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RE: I Was a Psychic Spy for the CIA, and I Found God – A True Story

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Glad to have you back. Rewards are much nicer than ten months ago. Steem on!


That's true, now we are experiencing great uptrend in the rewards.

Wooow big boss is back ! I need you very much.... @done

@done I think Your Support with Comment & Upvote is a Reward for everyone.

and i think @neilstrauss is much happy for the reward he got due to his efforts.

I cant believe such a good piece was Killed by the editor! I understand it is a bit of fringe science especially when it was first written but i guess the universe though it would reward you by letting you put it on steemit for us to consume. have you done any recent research or do you still use what you learned in your current life @neilstrauss?

What do you call an under cover tarantula?
A spy-der

Jokes aside this is amazing post

lmao you got me

Yeap, this took me on a 3h reading frenzy! Cant agree more rabeel!

It is quite amazing the power of the mind. I was really scared when i read about a man killing with his mind but then, it was great to read about this discovery of certain spiritual factors

Lets upvote men, steem for life...

Spy stories are always fascinating me. And I have been reading lot of books on it since my childhood. Well written article dear @neilstrauss. And yes of course rewards are going with rocket speed now @done!

Its all depends on our concentration and mind there is so much tensions who can make us psycho but we need to calm down and think about and make the solution.

Welcome to King :)) I am so happy to see you :)))

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