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Since yesterday, I collected 73 plastic bottles. I pick them in the karst and forest where I usually walk with my dog. I do not dig in the garbage for them, just cleaning my environment. So, what's the point of it?

Now I will prove to you that Steem can be very ecological cryptocurrency.

Yesterday I wrote a post on Steemit about how you can trade a plastic bottles in Croatia for 0.50 kn which is 0.08$ (USD, not SBD). In that moment, the price of Steem was very low and @twinner gave me an idea. The price of these bottles is just a bit lower than a price of Steem. If you are not a penny - pincher, you could say that a price of the empty plastic bottle is the same as the price of Steem.
After that I was walking with my dog and I didn't see any plastic bottles, only things I saw were - STEEMS.

full size |full size

So, I decided that I will collect these Steems and protect my environment. When you see a Steem lying in the grass, you can't just leave it there.

full size

Well, the only thing I had to do is to take these bottles in the plastic purchase station. I could get 36.5 kn for 73 bottles and that is about 5.50$. Of course that I wouldn't go in the bank with my 5.50$ to put them on my account, then buy some Bitcoin for that, exchange to Steem. No, there are many easier ways to do that, bottles are just symbols. I have some SBDs in my savings and some minor sum on Poloniex to buy Steem, but this idea with bottles is useful to my environment and to Steem community.

Once, there was a liquid in these bottles, so, if I see these bottles as symbols, I should invest in LIQUID Steem. And put it in my savings in my Steemit wallet.

It would be nice if I could get paid for cleaning my environment of other garbage, so I could invest more. But I would ask 100 Steem to pick up these:

full size |full size

And you wouldn't see this anymore in my country:

full size

I got up at 6:15 AM this morning and took my dog out. I found some bottles and put them in my bag. Then I saw an old man digging in the garbage container looking for bottles. So, I gave all I collected to him. No, big deal, I already mentioned that these bottles are just symbols. I will invest in liquid Steem anyway. I will continue to pick these bottles and give them to someone who truly needs them, and I will buy exact number of Steem. We will see how many bottles will I have at the end of the day. Honestly, I have nothing better to do next few days, so...

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Good of you to clean up your area. Some people just don't seem to care.

Great post. Hope we all learn something from here. Clean environment gain STEEM.

And I thought it was only in Africa where people litter like that :( ....

Brabo mycket bra ide at rena


I don't understand a thing but thanks

Nice way to weave together a lot of ideas and make some great points. It's great to learn that Croatia has a bottle return program. I have lived in Michigan and Oregon in the US, with bottle returns, too. I have collected many, many, many bottles myself, no matter how much I was earning at the time. It's good for the environment and does reduce the amount of litter along the roadways.

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