Steem Exclusive: Steemit Superstar, HeidiTravels On How Steem Changed Her Life

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As @heiditravels recently recounted (A Chance Encounter With The Dollar Vigilante: Jeff Berwick) the stars seemed to align for a chance meeting between the two of us in Miami a few days ago.

I was just passing through the USSA for as short of a time as possible (it's too much of a police state and too unfree for my liking) on my way to the Dominican Republic to become a citizen and we managed to meet up.

Her story is quite fascinating. Less than two months ago she only dreamed of living a life of world travel and adventure. She had just saved up for her first big trip and was in Tahiti when she began to post on Steemit about it... and the Steem dollars began to flow in. Now she is living the Steem Dream and was just packing for her trip to Africa to swim with great white sharks... all funded by Steem.

I asked her all about it, and more, and you can see it exclusively on Steemit (it is unlisted on Youtube) here:

50% of all Steem dollars generated by this post will be transferred (and publicly verifiable by viewing my wallet) to @heiditravels . That's just another really cool use of Steemit... if you get good content by interviewing or working with other people you can easily, and verifiably, transfer whatever percentage of the Steem dollars you like to that person, or to a charity, or whatever you like.

Stay tuned and follow me here at @dollarvigilante as I've got another Steem Exclusive coming up in the next few days with another Steemian... one of the most famous big wave surfers in the world.


Wow. It's like déjà vu all over again.

It is good déjà-vu.
Her story is great and Steemit needs more authors following this path.
I hope it will give people inspiration.

I want to see more stories like this one.

I have already bought my girlfriend and I tickets for Anarchapulo. I can't wait to see how things are down there for you folks. I bought my tickets before SteemIt, but with each piece you all put out makes me more excited and happy we are going.

I'm thinking to save money and fly to Mexico city then bus it there. Do you me a message of where you recommend to stay and fly?

@heiditravels also plans to be there... it'll be like a mini-Steem convention. ;)

I sent you a message in chat.

@heiditravels story is a wonderful one! It shows the power of will, taking charge of your own future/life and the power of steemit and the potential one has to have their life altered in such positive ways by steemit, even after they've made the conscious decision to alter it in their own ways. It also inspires us to reach out and grab our dreams and not waste our whole lives waiting around for that "perfect moment" as many would say. I've been following her stories/travels from the beginning of my time on steemit and I must say, it's done nothing but inspire me more to live my life freely and adventurously!

I love it. Digital nomads inspire me. :)

Thank you @dollarvigilante for the interview! I had a great time :)
Also, we can easily turn this video into a drinking game, every time I say "Yeah", take a drink. I don't think anyone will make it through to the end.

Can't wait for Anarcapulco, I've always wanted to go but finally have the means to get there.

Thanks for doing this :)
Thinking about Anarchapulco now.. a tad far for me!

Nice article & video. As someone who can make a killing on pretty much anything you post, I think this is a great and effective way to help contribute back to the community both in terms of direct financial contributions as well as helping less famous steemit users get some attention.


56 min passed and just $53 in total? really?
It seems that after rapid STEEM drop whales became treat more serious to content upvoting and unsubscribed their bots. Hopefully, now they will read more content and upvote it personally.

What I'm saying doesn't mean that this specific post in bad, on the contrary, I upvoted it. Thanks for the nice interview​

Yes, oh where, oh where have the Steem whales gone? :)

They swam away in the depths of the ocean to look for inflow funds.
No easy upvotes anymore. IMO it's a good sign

But having more posts earn thousands and thousands of dollars is more appealing for new users to sign up...

One is busy exposing vaccines and Geo Engineering. Maybe that is a topic you are wise to avoid right now. However, you can help if you want ;) ... Geo Engineering seems to be a lot more popular than vaccines. Remember this one? You Should Be Offended -- @larkenrose. Well, I think this will do the trick. And we are living up to that one: @canadian-coconut and @scott.stevens .. Yea, I'm wondering were the other whales are too.

Why do you smoke constantly? watch out for the health.

lol, I always believe Jeff smokes to say ITS MY FUCKING LIFE I WILL DO AS I PLEASE WITH THAT LIFE!!!
IS an ANTI Statist Statement !

If you ask nicely he might write a piece on the medicinal benefits of tobacco through the ages. (Historically, it was considered a healing plant.) Apparently it's just the Westernised, adulterated crap that kills you.

Thank you very much for this interview post which is really inspiring, especially for someone like me who is a true newcomer on this platform (signed up just a few hours ago) without a single post yet!

The integration (between your site and 'Steemit'), some kind of app or plugin (you are still working on) for automatic posting on two sites at once, you have mentioned in the video sounds GREAT to me!
Looking forward to hearing more about that too!

In other news, Heidi dived with the sharks, sharks got rich.

We need more extreme adventure or extreme travel
watching girl on the beach make me boring
i read your sailing experience 3 day on the open sea, that was a real adventure

I wish I could travel like that! Maybe someday Steemit will help make that possible!

I do see a lot of potential here. By day I'm a freelance artist and sometimes it's feast or famine. But then I posted a process video on painting (which you upvoted so thanks a ton for that), and immediately saw potential here. It's exciting to see what this platform can do.

"Sweet Dreams are made of these" ! I thought the "bag" phone was going to set us Free, then came the I-net, now we can be free to talk to anyone anywhere, ANYTIME! and "MEET" up, waited all MY LIFE for what YOU are are doing now ! ie: w/ @heiditravels
No longer are WE ALL "Just two ships passing in the night"!

Great post, a life of freedom! Very interesting to find this on Steemit! Cheers mate!!

@dollarvigilante you are great you are doing good job you always take bold step as you have change your citizen its really bold and very tough decision you ever make.

That decision was as easy as could be! I'd become stateless in a heartbeat if only I could still travel.

Me too. It's too bad you can't create your own "state" with no physical location and just use that.

That's not how the world works.

Wow. I've learned a lot just watching this video and I really like the idea that you can transfer your Steem dollars to other people and charities.

Heidi is so cool
Cool Post

I'm just happy to see one of the #Steemgirls doing som open talking, rather than just pouting and shooting selfies to make that quick 2-300 hundred dollars.

Well, not every single one of them make quite that much but I see what you mean. =)

Great post and read! Going to watch the video now! :D

The cow has been milked now...

No tits, no vote.:)

Boy, if she comes home in one piece she can consider herself lucky. Good luck in Africa! What can possibly go wrong for a blonde western woman, traveling alone?

Can't wait until I can travel on Steem!

I love it, when new things, let people live out their dreams.

This was fun to see. Great points about how Steemit improves one's writing and creates a community for anarchists to actually do things. I really want to do more traveling!

@dollarvigilante, can I buy tickets with Steem for the 2017 Anarchapulco? I know you said you're going to start accepting it for your products, but I couldn't tell if this applied to the tickets.

Yes, absolutely! I prefer Steem or Bitcoin over fiat ;) Just contact us at and we'll get it set up. ;)

Wow, thanks! I am so excited!

@dollarvigilante's post after 3 hours and only $188? Something is not right!
I'm curious what happened?

Dunno... anyone got a whale whistle? :P

Of course it would be the post I voted on super early and was the first to comment on lol

Great interview! It's amazing how much friends and followers Jeff has.

Another great Anarchast show. Keep 'em coming.

Wow Jeff, loving the idea of steemit-exclusive video content. You really are taking the bull by the horns here in supporting this platform.

Wow! Great! It's always interesting to read such kind of stories. I hope Steemit will help me to realise my dreams also)

This is cool what you are doing. I must say I didn't know this was released a day ago.
It never showed in my feed as I'm a follower of you, I was wondering why you haven't posted so I had to search to find this.
I guess I'll stick to your web site to hear @dollarvigilante news, Keep up the good work
shouts out from British Columbia

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How quickly life changes. If you want change, you have to take the first jump. And sometimes that first jump is a big fat hairy jump. Life can be an amazing adventure if you let it.

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