If Man Had Landed On The Moon There Would Be A McDonalds Drive Thru Up There By Now.... 69 Reasons why You Should Moon NASA for The Mindfuck

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What from hell has happened to SATAN NASA?

Back in the summer of 69 we were shooting jizzloads of men up there every few months.
Six times!.
We could watch them playing golf and driving a dirt buggy like aftershave commercial models!

These days all we get for our money is pathetic high school quality Computer Graphic Imagery of the moon mooning us

The Russians were leading in almost every milestone winning 24 major achievements in space before USA.
I used to wonder did they give up in disgust when they saw what Hollywood fakery USA created?
Now Im grown I realise theyre all just actors, there are no nations, only corporations. no natives, merely slaves.

What in hell happened to that 60s engineering and craftsmanship that built multiple flying machines to get men to the moon, dismantling, landings, lifting off, redocking, 69(;)miles up with the rest of the rocket pissing by at 4000 miles per hour.

SIX times! On untested engines, in an "untested environment" they supposedly achieved this, in their lunar module with walls as thick as 3 layers of kitchen foil... boy were they lucky they werent a foot off course or that rocket might not have "docked" with them quite so effortlessly at 4000mph, every time.
Those boys would have wanted to be well lubed up in the case of any imprecision there, let me tell you.

Oh some people hate it when you tell them the moon landings were hoaxed but bear with them, they just havent looked!
A lot of people view SATAN NASA, and their "achievements" like a favorite football team, and they are really attached to "mankinds greatest achievements".

And why not?
We should all be proud of what SATAN NASA said we did in 1969-72 with the computing power of a few laptops.
Yes. Even if they have never managed to repeat it.

Why has no one gone beyond earths orbit for all these years??
They say, we dont need to go back, theres nothing there! Its too expensive...
while we supposedly have the ISS doing laps of the earth, and telescopes on satellites photographing black holes fucking in other galaxies proving gravitational waves (my arse), we cant even get a decent photo of the discarded piles of astronaut poo bags that have been littered on the moon and declared "historical residue" (or something equally officious.)

Whatever our fetish was, we dropped that baby like a hot potato flat earth shill. Despite having more rockets ready built. ¨People were over it, and complaining, so NASA took a chill pill, set their sights on Mars instead.

Excuse us rolling our eyes but these days its supposed to be a big celebration when we send ISS up 200-400miles but we used to send them 1000 times further

Back in the day before frogger, and colour TV.
These days we want a clap if we walk to the shop.
In 69, we walked to Argentina.

We cant get cell phone coverage everywhere in big cities but in 69 Nixon got a clear line to the moon.
A quarter of a million miles away.

I was at a BBQ recently and I met a splendid young man who still believed the moon landings were real.
He was probably 25 and just out of college and Im not teasing him for not having the time to research such a thing.

I wondered myself for decades if it was real. It never seemed or felt real, looking back, but that was the cognitive dissonance with the generally accepted view, "it happened mmmkay, of course it did, so many people could never lie".
By the time I was 35 I would say with confidence I no longer was hoodwinked.

There are questions youve got to ask yourself... just regarding the "evidence" alone...
All voice data, biomedical monitoring data, telemetry data, video, lost, 13,000 reels of this, 700 cartons of that.... Sure someone could have stolen it all, it must be worth something, but really?
Apparently these things have been missing for 30 years.

Original blueprints of lunar modules, lunar rover and saturn V rockets, all gone.

Never even sent a few blokes back to even orbit the moon since Brady Bunch days.

Neither the most powerful telescopes on earth, nor the Hubble have ever been turned on the moon to show the litter we left, the flag, the remote controlled camera which filmed the last lift off...

Not to mention Stanford graduate student Robert Bassano getting NASA SOPHIA telescope Deputy Team Project Manager to admit he has never seen Hubble in real time in 25 years working at NASA. (WTH????)

Is anything at NASA real?

Whyever was this magical mythical spacecraft discontinued???
Its like someone invented a hovercraft and just went back to making bicycles.

All the photos NASA has shown us of earth from space, from Apollo missions to more recent are wildly different featuring not just different colors but massively differering sized continents. They are either as dumb as they sound and look, or "cleverly" deceptively pissing in your pocket.
Both options suck

There were never any stars in any of the photos taken from any of the moon missions despite all the different preset exposures.

In fact, so many problems in the such perfectly staged photos ...
No craters in the dusty surface of "the moon" from the reverse thrust rockets during the LEM landing.

This reminds me of the day I asked myself how "snow" from Satans SANTAs sleigh could last all day in a Sydney summer, so I tasted some.
It tasted like baby powder.

If it smells like a duck.

Somehow Playtex Bra Corporation made spacesuits back then which could keep a man alive from -250°f in the chilly nights and shade to +250°F in the sun.. Playtex, you outdid yourselves.

They cant make them anymore.
They went back to bras.

NASA needs more money to achieve less for a change.

I bet Neil and Buzz were glad they had each other for spooning on those lonely nights at -250°F. Those mylar walls cant have been the best insulation. Im surprised theyre not still up there cryogised like Disneys´head.
Forever together. Brokeback mountain meets the Sea Of Tranquility.


Then the poor kid brought up the "moon rocks".
Oh, the moon meteorites that Werner Von Braun and his summer camping team must have tripped over during their 1967 Antarctic Expedition. ?
That was opportune

Or the "moon rocks" that are petrified wood from Arizona that the Dutch Government recently returned to the US Government as fakes?

If we had dune buggies that could fold up into suitcases why did that never take off?

In 1927 Werner Von Braun at 19 years old worked as an assistant on a German film named Die Frau im Mond. (The Woman in the Moon ). This film featured all the scenes Werner would play out on the whole world with NASA four decades later... a huge upright standing rocket being wheeled out of a hangar, the suspenseful countdown, the crowds, all the foreshadow to the Apollo program.

In 1966 Gemini 8 was supposed to be flown by Eliot See and Charles Bassett. Tragically, See, one of the best pilots in the USA flew his plane with Bassett on board into the McDonald Aircraft building where their Gemini spacecraft was being assembled. Apparently it was a snowy day : /

In fact there were ten astronauts killed in mysterious circumstances between 1964 and 1967 so obviously it was not that easy to __make everyone keep a secret__.

I learned the juiciest of these little tidbits from Dave McGowan, a great researcher and true journalist of our time.
Dave had a habit of completely pulling apart government lies with their own photo evidence.. and he was pretty hilarious too.

Official NASA photo

From Dave McGowan :
"While what is depicted in the images may initially appear, to the untrained eye, to be some kind of mock-up that someone cobbled together in their backyard to make fun of NASA, I can assure you that it is actually an extremely high-tech manned spacecraft capable of landing on the surface of the Moon. And incredibly enough, it was also capable of blasting off from the Moon and flying 69 miles back up into lunar orbit! Though not immediately apparent, it is actually a two-stage craft, the lower half (the part that looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper) being the descent stage, and the upper half (the part that looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape) being the ascent stage.

The upper half, of course, is the more sophisticated portion, being capable of lifting off and flying with enough power to break free of the Moon’s gravity and reach lunar orbit. It also, of course, possessed sophisticated enough navigational capabilities for it to locate, literally out in the middle of fucking nowhere, the command module that it had to dock with in order to get the astronauts safely back to Earth. It also had to catch that command module, which was orbiting the Moon at a leisurely 4,000 miles per hour."

Official NASA photo

“Whenever I saw a model of the lunar module, it had these rigid sides and [it] really looked strong. Turns out that external portions of the lunar module are made up of Mylar and cellophane and it’s put together with Scotch tape and staples. We had to have pads on the floor ‘cause if you dropped a screwdriver, it would go right through the floor.”
Jim Lovell, Astronaut
(Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13)

Bart Sibrel made a masterpiece of a film to awaken us all many years ago __A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon__. He was well ahead of his time.
Although many quietly, privately doubted, Sibrel was one who devoted his life to bringing the truth to light.
An anonymous whistleblower sent Sibrel some footage of the astronauts on the spaceship reporting that they are almost at the moon but the camera shows they are still visually clearly within earths orbit, mid flight in their first supposed successful landing, in July 69. The men can be seen placing a cardboard barrier over the window to make it look as if earth is far away when in fact it is filling up the whole window portal.

Sibrels second film, *Astronots Gone Wild* seems him getting punch in the head from Aldrin when he (later admits) got too rude and too in his face calling him a faker in public..

All the astronots go off at him. Theyre furious. Poor things. Im quite sure none of them knew what they were getting themselves into.

If you want to see how they notice us and told us what they did in plain sight, enjoy Capricorn One

NASAs highest ranking official James Webb resigned right before the first mission. What happened to him that he would quit his part in one of mankinds greatest achievements:

All three Apollo astronots also resigned right after their "return to earth".

Looking forward to a lifetime of lies fellas?

Sometime in early 2003, when I´d been wondering a while... a scintillating French mocu documentary
Dark Side Of The Moon appeared on Australian national TV. It featured interviews with Kissinger and Rumsfeld absolutely taking the piss about pulling off a hoax in a studio.
I frantically called my Dad, my Granddad to turn their TVs on

At the end my Dad called me back and told me its April Fools day.

I felt like I had been played by the sociopaths again.

It is a tool of disinformation to openly mock the truth.
It is exactly what those old war dogs were doing, mocking the whole gullible world of believers

Dave McGowans´legendary article Wagging The Moondoggie and some of his other work is collected here
Sadly Dave passed last November, (RIP) but his awakening humor will work wonders on this realm for decades or more to come. His research into The Pedocracy, major false flags such as 9/11, Boston, and major social engineering of our time, is unsurpassed. He has written several incredible books which will be continued to be referenced for their thorough research and fearless pursuit of the truth

Until the damage to every last one, has been undone.

If anyone has a problem with this post...


thats part two @acec.
baby steps

Now jokes aside, where are you going - flat earth, concave earth...? I've fallen in love with expanding earth for all its sense-making and can't explain the atmosphere's super-rotation with "Coriolis" forces because I'm afraid of phantoms. And now that the ISS debunking almost convinced me (RE-watching "A funny thing" right now), I wonder about MIR and Skylab.

Soo following you.

..dont follow me... im lost too ; ) well im waay past heliocentric model, and i think its flat and planish, im not feeling concave, i like endless plane and other puddles, but who knows...that might just be a reaction to the idea we are in this tiny enclosed firmament instead if an infinite place....i cant hardly imagine infinity anymore, it has all become to feel too much like its being overlooked by that guy in the truman show... i am doing coriolis tests in my kitchen sink so much i have broken the seal... The NASA clowns debunk themselves, just watch their press conferences... so much on ISS is fake, greenscreen, done with cables or in a zero g plane (you can tell by the jerks the jerks make) you have to wonder, if theyre really up there, why all the fakery?... I know nada about skylab and MIR but the more i look the more I realise even when i think the moon landings were hoaxed, i went on and believed every other thing they told me and showed me since... without question... satellites, distant galaxies, black holes X D and just this year i have started to reappraise ALL ELSE NASA has told me, and the more i look the more i think its all hooey

I know, but at least we're not lost and alone then!

It is true that the obvious NASA fakery gives the game away when it comes to moon walks and many ISS feeds. Alone the comparison between the ISS gal with the permed hair and the other gal's free-flowing hair in a real vomit comet micro-g environment did serious damage to my ability and willingness to defend the space program (the green screen sealed the deal); but it would be too extreme to discard all the insights into the shape of our planet and the surrounding universe found before NASA together with it. It's all a bit disorienting.

LOL @ black body radiation in the too long audio file...

ahhh i like to keep everything in the one place in case i need it later : / you dont need to watch it all, but once you have, youre gone

meme conspiracy
Are you serious!? Please stop those conspiracy theories. Don't you have better things to do? meme hat

I'm not scared of anything you write. I think it's pretty funny :)
meme walter

i aim to purrlease

whats so scary about them faking their trip to the moon huh @pittyvandefik...

It's not scary, but why the heck should they fake it? And it was in the middle of the Cold War, do you think the Soviets are in this, too? Really?! And now still, under Putin? What would be better than him revealing that fake!? But he doesn't, I wonder, why...?
That's not critical, it's just dumb. Only because you don't understand how it was done, doesn't mean it wasn't. And there's more proof that it's real.
And by the way, calling NASA Satan is not as grown-up and critical as you might hope...

ok so im childish and you believe they dropped men on the moon 50 years ago to play golf. so we have something in common ; ) whoever wants to stay alive and keep sucking on the tit of the state is in on it, once they wake up, but most cant see it, even when decades of research and whistleblower evidence is presented to them in a convenient eye catching funny post.. its ok like i said i argued against the idea just like you for over a decade flipflopping, doesnt matter where we stand, as long as we are allowed to think

I wonder why no one ever reaches over the head of our politicans. If they were reptiloids, and three meters tall, you should hit something. Boom, exposed... Never happend. But I guess that's tit-sucking, too? Oh, and the nazis went to Pluto and were back for supper. Heil Axel Stoll! meme Axel Stoll

And by the way, not paying attention to the argument I stated, shows, that you can not falsify it. I am a woman of science and I think you can only proof, that something falsifies a theorie. I showed that your "theory" has a major issue. And you can't falsify that. So you start nagging that you are SOOOO much smarter than everyone else for you see how we are lied to. Thank you, proofed my point of what a bunch of s*** this is.

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