Staying Awake Along The Way

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Staying Awake Along The Way


While, unlike driving, falling asleep on an inner journey is not dangerous, it means we're not going anywhere. One of the problems we encounter in meditation is that sometimes, tired after a day's work, we tend to fall asleep as soon as we feel comfortable and close our eyes. Not surprisingly, most of us have spent years trying to do exactly that. On the other hand, there are certain physical conditions, low blood pressure, anemia, and low blood sugar, for example, that accentuate the tendency to fall asleep when you close your eyes. Fortunately, there are simple techniques to get used to staying awake.

Position yourself comfortably. Sit in an armchair, because you must place your elbow comfortably at a certain height and angle. When you are well seated, place an elbow, either right or left, on a firm surface and lift your forearm vertically. If you stay awake, you will hold your forearm and hand up, but you will drop them if you fall asleep.


That method is usually enough to wake up. If it fails, bend your arm slightly so that, if you fall asleep, it will fall on or near the solar plexus. This is blunt, it wakes up almost everyone. In fact, if you use this technique to stay awake while you meditate while lying down, it will probably be impossible for you to fall asleep in that position, so it is better not to meditate on your preferred sleeping posture.

Experimenting and searching alone for the techniques that are best for us, adapting those of others and inventing new ones if necessary, has its advantages and disadvantages. By doing so we can learn a lot about ourselves, what we do, and where we go.


To understand the article, please go to the previous post, this will be incredible for you .. !!

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Hi Edgar, I effectively visited your previous articles not to understand but to learn. Every day life shows us different sunrises.
In my Yoga practices I learned to manage from inside me the external part of my body, entertaining the mind learning to feel every part of me and in this way to experience what we can achieve without the fears and fear that inhabit our mind. With meditation I achieve serenity to manage my thoughts and emotions without being carried away by them
Today take advantage of the first rays of aol to meditate 5 minutes and achieve peace outside and start a new day.

I will take some of these comments into consideration. I am exploring more about deep sleep and I sit out and enjoy a starry night like the one in the photo if I can.

Staying awake is just as important. 😁

I always think obout yoga just for make my body more flexible... i see is more than that

Un articulo precioso para todos aquellos que queremos empezar nuestro viaje y mantenernos despiertos! en mi blog hablo un poco de conciencia y toco también el tema de la conciencia en Venezuela espero puedas pasarte pronto

A beautiful article for all those who want to start our journey and stay awake! In my blog I speak a little conscience and I also touch the issue of conscience in Venezuela I hope you can pass soon.!

Nice post, I also do meditation daily......


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