Africa, United We are Stronger!

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We all need to do our part in growing this community. The closer we are together, the better and faster this community will grow. Here is my part I will be doing to help out.

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Today is a very special day for all South Africans, Mandela Day, Nelson Mandela showed showed all of the South African nation what it meant to be one. He brought together many cultures and nationalities.

I love the African people for their humility and hard work. Being on steemit for a while I have seen many people come and go, but I have never seen someone so excited to be here as a few of my fellow African people. Many quite after seeing $0.03 on their posts.

Yet they stay and are excited and happy to see $2.00 on their post!

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We have set up a post promotion channel for everyone who has joined the community. After reading a post by @donkeypong, I have decided that I will be going through all the posts and commenting on them.

I will be commenting on all the posts submitted into the channel, the comments will be tips and help, or just a simple normal comment on their posts. I urge everyone to also do this as it helps posts get seen and it makes the author feel that their post has been seen and has made a difference.

By these small steps we will be moving the community forward.

I will also be putting up posts on some tips and other topics the community wants me to talk about. I will also be sharing my experiences on steemit with you in these posts.

My vision is to create hope, excitement, unity and a family within this community. In the end of it all we all belong to one race and that is Humanity, we all are brothers and sisters trying to get somewhere and improve ourselves. I will help you all achieve your goals as much as I can. Let us stand together, teach each other and guide each other to a brighter future.

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$2 dollar here in kenya can feed me for a day! If i write 5 posts and get $2 on each per month i have made enough to pay rent and buy food for the whole month! Steemit is changing our lives here in Africa and we will support steemit even if we earn $0.01 per post because it has been kind to us

Yup Agree with our opinion :)

Hello @dragonslayer109 , thanks a lot for doing this great action for the African community! I am really very touched by your quote on HUMANITY. Such powerful words there mate!

'In the end of it all we all belong to one race and that is Humanity, we all are brothers and sisters trying to get somewhere and improve ourselves.'

Big respect to you @dragonslayer109 , to @donkeypong , to @jrcornel and @analisa for going the extra steps in supporting this community!


i am also a north african in a small country named TUNISIA i am very proud of nilson mandella being one of us

A very nice sentiment @dragonslayer109. And nice quote; I have always been and advocate of getting up every time there is a fall. Staying down will not help anything at all. I see this post as a synchronicity because two of my recent poems I've posted are about strength, courage and never giving up. I'm glad to have seen this because it ties into my thoughts this week.

I am glad you took a look at it, thank you for your comment.

Africa is one, united we stand. Let's over look our nationality, language and culture, and focus on our unity and progress. Thanks to @donkeypong, thanks to @dragonslayer109

Yes very true :)

We spent 3 hours this morning celebrating Mandela Day by giving gifts and meals and entertainment at old age homes in the Peninsula ... great man!!

The shirts we wore

It is an annual event. Good post @dragonslayer109

Wow that is really amazing. I have been at home most of today on steemit.

Steemit is really amazing for struggling economies. Crypto is pulling everyone up!

Where's the channels link or name? I do like to join it

I have added you to the channel, what is your steemit chat username so I can double check for you?

absolutely write unity is strength that what every person should look for.

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

I am from Gujarat. I really hope we achieve our goals through steemit. We Should Be one family and help one another in tough times.

yes !! obviously....... unity is strength. nice post and content as well. keep it up.
upvoted you.

Hi. Whats the promotion channel? My username is @thebriefingroom. I talk about the socio economic development happening on the African continent. Plus some rugby sevens tidbits.

Nelson mandela really tried for south africa and africa in general. He brought tolerance among races. Peace to nelson mandela. Hapi mandela day

He shook the very world with what he did.

Yes daz why he can never be forgotten

güzel makale beni takip et lütfen

Brilliant. This is the only place in the world where all Africans can stand together! Good job.

What an extra ordinary man he was - I am honored to call myself a South African - now we just pray for a president that can follow in his foot steps.....enough said

I love that man