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So, I have been looking for this succulent for close to three years. I love it completely but have had no luck in purchasing it, if you know where I can buy it please let me know!

I took this photo while on a day trip on the coast of California with my smartphone and didn’t have the heart to swipe it.

Your, @eaglespirit!

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Seeing your post got me thinking of where the word origin succulent comes from, because so often it's used for a description of food that is moist, or something like, lol most often in food/restaurant commercials. Well, it has a latin origin as I found out on the Merriam Webster's dictionary online page. Meaning its very moist, juicy, etc. Actually has a root involving "suck" which is not exactly comes to mind with a cactus, lol.

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Thank you!!
did you really get an upvote for 70 cents? Lol
I need a bot to upvote my comments. :)


I did not use it, I actually have no idea where it came from. I just saw it too. I think it upvotes random comments from what I saw on their page.


Nice! that's even better!!

Instead I can send artichokes from our garden in August!


LMAOOOO awesome reply! Mad dme laugh so hard. Beautiful choke too!!

Hen and chicks shouldn’t be that hard to find. They’re available at garden stores in Minnesota. We’ve got some in the front yard and they seem to have survived the winter.


OMG!! I’d ask you to send me some buttt I’d never presume. Yes it has been difficult but I’ll try to order online that I no worries have a name. Thank you. :)


I might be wrong about them having survived (they’re native to the Mediterranean), but we had a pretty wimpy winter this year. I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks when plants start budding.


oh noooo! that is a great fun fact I had no idea they are from the Med. Oh I'd love to see photos and I'm still looking around the Denver area. SMh

Very beautiful...Like you are ;-)


Awww you are so kind. xoxo

Sorry to hear. If I could I'd ship to you.

Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya. 1421hrs

Ooo do you have these there? That would be awesome to have a plant from Kenya. THank you for your kindness. Greetings from Colorado USA

What a beautiful post, i wish people go through it. There is something you are point out here and very catching and i believe am one of them who is learning from your post. I have succumbed to such things but always thinking of what to do in such dilema, am greatful tolearn that word.
i have been holding on fake things but its now time to quit and move on.

i have learnt something from your post


thank you for your long comment, i'm not sure i understand it completely but thank you for the great thought behind your words.

Congratulations.! I like the post very much hope you can post beautiful ly, please, please, please give an upvote @giearxel


Thank you so much!

Well my mother has tons, called "Hen's and chick's" plus the males are called Roosters because they have a piece that flowers out the center, very long and leafy

She is in Cali if you are close to Auburn in Nor Cal

She would prob just give you some lol


Ahghhhhhh I’m in Colorado 😭😢😭

I do have the same in my house ...but i use to take one leaf and the start pressing it until i see it bleeding...
Kind of love taking out juice from it..


Of you can send me some
That would be great! Ahahhaha

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If you have any local gardeners to buy from they may have it. Here we have a place called Aidie Creek Gardens, where they grow trees, flowers, veggies and all sorts of things to buy from them. They can even help with planning out your garden beds. Maybe google search places like that in your area? Not sure of all the things you tried so far. If not you can also try online. There are a few places I know of to order from. I have to check if they are also American.


I’ve tried everywhere. I didn’t know the name either but everyone is calling it chic and hens. Thank you for your help! :)


Let me check it out and I will get back to you when I know more :)


thanks for getting back to me!! hugs


They are succulents but succulents are a group of them, the name of this kind is hens and chics; Sempervivum tectorum is the scientific name.
I would help the search to find in your area, let me know in discord where it is you live to find the closest spot if you want.


okay great! there are so many in california and colorado and i cannot find them here in colorado, i think i'm going to have to order them from online somewhere. wahhhhhh

These are readily available here. If only I could ship it to you but that is not allowed I think and I don't have the means lol!


Darnit!! Thank you anyway.

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