Fish Anglers and Turtles Alligator is an Excellent Fisherman

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Fish Anglers and Turtles Alligator is an Excellent Fisherman

Fish Anglers and Turtles Alligators Are Angler Fishers - There is a kind of fish that is adept at using special techniques to catch its prey. This fish is called angler fish because ja usually attract prey with bait, as did angler. However, the bait used is his own tongue that is very long in size, small in shape, and can be writhing like a worm. Fish anglers will be waiting on a rock, with his mouth wide open and a wriggling tongue that looked like a delicious watery worm. When a curious fish approaches to find a snack, he instead sucked into the mouth of an angler fish and a snack for the angler itself.


Fish anglers are the only fish known to use this technique. However, there is a kind of tortoise that uses a similar technique. The alligator bite turtle is a malignant predator that can weigh up to 100 kg. The jaw is hook-shaped and has a sharp cutting edge like a horn. The turtles are so fierce that if you approach him when he is on the ground he will attack you. He may feel confident in his strength because he and his close relatives have proved to be the most enduring and enduring creatures on Earth. These turtles are descended near the ancient turtles named Triassochelys, or the Triassic turtles. The fossils are found in the rocks of the Triassic period that dates back to about 245 million years ago.


Turtle-turtle alligators inhabit the bottom of the lake with their mouths open and use their tongues to tempt the passing fish. Like an angler fish, this tortoise has a bright little red tongue, which can wiggle like a worm. This turtle technique is somewhat different from angler fish. Instead of sucking its prey into its mouth, it closes its jaws tightly, often even cutting its prey into two.

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