life, I accept on the same pattern: first my heart goes to the heels of confusion and misunderstanding of what is happening to me, then I start to cry and feel sorry for myself, and when I will repay a lot - I realize that good should be with fists (of course, I always think it's "good" are my point of view), and if I am not given whatI consider mine rightfully, I will rip it out with claws and teeth, with blood, with meat, and thus anyone can suffer, who will try to stand in my way.
This time, awareness came faster than usual. I do not know what influenced my world this time: either it was the unexpected success of my previous post, or its "second side of the coin". Most likely it was influenced by the fact that I saw that I was not alone, that many people support and share my point of view. Many were afraid to write in the comments, for fear of becoming a target for the flags, but they wrote and supported me in Discord and Telegram.
At the same time, most of the problems I have not solved. Now I began to think, but was it worth it. Why ask for alms from the "strong people of this world", if I can just take what is rightfully mine. Theoretically, I was returned to life by @naegling11, no matter how it sounded. He said a lot of smart and right words for support. after reading the comments, I went to bed, fell asleep and I had wonderful dreams.
I remember that I was just constantly on the verge of sleep and reality, sometimes waking up and barely had time to realize whether I'm sleeping or not
I put it together a mosaic in my head, and I got a clear picture of what to do next. It was a feeling that I felt a ruined when you go to bed with torn thoughts, and when wake up - everything becomes clear and understandable. I like very much when something arises absolutely from nothing.
I know what to do next. For this I do not need money or other people. Although I'm not a computer nerd, my knowledge should be enough to hack this f***ing system. I now know what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, those who try to will obstruct with me, will only spend their Voting Power without causing me significant harm. Yes, in the end, even if someone comes to this blog and flags it - this blog is not very valuable, its name will still cease to be relevant on December 31, 2018. This will not stop me from continuing to do that what the local whales call "theft money from the pool," and I call "a fair distribution of rewards"

When I pondered it all in my head - I realized that everything is not as bad as at first it seemed to me. I realized that I was clever enough, in the sense that In this case, I did not fall into hysterics, as I usually do.

I woke up and remembered that spring is on outdoor and that in 3 weeks Kyiv will waiting for me, and I would meet there my dear friend, my bestie - Kat, which I had not seen for several months.
And I no longer want this painful condition and nagging.
I'm here not only to fight whales for payments, I'm also here because I like it and here I also have friends.
I like to communicate with intelligent people who can teach me a lot, I want to share my knowledge and opinion with them.

And yes, I need money. And I will not "build a saint" and lie about the fact that I need them to create the material opportunities to create a family and raise children, I just do not need it because I'm by nature a loner and in the conditions of a traditional family, I can not live, for me it will be like an iron cage. I need money for comfort - to live in a nice house, to ride an expensive and beautiful car, to dress in beautiful things and to evoke the envy of others, exactly the same one with which I envied them when I myself was once a beggar and a hungry little vagabond, which the escaped from the parents house.
I love my life, damn it, and ask all those people, with their "everything is not so easy" and "the world is a dump hole," I'll ask today to keep my opinions to myself. My world is not that, it's beautiful. If not, then sooner or later it will be like that. in my world there will be smiles, good mood, love and friendship, there will be no place for melancholy and whine in him. My world will be like Alice in Wonderland, a leaf fallen from a tree can become the beginning of an exciting adventure, and good will always overcome evil
This is really so and do not dare to argue with me today.


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Thanks for sharing! I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @vipnata. Congratulations. I wish you all the best and look forward to your future posts.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Hello Elizzium, I am happy that you are still here and did not disappear and go back to Ukraine. I greatly appreciate your kind words and am glad that I was able to help. I do not know if I have ever brought someone back to life, your words have paid me the highest compliment. You are on the right track and in 3 weeks you will have no worries (at least for a bit) while you and Kat spend time together enjoying life.

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