People Fear Cash Could Spread Coronavirus (Digital Money Takeover)

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Here at Earth Custodians, we didn't see it come although we 're expecting that a crash could happen at any time since the 2008 crisis. No matter how many scenarios we have in mind when it comes to the programming of our servitude, we'll always be caught by surprise. The virus quickly turned out to be way milder than we thought. But that makes sense. A more aggressive virus would have caused too much lawlessness. And counterproductive to "the plan".

But even in China, the contagion got quickly under control and when the media spin began, it didn't seem to add up at all. And our favorite alternative news reporters confirmed our intuition a few days later. In the meantime, hysteria began to build up here.

However, greenmedinfo too agrees with the German doctor whose video we've posted several days ago (Coronavirus IS All about Money (Again)), and also contends that the coronavirus is nothing new, and that the common flu still is more dangerous considering that only 10% of people hospitalized are infected with COVID19. For this year alone the estimated number of influenza-like illnesses is between 36,000,000 and 51,000,000. But so is the data from previous years. Nothing has changed.

there were approximately 45 million cases of the flu in the United States during the 2017-2018 influenza season, resulting in an estimated 810,000 flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated 61,000 flu-associated deaths. (CDC)

Unless everybody is tested, it is impossible to get any stats really straight, though this gives us already some useful data to chew on. Based on that alone lockdowns are not justified, the long-term effects of the latter will be felt for many years to come, especially when the planet is so much leveraged.

The economy is going to continue its descent and the "plunge protection team" will pretend to patch the bubbles popping all over the place.

Dollar rampage may need intervention to shield U.S., global economy: Goldman Sachs (marketwatch)

But the real goal is accomplished, digital currencies are coming and people will applaud the decision because at least this will decrease the chance of a threat using cash to get contaminated. We also are almost sure that UBI will be available later this year or early next year. We are going to see small and medium-size businesses filing for bankruptcy at record pace in the months ahead. Many business owners are going to accept government loans thinking they can fight back but since the economy, as we know it is done forever, we can only shake our heads in disbelief to what is going to happen to them.

By the same token, we happen to question digital currencies which are, as we have seen, not fear-proof. As long as money exists, blockchain or not, we are going to see the unstoppable rise in hacking banking and other personal accounts, and the "controllers" will pat themselves on the back as usual. Digital hell is on the horizon.

Conclusion: terminating 5G rollout, implementing degrowth for a while and then shifting to a resource-based economy are the only long-term solutions


Electronic payments look more appealing as people fear cash could spread coronavirus MAR 16 2020
The coronavirus outbreak is prompting second thoughts about reaching for cash.... As the number of cases tick up in the U.S., some are going cashless to avoid potential hygiene issues around handling banknotes. Regardless of whether there’s a proven risk, the “psychological factor” of people thinking of cash as “unclean” could change how they choose to pay, according to Bain & Co. partner, Thomas Olsen... “Merchants are encouraging people not to use cash, citing Coronavirus,” Olsen told CNBC. “We would expect some trigger to accelerate behavior from cash to digital payments.”

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is the latest major central bank to consider issuing its own digital currency. Last month, its European, British, and Japanese counterparts formed a group to study the benefits of the so-called central bank digital currency (CBDC). (FEB 2020)

Calls for a US ‘digital dollar’ rise as China powers ahead with a digital yuan JAN 23 2020

Nov 29, 2017 William Dudley, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said at a conference Wednesday that the Fed is exploring the idea of its own digital currency, according to reports

A Fiasco in the Making? As the Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Hold, We Are Making Decisions Without Reliable Data (march 2020) The current coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has been called a once-in-a-century pandemic. But it may also be a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco.... In the U.S., for example, so far this season 1,073,976 specimens have been tested and 222,552 (20.7%) have tested positive for influenza. In the same period, the estimated number of influenza-like illnesses is between 36,000,000 and 51,000,000, with an estimated 22,000 to 55,000 flu deaths.


Corona virus is expelled in small droplets of spit and sneezes. It will stick to anything it lands on. It can stick to paper money. It can stick to floors. It can stick to counter tops.

So, is it also part of the "plan" to get rid of floors and counter tops? I know "they" have been trying to get rid of floors for years! I knew this was coming, I just didn't know when!

LOL, I see you are still very happy to collect some of that evil 'digitalized cash" here every day, you nasty hypocrite.

the flu is way more of a problem since the coronavirus represents 10% of all flu cases... but no lockdowns for the flu... ... the quest for profit has destroyed everything, thats the bottom line

How stupid are you?

Wait, I know the answer.