Be the first of your kind.

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"Be strong but not rude. Be kind but not weak. Be humble but not timid. Be proud but not arrogant."- Zig Ziglar

I spent sometime looking at this above quote trying to grasp as much as I can.
The message is right before our eyes and cover pretty much what happens in society today.

People get to treat other people with so much disrespect and eve hate because they have sometning the other person doesn't.

I Feel Blessed!

Being strong does make some people become so rude that, they treat others with no respect.

The man who is kind is most times treated as a weak person and society runs rough shod on him.

A humble man mostly passes as a timid man in the eyes of the world because, humility doesn't always work.

Arrogance also becomes the case of the man who is proud of himself. Even if he isn't arrogant, society will judge him that way.

Live your best life and do not allow what happens around you change what and who you really are.
People will talk and when you do not show up as someone who is easily swayed, they make of you the enemy and turn even your best friends against you.

Be strong, be kind, be humble and be proud.

Be the first of your kind and never try to be rude, weak, timid and arrogant. There is a reason why you have the good attributes most pay to have.

Only the heart who truly understands the importance of love can turn these qualities around for good everytime.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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This is a wonderful message. To often, we encounter those who do not try. The reason I say “try”, is that worse that rudeness or weakness is that this world is filled with apathy. People who just don’t care or do anything positive or negative. Just blindly let the the world exist around them.


There indeed are those who do not try and not trying means not expecting anything good.
Thanks for stopping by and stay awesome!

In the real sense, we were created to be unique. There is no duplicate of us, as such we shouldn't seek to be like others.

Sometimes, we tend to be rude, arrogant at others, because we saw how the other person was treated the last time, so , we put on our defensse mechanism.

God help us.

Thanks @Ejemai.


We are uniquely different and that there is the beauty of being human. We think and act differently yet, for some reasons, we should learn to make the world a better place.
Stay awesome!

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