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RE: Life always finds a way: fighting loneliness.

in #life2 years ago

T8 Your writing is lovely and your insight substantial. I see that you have trained in mindfulness and self awareness. I have spent many years trying to escape myself and for many of the reasons you have outlined. I have found the most insight in the teachings of the Buddha. I will be happy to follow your writing in the future. I have found one of the best weapons to deal with our overwhelming sense of self importance is humor. If we can laugh at ourselves and the situations around us it helps relieve some of the tensions of life.


@dometech thank you for the gracious comment. I too am a fan of Buddha and have been on mindfulness and meditation retreats to get to this point. Thank you for the support it is great encouragement! And yes, I do tend to be too serious at times and could do with some light hearted laughter


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