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Sitting under my favorite tree in Hero Park.

To share something very personal with the Steemit community is not an easy task. I have shared quite a bit about myself, but one thing that is very intimate is my relationship with trees. There is nothing distasteful going on, but I do have a very unusual relationship with them.

When I realized I was an empath I started to have specific abilities, and with those abilities came responsibility. I started to spend more time with nature, trees, and walking in dirt. For some this may not be so unusual, but the thing is I started to get in line with my Native American ancestry and speak to trees. As a member of the First Nation, only those from the lineage of Medicine people have the ability to speak to trees.

To be honest, we all have the ability to ground and center any turmoil we may be having by hugging a tree. As humans we may be guilty of allowing the daily stress of life to keep building within ourselves. At some point, we will need a release. This is where the trees are our helpers.

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Many of us have heard the term tree hugger, and while some may take offense to that term it actually is quite accurate. A protector and lover of trees is actually well known, common, and celebrated. Scientists have found that hugging a tree improves concentration, reaction time, depression, stress, anxiety, and many forms of mental illness. Apparently, as long as we are around a tree there is a healing taking place.

If a person is an empath, has psychic abilities, or just feels stress I always recommend to hug a tree. This will immediately help to ground and center a person. I suggest to take our shoes off and stand barefoot in the dirt surrounding the tree, breathe in the energy, and thank the tree for sharing its source.

It is at these moments that I have felt the closest to Creator and felt true love energy surrounding me. Sometimes, the light will gleam down from the heavens and the trees will whisper their story. I have cried many times just soaking in the communications from Spirit and basking in the moment of true peace.

Looking through a canopy of leaves under my favorite tree.

The tree I am sharing today is special to me, in that it was the first one that I listened to and that became my friend. I was living in New York City at the time, and most trees are within small protected parks. It being a large city with many boroughs. Within my borough was this lovely park dedicated to veterans. The name of it is Hero Park, and it always held my respect as a place that remembered others and held a scared space.

The grounds at Hero Park were always immaculate yet wild, and there were never many visitors. This made for an area where I would not be looked upon as the crazy lady that came around and hugged the trees. I made it a habit to go to this park at least three to four times a week, and I made sure to hug nearly every tree throughout the years I lived in the area.

As I look back, I see how free I truly felt and how I just loved being happy. As a person who was usually alone it became very important for me to learn all forms of respect for trees and to give back to Mother Earth. Therefore, I started to hold ceremonies that some people may call witchcraft or Wiccan. However, I do not like to call these practices anything other than communications of love.

Throughout history, dating back to pre Indo-Eruopean era there have been earth centered religions based on nature, earth, gods, and goddesses. Many of these practices were woman centered and based on fertility. We may have heard the term Divine, and many ancient practices are focused on the Divine Mother who can give life and take it away.

There are many names associated with the Divine and some of these names are Danu, Mat, Skakti, and Ninsun. In my culture, she is simply Mother Earth. Within my tribe there is also the Crow Mother, and I will describe her more specifically in a future blog. Crow Mother is the mother of all Kachinas and guardian of children. However, Mother Earth is who we hold ceremony for being a giver and sustainer of life.

Holding an appreciation ceremony under my favorite tree.

Typically, in a ceremony I would give back to Mother Earth and show appreciation for what she gave me. The location would be right under my favorite tree. I would bring old plants, leaves, flowers, incense, a nice smelly candle, and old food. The purpose was to show how much I honored and cared for all living things, nature, and Creator.

What was most interesting was that many people who walked by would stop and ask what I was doing, and if I was playing meditation music they would sit with me. I found this time in my life to be one of the most prolific. People would share their stories, their secrets, and sometimes their soul. I was and still am truly honored for that experience.

My life has certainly had its share of ups and downs, but when I think of the lesson to be learned from trees it is that they will help us be a better person, and on occasion bring people together in peace and harmony. Blessings.


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You really touched a part of me with this post. To start you had some wonderful lines in the writing which made me smile.

There is nothing distasteful going on, but I do have a very unusual relationship with them.

I smiled at that purely because I know you must not find it unusual. It's just hard for some others to understand. I realised, at the start of the year, about the strong link we have with the Earth. It makes sense how embracing a tree will make you one with the Earth. You are connected, at one and grounded to the ground beneath you. We are all made from the same organism and the life and energy that a tree generates is huge.

Scientists have found that hugging a tree improves concentration, reaction time, depression, stress, anxiety, and many forms of mental illness

I try to be as sceptical as I can at all times in the world we live in right now. I believe that centering yourself with the Earth can cure and heal yourself and your mind but... If I can see some scientific evidence for this claim, I would appreciate the words even more.

It was lovely to hear that others were coming by to share stories with you and enjoying some peace. This is what it's all about!

It sounds like you've developed a certainty in yourself when it comes to how you embrace the world and at times the onslaught from others must be an upsetting experience. I'd just like to let you know that, although I don't go around parks and hug trees myself, I understand and I respect your contribution to the Earth. It's lovely to hear your story.

Maybe I'll head out later on today and give it a go, who knows, it might just give me the power I've been missing.

Well, yes and no! LOL
I am typically a very conservative person, and for me to talk to a tree I would think was batty.
That said, the gift I have I am not a bit more used to and will not say that about myself. It is mostly
unusual for many, and does sound kind of strange as I write something like that. Tis all. :)
yes we are all connected and we are all energy.
I would give you links but I am sure that if you do some research you will be happy to find scientific evidence on my claim.
yes some onslaught can be quite upsetting. thank you for reading and commenting.
yes hug hug hug! LOL xx Eagle.

When I loved more rural and had five acres of land, we had a little open area at the edge (back) of our property line. There was a newer willow tree overlooking a cow pasture- it was MY FAVORITE place to sit on a summer day and watch the cattle grazing. SO I can relate to this post. Something about that willow tree was calming and welcoming.

Oh my how nice! Must have been lovely. Do you have A-photo? I’d love to see it. Yes trees certainly are calming and welcoming. :)

I was going to say I should pay it a visit, but it's far away in Staten island ;)

I believe I have hugged a tree before, and I can say there's something special about it. I think it was a big one, like those redwoods in California.

Also I wondered what it would be like to be a tree. Or treeant.

Lol! No need to visit my fav tree, very nice thought! Too far has me cracking up ...
Yeah the redwood tree s are the best! Ancient’s.
Try the meditation and saying I am a tree I am atree and see what happens. Lol

Beautifully written... Sitting in my CFL lit AC cubicle, I was transferred to the arms of Mother Nature... I remembered the trees from my childhood which I was close to and also thought about the trees which I pass by everyday now but do not have the time to appreciate. City life in a populous Indian city takes many things away from you, the most of all is your connect with Mother Nature.

Thanks for sharing this, I loved it.

Awww thank you so much SVK! I am so happy you love doing this post. Maybe you will run into your local park and sit by a tree. :) blessings

Yeah I do that sometimes but very rarely

then that is a very healthy thing to do ... i'm glad you get to do that sometimes.

Your description of your relationship with trees is truly precious and I thank you for sharing, dear @eaglespirit. :c)

It is my opinion that traditions that individuals take on as their own should be regarded with an open attitude - a feeling of 'why not?' - a permissiveness that allows us to become most human.

I have never hugged a tree - for as far back as I can remember. I am probably too stiff in nature to try it without cajoling. I am at times too conservative.

Thanks again and shine on. ^_^

Thank you for the precious! :)
Open attitude is optimal.
Being most human is good!
Climbed a tree?
Blessings my friend.

Thank you for sharing such precious memories!

I've "tried" climbing a tree a couple of times as a kid. That didn't work out well. ;c)

Take care dear @eaglespirit.

Hey, no worries. that is what this platform is about, righ? okay tried is good. maybe when you see a tree and it whispers to come hither you will be more apt to go say hi now and not worry so much if it asks you to hug it and you do! xx Eagle

This is wonderful, Eagle. It flowed so well you could tell it was coming from the heart. LOVED IT!!!

Anj xx
PS That new banner of yours is awesome.

Aww, maybe I am getting that blog vibe going, huh? See I listen to all my critics. LOL
Thank you for the love and support. Also, thank you for the appreciation for my new banner. I did it. :)

Eagle xx

It looks beautiful 💚
I am a proud tree hugger myself and I enjoy a good grounding meditation as often as I can. Nature is an amazing healer. Thank you for reminding people of that.

yes thank you so much!
yay tree hugger. nature is the best medicine. no worries on the reminder. xx Eagle

You are one awesome human being. Trees are everything! I would love to meet you in person.
I see the importance of the ceremony you did and I think its great! I believe we should all do it and what the real meaning of what giving thanks is.
May peace be with you always.

Aww foxy thank you so much. YOu bring tears to my eyes.
We should meet in person!
Peace and Love and Blessings to you always. xx Eagle

Big hugs Eagles! I love that you see and do what is most important. Keep at it, we need more people like you.

Big hugs back! I appreciate your kind words and thank you. Namaste.

if you're under the lineage of medicine you really do have a gift! Me too, i believe standing under the trees help us because nature releases negative ions that would boost our mood and alleviate stress. Whenever i go hme to where my parents live, i would go the balcony early in the morning to look at the trees around us. Although i live in a busy town where the express way is around the corner, my backyard is full of tree and i just love looking at them because it relaxes me. I did realize my sight becomes clearer too! its amazing how God gave us nature right?

Yes, I do and yes about nature. Yay Trees!! Yes God is good. xx Eagle :)

This makes me want to get out there and hug a tree! Will do when the weather is better <3
Beautiful and heartfelt post Eagle, Thank you for sharing this side of you with us xo

Yay hug a tree!
thank you for the beautiful and i appreciate your sincere comment. xx Eagle

Eaglespirit, thanks for this great inside.
Im falling deeper and deeper in love with Steemit.
I would say Im an openhearted person but in this world with its millions of facets there are almost to many to know about. In fact I never really heard about Empaths or thought about. But just by reading the name it makes sense to me. And because Im also realy emphatic I can really feel you with your responisbility!

If there were many people just caring about others and not acting like they would wear blinders, this world would be an even lovelier place :)

Thanks for this insight, cant read to see and read more,
Getting a bigger horizon with Steemit dayin and dayout :)

ALl the best to you,
greets from germany,

Steemit isn’t great! And addicting!
I agree about caring about others, totally!
Yay Germany!
Hello from Colorado USA

Thanks for sharing this piece of you Cass! At times, just going out and seeing nature is a stress-reliever to me.

The appreciation ceremony, although I've never tried that, I think that is the best way to show respect to all the beautiful living things around us.

You are too kind Dawn!
Natures is great. :)
It’s not a bad thing for sure. Thank you.

I truly admire you and honor you for sharing this from the bottom of your heart. While I am not an empath, I respect you for your love for trees. To me it is perfectly fine. Everyone has their way to destress. Mine is just either cry or sleep or pray or worship or songs. I learn alot from reading this today. And yes I truly agree by spending time with the nature, it always points you to the amazing Creator. 💗

Awww you are so sweet and I thank you so much!
The creator is definitely amazing! :)

This is such a beautiful post. My partner @silasdavid and I are tree huggers as well... we like to get out of the city every chance we get. Im a double empath in my astrology and am so very sensitive to everything. I also work in construction where there is a lot of empty and negative energy. So escaping to the forest where there is so much life and energy truly recharges my spirit and soul. hugging trees grounds me. I am definitely following you. :) <3

Hello. Glad to hear you love trees.
Is double empath a new coin led phrase?
I know the 8 or so different types of empaths and the aspect of having all sensient gifts. I have all.
Construction areas def feel empty and negative. Have you tried blessing the grounds that you work?
Forests are the best for sure.
Thanks for the follow! xx Eagle

I have two huge alignments in my astrology birth chart that make me a hyper empath. My partner did my chart for me! I’m also a super sensitive water sign (Pisces sun and Scorpio moon) :) I will definitely try blessing the grounds I’m working at. Thank you!

A true empath is just an empath and a classification within the ability. It was an idea to bless the grounds, it depends on your ability. That’s why I asked if you had tried. An astrological chart does not determine an ability.

The truth is, I’m still learning to come into my power and learning how to use it. There’s undeniably no doubt in my mind that I’m an empath. Im sorry for the misunderstanding as I never meant to imply that a birth chart determines the whole factor of one being an empath in general... I knew I was an empath before he did my chart. I feel that astrology, however, is a good guideline in learning about oneself because I (to some extent) agree with astrology in a lot of ways.

gotcha. thanks for sharing your perspective.

Yes yes yes, I am a proud tree hugger. They give us so much, they are our lungs, they connect us to the seasons, shelter us. It is important to show them the respect they deserve. Ireland has a long history of seeing trees as sacred. I have planted a tree with my daughters placenta. Her birth Tree is hawthorn. Beautiful post @eaglespirit

Glad to hear that, you and I tend to agree on a lot of things! LOL
I've always wanted to go to Ireland.
I love that, the placenta tree/hawthorne.
xx Eagle

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Yay thank you so much my Choo Choo! xx Eagle

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