Play down the distractions and keep moving.

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"You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks."- Winston Churchill.disregard-798858__480.jpg

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The path to one's satisfactory life is filled with distractions that go from here to Timbuktu.
Imagine if you have to stop and worry about every single noise on your way to work daily and back?
How would you be and what will your thought process be like? Crazy right?

The whole idea of distraction is that, it too is living out its purpose and when you concern yourself with every single one rather than which concerns you, you will end up never getting to your destination.

I Feel Blessed!

As is with your daily living, you should learn to pick out the noise that matters to your journey. Sometimes, you may have to even ignore some that matters because, not all "hellos" are intended for good.

Dogs bark whether they are happy or sad and unlike the fantasy movies we see where dogs talk, we cannot really hear them in our own words.
A dog barking is not supposed to make you stop and ask, "what's up bro?". Keep moving and unless you are Dr. Doolittle, then pay a mind to every bark.

There are those days the small inner voices will be so troublesome you will wish for a different one.
Sometimes you learn to shut them down by paying no heed, and that there is how you should tackle your day not letting the important aspects slip into a cold stone.

The destination is a goal and you should hear the happy cheers when you get there; forget about the barking along the way.

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