The rarity of second chances.

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Second chances aren't necessarily about moving on or moving forward from something we may have lost out or missed out on. It is about opportunities given even if just for a moment to make thing right and you have a role to play in it.
Second chances are rare and sometimes unavailable, but when it does come to you, it is important that you accept what it comes with and work on making good.

I Feel Blessed!

Second chances are like added extra time to your already allocated time in life which is generally impossible as no one gets more than 24hours a day. See it like you are in football pitch and there is 5 minutes added time.

I love second chances because, even if you cannot get more than 24hours daily, you will have a chance to redo what it was that was already done wrongly and maybe have a chance to get it right second time around.

Man has a problem accepting who he is most of the time and that there, posses a challenge more difficult to overcome than the existing problems themselves.

Finding second chances in life happens when the individual can accept truthfully, his status no matter how ugly it may be. love-2055960__480.jpg
No one walks on the road to greatness without facing challenges and challenges don't always come labeled "challenges."

Your challenge may be your inability to identify and stick to your status because, you easily get carried away with what everyone else gets... "inability to interpret the problems so you are able to understand the best process to follow."

Second chances are rare because we all wait to see it packed and delivered to us and because it is nature's, it has a very long list of people waiting to get one shot in a lifetime.
When you understand your status and who you truly are, you will be able to create a second chance for yourself. You do not need to wait for the naturally structured "second chance" everyone else waits for.

Make every chance count, because in there lies your second chance.

Quick question.

What would you do differently if you can get a second chance to do it all over again?

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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