Happy World Smile Day - This is my day!!!

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A smile is a weapon that is used to fight any situation that tends to affect our emotions on bad way. Smile is also used to fight depression and to make other people happy. Apart from being a weapon, smile is a tool that can be used to unlock many doors, to open many hearts and to make strong bounds with other people. A smile is also the shield that we use to defend ourselves from attack  of rough world. 

I use smile more than any other weapon or tool. It is always with me and helps me to see more beautiful picture of the world. Actually, many people connect me with my specific laugh and they recognize it when they don't see me. You can fall in love with a person who has a contagious laugh. It connects people and makes communication more relaxed. 

I had many bad and tragic situations in my life and in one period in my life my heart was untouchable. But one day I realized that the sun is not only on the sky, it is on people's faces and that kind of sun makes you more warm and happy than the sun on the sky. 

Today is the first Friday in October and today we celebrate World Smile Day. This was an idea of Harvey Ball, a commercial artist who created first Smiley back in 1963. The first celebration of World Smile Day was held in 1999 and in every year since then.

Smile can be also abused for mocking or laughing to someone else's misfortune. But that kind of smile cannot be used as a powerful weapon, tool  or a shield.  So use your smile only for best purposes and you will be rewarded.

Today is World Smile Day and this is opportunity for everyone to make people around you happy. This is my message for my sisters and brothers Steemers, I am in hospital right now, but nothing can remove the smile from my face!

Love & Peace

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Happy Smile back @dumar022 and to all of you :))


Thank you @pery, same to you


It's so positive, had to tweet it too:


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@dumar022, this post makes me happy. 😊 I wish you a very super happy weekend. Thank you for making me smile with so many funny post. I'm resteeming this happy post because I think we all need a big smile.


Thank you @runridefly for resteem

Thanks for the positive vibes! :) -upvoted as always

Smiling is so important - and it keeps me surprised what reactions you get when you're just smiling at others.


P.S. get well soon, bro!


Thanks, sis