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The Strike

Yesterday I was enjoying my chat with a few fellow Steemians in the STEEM chat when all of a sudden I get a message from a person with the name of Sweeetsssj, and I thought it was @Sweetsssj the famous food and travel blogger! Immediately I jumped to reply to the message, and I see it is a link to Sweetsssj's new blog in Turkey. Seeing it lead me to her real profile I began to assume it was her!

fake scammer ssj.PNG

Once I started to believe it was her, the fake scammer began to praise my posts says that they have improved a lot and they look great. After buttering me up nicely, the fake began to offer me a resteem for any post, but with a big price tag!

The scammer began to claim they are prepared to give me a resteem of any one of my articles, but only for 5000 SBD! I know, I know, you have got to be crazy to pay that much for a resteem, although when you get desperate anything sounds reasonable haha!

5000 SBD For a Resteem

The conversation continued, and then the fake scammer began to offer me an upvote for 7 SBD because I did not have 5000 SBD for the "resteem." Boy oh, boy did things get confusing from there! They kept pushing me to send the SBD to Bittrex and not to the Sweetsssj steemit account; this started to get fishy. They would not even send me an account number; they were stupid you can't send fund with out the wallets ACCT number.

The next hour went towards trying to figure out how the hell to send 7 SBD to them. I tried transferring, block trades and bittrex. It becomes apparent they purposely did not give a wallet number to send SBD. They wanted to ensure it won't send so they can ask for my password to help me "send it" quickly.


The scammer asked me for my password, I knew right away it was not the real deal! There after I purposely spent the next hour messing around with the scammer to give them a head ache from frustration trying to get my password.

I am writing this to show you that there are scammers out there, be careful! Never give away your password, even if @Dan the man who started Steemit asks for it, don't give it! Never send money to anyone for a "Resteem" unless it is a bot.

There are many more users who the scammer had also messaged in the pictures below.

Capture 2.PNG

Capture 3.PNG

Thanks to @Sweetsssj she contacted STEEM support, and that account had been removed.

Capture 4.PNG

Even though that account was removed, it does not mean that there are no more scammers out there, preying on helpless hard working steemians.

I do not ask any of you to upvote this post, but please resteem it so many more users can gain insight to the scammers out there. PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF!


Glad you posted and share with us

Your welcome! I felt if i was almost tricked, many other could be tricked also.

Holy Shit, Resteemed!

That's what I said @hilarski LOL I'm honestly curious if somebody would see 5K for a resteem as a good call... Unbelievable 😂

Hahaha, desperate times call for desperate measures lmao.

HAHHAHAHAHAHA such an awesome GIF!

Dirty phishing act. Amazing how scammers always get so creative in stilling. If this energy was used to real good creation it would have been better. I think the scam itself (which I am totally condeming) fell because of the greedyness. Thanks for the info.

Exactly, its so creative and cunning, if they put that energy towards writing something they could at least sum up to something rather than being a scammer.

Good work exposing these scammers.

Thanks you very much, it's is scary and people really need to know and protect them selves :).

First red flag, a whale contacting you...disgusting

Hahah I know right, which whale is going to sit in the steem chat and talk to random people for an hour!

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I like these comments, thank a lot!

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That is terrible!

It's very sad too, taking advantage of other people and some are vulnerable and not knowing!

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That's horrible! Glad to hear the scammer got removed

Yea thankfully , there could be more out there too. At least this post have informed a few people !

Hoy en día es así, y creo que las personas ya no son tan ingenuas, es muy difícil dejarse estafar y mas por estas redes, otra cosa es que se metan a tu computador y te roben las contraseñas y ya eso no seria "estafa", seria "robo",.Pero en ese caso ya la cosa seria algo delicada por que si alguien se meta en tu computador tiene que ser a juro alguien cercano a ti.

Hmm. This is a disturbing turn of events.

Plus who asks for 5000 SBD? Big red flag right there!

I know right ahaha.

Ахаахаа конец мне очень понравился 😂😂😁😀😀

Thank you for calling our attention to this kind of scams! Resteemed!

Thanks for sharing. Glad the account was removed.

Thank you and ya thankfully it was taking care of!

OMG, Impersonator!!! Gonna flag this guy. As a community we should evaluate such posts and once confirmed that this is an impersonator we all should help each other to clean this space.
Thanks for the alert.

Thank you very much! Yes and hopefully Steemit can have a system in place that can get rid of these scammers.

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thanks for letting us know. I have restem it

Your welcome :).

Great information friend !
Thank you so much for alerting us .
Its a nice contribution to community .

Great job bro!!!

Good to know this and Resteemed. Being new here I need to do a lot of initial efforts. Thanks again.