Justice Delayed...

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It took one woman 10 years to see her rapist brought to justice because that's when they finally tested her rape kit. Her story is not uncommon. This week, we dive into the back log of untested rape kits and what we as communities need to do to support, defend and protect.
Next, the J20 story is not over - we bring you an update on the trials and some food for thought on next steps.
Cheri Honkala comes to DC not to ask for help but to invite fellow poor folks to fight and build - and demand their basic human rights.
Finally, Utopia seems far fetched – but what if instead of the typical idea of perfection, these iterations of Utopia simply mean a place beyond the confines of capitalist failings. Sol Trumbo of Transformative Cities gives us the scoop.


Commie.....Transformative cities huh? Sounds interesting! I'll have a look, if this is a dog whistle for a worker's party or unions or whatnot, I'm not interested. It's already been played out and is home to the most despotic leaders and highest body counts in the last 250 years and counting.

mind time-stamping the part about Trumbo in your vid? I'm not listening through the garbage about the patriarchy. Thx in advance!

Hi, would you mind keeping your neanderthal drivel off my posts? Thanks so much!

Nice argument. Typical. Aren't you hear to inform and change minds? I was serious about this Trumbo fella!! I'll just google it i guess.

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Thank you for reporting on this. I have heard horrific stories about untested kits and the refusal of police to investigate. Unfathomable bastards.

I loved what Sol Trumbo had to say, he's absolutely right on. This transformative cities concept is good, but having lived in Richmond, CA up until recently, I wonder about the criterium. Not that the Richmond Progressive Alliance aren't doing great things, but a lot of what they do is trying to fight the current system of laws and direct corporate domination (by Chevron) of much of the city. I don't want to sound like I'm disparaging them of course because they're doing more than I. I posted this on your Twitter but I don't know how much you interact with any of these online platforms... http://www.crystalpalacetransition.org.uk is really worth mentioning, it's a truly transformative city, and I would love to see more of this "transition town" mentality implemented. Perhaps it's worth sending to the transformative cities team... This is kind of an inspiration I have in mind while I'm trying to brainstorm my plan for my local community. Currently trying to organize people to start meeting about this, but life out here in rural sonoma county is so idyllic and isolated... Its hard to motivate people when their lives are going fine, it seems like people need an obvious struggle or enemy to fight against that's right in front of their noses in order to organize them. Anyway, great episode of Act Out, thanks Eleanor.