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Can you suggest some strategies for defusing criticism? You can accomplish this objective by employing three basic strategies: asking for additional information, postponing your response, and smoothing over the hole.

These are the many strategies that you can use. However, the first two are the ones that will be discussed in this essay. You should take into consideration the following guidance, which can be applied to your own situation:


Delaying the response for a while. Waiting has always been an essential component of communication, and the novel "Delayed Response" authored by Jason Farman serves as a timely reminder of this fact. Over the course of millennia, we have been utilising this particular tactic.

Although it is a book that is interesting to read, Delayed Response does have several weaknesses when it comes to the subject of waiting.

In order to accomplish this, it makes use of a variety of funny stories about waiting, in addition to Farman's own personal experiences of waiting.

The utilisation of quotations is unquestionably beneficial when it comes to the process of legitimising the viewpoints that Farman exhibits. It is important to note, however, that not everyone will like reading this book.


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