Calling all Steemians! Who owns @newhope?

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I was recently in Vietnam and happened to be there for the first Hanoi Steem meet-up. The day before the event, my brother and I had dinner with @hanggggbeeee who was an organizer for the event.

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We got to talking about steemit and she told us a story that chilled us to our bones....

She had recently gotten a big upvote on a post and wanted to thank the person who was @newhope. So she sent a wallet memo but instead of 0.001, she accidentally sent her whole account balance! Over 500 steem!


My guess is that @newhope is a bot account and the person running it doesn't realize that they have received this steem. I am just trying to bring it to the attention of that person to let them know what happened. So if anyone knows @newhope please let them know of the situation. I can't imagine making a costly mistake like that.

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On a positive note: @hanggggbeeee still helped put together a very successful Hanoi Steem Meet-up. She is a positive force for steem and the Vietnamese people.


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Keep Being Cool @hanggggbeeee!



i dont know why i didnt get notification about your post. thank you a lot @doctorcrypto. You made my day @doctorcrypto. I realize that there are a lot of ppl care me, help me. I'm not lonely here. I may lose that money but I still gain a lot meaningful things. I appreciate about it. ^^. miss you @doctorcrypto, hope to see you again. ^^

When you told me what happened, my heart sank.
So we might as well put the word out, just in case. :)

I will delegate a bit to her and resteemed the post so it hopefully can get resolved.

Greatly appreciated!

oh. here it is. :)) thank you a lot @flipstar.

I hope @newhope comes forth and does the right thing. Looks like a great bunch! hope you had fun.


Yes it was a fantastic experience. :)

I think @newhope uses his account once in a week (may be) .I think he will refund steem back .
I will also ask him to refund steem by sending him a memo .. I hope he will return you steem soon...🤗
Have some hope...

My friend will be very happy! Thanks

You're a top man @doctorcrypto, hopefully, ​she will see a return of the Steem from @newhope I'll also give this a resteem!

I would certainly be frustrated if that happened to me so we should really be careful. I hope that this @newhope person realizes what happened and will somehow give back the Steems.

Yes that would be nice. It was her mistake but it would be nice to see some faith in humanity restored. :)

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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