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RE: My time is coming and I am forever grateful.

in #life6 years ago

Okay, so I was sent here by @terminallyill and here I see all of my peeps from abh123's curation and engagement list! So now I feel more comfortable giving you a 100% upvote because TI and I are in #thealliance playground together as "kids." Go figure! Anyhoo, my beer cheers girl (your BabyLoo) has become one of my favs as well as many many on your list. I'm actually surprised I have not run into you. All this said, I wish you much love & peace on your journey. Yours, Eagle


Hey there, Thank you. sorry responding late. pain unbearablelast few days. My girl talks about you alot....Thank you

@briancourteau i am very sad to hear of your pain. have you heard of energy work? i wanted to ask you but was a little hesitant. someone almost paid for a medicine card/energy work for you and lynn but we weren't sure if you two would be accepting. i do long distance and i help many people in your situation. let me know and i am sending blessings to you. ps. it will ease some of your discomfort and pain. xx

so nice. what does it entail as my sleep is screwed up and some days cannot get out of bed

@briancourteau you would not need to get out of bed, if you want you and lynn can both be in there and we can meet on discord and talk about it. i'm thankful that you commented back and i am thinking of you two every day. blessings.

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