How to Overcome a Run of Bad Luck & Start Winning Again

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The easiest way to modify your luck is to disabuse yourself of the notion that bad things are destined to follow you wherever you go. Instead, you should refrain from attributing your misfortune to external causes such as nefarious individuals or supernatural forces.

This way of thinking, also known as an external locus of control, leads to an acceptance of life's conditions on a more or less passive level. Instead, you should do an internal investigation to determine whether or not you are truly to fault for the current predicament you find yourself in.


It doesn't matter if the problem was a failed business, a failed marriage, a lost job, or a divorce; the first step is to change your views about what happened. The longer you dwell on your problems, the more hopeless your situation will appear. If you take on this mentality, you'll start to believe that everyone is out to get you. In the end, shifting your focus to the positive aspects of who you are and what you bring to the table might help you change your luck and achieve the level of success you've always dreamed of.

Superstitions can be a humorous way to express yourself and decompress, but they can also be indicators of deeper mental health difficulties. Superstitions can be a sign of deeper mental health issues when they include other people. If your superstitions have started to control your life or if they have caused you harm, you may need to get treatment for your mental health.

If you believe that your unlucky streak is due to your own actions, you should talk to a professional counselor or attend therapy. Assistance and therapy are available through hotline lines. You can also start blaming other people for your misfortune, which is another option.

Some people's beliefs in superstition are predicated on the idea that a specific number represents ill fortune. It is a common belief, for instance, that shattering a mirror will bring unfavorable outcomes for a period of seven years. The concept that your soul may be seen in mirrors serves as the basis for this urban legend. As a result of this, it is in your best interest to prevent from shattering a mirror. Even if it were a lovely piece of furniture, this would still be a poor choice to make.

Another sign that you are trapped in unfavorable circumstances is the manner in which you react to events that take place in your environment. Some people believe that if they break a mirror, it would bring them bad luck, but this belief may be disproved by placing salt in the broken mirror or rotating it in the opposite direction.

To get rid of bad luck in another way, you can throw away a flower that has been wrapped in paper and placed inside a paper bag. After you've done that, think about the things that you're good at. In the event that you feel as though a curse is about to be cast upon you, you can make an effort to reinterpret the sign in such a manner that you perceive it as a portent of good things to come.


Some signs that you are inviting misfortune upon yourself include turning bread over after slicing it, saying the word "Pig" while at sea, picking up knives that have fallen to the ground, allowing a robin to land in a window, and taking a deep breath to ward off the spirit. All of these actions are considered to be bad luck. The key to successfully modifying your behavior is to, well, modify your behavior. You will never experience happiness again if you do not make an effort to alter the unfavorable energy that permeates your existence.

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