Never give up hope

in life •  2 months ago 

Something incredible happened to me while I was doing life recently, and nothing will ever be the same.


My heart and life are filled with love and hope again. We had no idea he was coming, or that he was even possible, but he's here now.

This candid scene was captured on my camera by one of the doctors, just minutes after he was born.

I'm normally very private, but I wanted to post this to the world, on the blockchain, to show you that no matter what's happening in your life right now, not to give up hope. Life will find a way.

He has already changed my life for the better, just by existing and being born. I love every minute we spend together and adore him beyond words. MediKatie and I are in a new state of happiness, thanks to our unexpected miracle.

Please don't ever give up hope.


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Thank you for posting! I upvoted and resteemed, of course, because this is my new favourite picture in the whole world. What a beautiful, epic moment this was, I'm forever changed for the better. That day was the most beautiful sunrise of my life.

It feels like Christmas because it's cold outside, warm inside, and there's presents around and a kid waking us up early in the morning hehe. I'm excited to spend the holidays as a family. We already had a fun Thanksgiving, even if we did just order pizza and drink breast milk...hahaha ;) Let's get another one at American Thanksgiving time. I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas too.

Congratulations you two! This is kind of like the opposite of Great Expectations because you weren't expecting anything (no pun intended haha) but ended up with a joyous, life-altering experience. You guys look so happy! :)

Woah congrats. Make sure to get him on the organic cannabis before the punks at school sell him grass lol

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LOL true.... always organic especially for young vulnerable minds heheh

Congrats mate.Always gotta hold on to that hope... and now the bub also. Thanks for sharing.

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Congrats, all.
Sometimes surprises can bring unexpected bounty of joy. Enjoy!

They say nothing is impossible until you give up trying (or die). As long as you're alive and believe in yourself, the sky is the limit.
Putting that into practice in your life can be easier said than done.

Awesome mate and you are right never give up👍

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Yeah when you give up that's when you lose. Until then you still have a chance. Keep fighting for what you believe! Congrats to all.


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Cool man, congrats!