The contagious thought that you must be able to control

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Are Your Thoughts Killing You is a book that should be read by anyone who has trouble controlling their aggressive urges and their obsessive thoughts. According to the "Law of Attraction," you give more energy to whatever you focus on. This is especially true in the case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which causes a person to imagine unreasonable thoughts occurring in the minds of other people. These images could be distressing, prompting the person who is experiencing them to look for solutions to the problems that are causing them mental anguish.


It's possible to have significant reservations about causing harm to other people. These concepts can involve resorting to physical force or making threats against you or other individuals. You could visualize yourself or other people inflicting pain on them by, for example, using ice picks, broken bottles, or power tools.

You could even visualize yourself carrying out an act of criminality and inflicting physical harm on other people using only your hands. There is a possibility that you will observe newborns or young children being subjected to aggressive behaviors in an ongoing manner. In addition, you might fantasize about committing sexual assault or physical abuse against another person.

If you find yourself having thoughts of violence, it is time to get treatment. Through therapy, you will be able to overcome this mental disorder. You only need to have faith in the process and have trust in the therapist they have assigned you. You will be able to learn actionable tactics for overcoming feelings of worry, tension, and depression with the assistance of this audiobook.

Talking to a psychiatrist about how to better control your feelings is another option available to you. This has the potential to either make or break the healing process. If you are depressed or anxious, a good treatment plan will teach you how to regulate your thoughts and anxiety so that you can get your life back on track.

Both your body and your mind may be affected if you have a mental disorder that causes you to worry an excessive amount. Your problems cannot be solved by reading the book; nevertheless, treatment can assist you in finding ways to cope with them. You can use it to combat stress and sadness. You have the ability to adapt to your environment and continue living. If you are battling with violent thoughts, you have the option to choose a treatment that can assist you in living a life free from horror and violence.


PTSD is characterized by symptoms such as hostile thoughts and feelings. The most common causes include an individual's mental or physical condition, as well as beliefs that are hostile or distressing. This condition is characterized by feelings and actions that are experienced repeatedly.

Thoughts can range from being completely harmless to extremely harmful, and everywhere in between. Simply thinking about a traumatic event might bring on symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a person. As a direct consequence of this, these individuals are more likely to engage in aggressive activities and to suffer physical harm.

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