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For those who don't know yet, I've just recently started my online tour operator business and I'm hustling day and night. I'm introducing a niche that is quite unfamiliar in this part of the world, where the Millennials and party-type of travelers are slowly infiltrating our used-to-be pristine beaches.

I'm trying to make a content-heavy site for SEO purposes. Here on Steemit, there's already a wide audience for me, while for my own website, I have to build everything from the ground up. Starting your own online business is not as glorious as it seems to be. In my case, it means dwindling savings, low-budget marketing campaigns, and sleepless nights.

I started last year here on Steemit, writing consistently every day about my life and travels. I've earned followers and cryptos due to my own persistence. Steem paid the rent and funded my startup. I try not to feel discouraged even during this crypto bloodbath. I just go on writing content and made it a good habit. I don't like to sacrifice the quality of my posts even during Steemit crisis. I try not to shorten my articles or share some Facebook-like posts. And I admire those who can consistently post quality content and respect those who upvote them regularly.

I've seen authors here who used to post some good content then eventually resorted to just posting some short whatever posts, youtube videos, memes, or just photos. To each his own, fine, I just won't upvote each and every post anymore. Then there are those who are always consistent with the way they write like @snowmachine, @zyx066, @artisticscreech ...I'm actually running out of authors to upvote. Feel free to recommend anyone!

Anyway, the point is that no matter how hard I try, success just won't happen overnight. As I try to find ways for my small business to be known, I have to accept that anything worthwhile takes time. Right now, I am still trying to build a reputation in order to gain the trust of my audience and potential clients. And this is not easy.

I'll apply the same thing as what I do here on Steemit. I have to consistently share some inspiring content on my chosen social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and just let things flow naturally. I'll just write some good articles for my website, and perhaps, I'll get some traffic or leads that can be converted to sales.

I'm actually new to this thing called 'viral marketing'. Viral marketing campaigns are internet word-of-mouth initiatives that use social media to increase brand engagement and lead generation. I'm not really sure if my campaigns will go viral but it won't hurt to try.

Good thing I have a bit of Photoshop skills to customize my photos and ad campaigns. Yesterday, I wrote about my '100% local' selfie campaign. I didn't realize that I got a $30 credit on a Facebook ad to boost a post. So I missed something for free. Today I get $15 credit and I use it to try running a Facebook ad for the first time. I don't have a lot of money to invest in order to reach a wider audience so I'm not really expecting it to go viral. Well, if I triggered some kind of an emotional response, I might get lucky. My Facebook ad runs for a week so I'll see how it goes.

The great thing is that Facebook ad works with Instagram. The bad thing is that Instagram is so full of shit right now. It's the same old 'follow for a follow' tactic and nothing seems to be organic there. I am getting a lot of likes on a post at the moment probably due to the Facebook ad but most people only like to be followed back. I am not following anyone yet so it will actually look like I am so unpopular on Instagram. However, I know that once I have a lot of clients, everything else will follow. As I said, everything takes time.

Viral marketing can break down for many types of small businesses out there. A lot of them just come up with an idea, push it out once and when they don't see immediate results or return on investment, they just give up. With that said, I will continue pushing for new ideas that align with my beliefs.

The big question is, am I ready to use Steemit as a social media channel for the promotion of my own business? And of course, doing this means exposing everything about me and I'm not quite ready yet, at least, not for now. Steemit is too special. Besides, I might have 2k+ followers here but only a tiny % of those actually engages. Most of those are dead followers. I don't want to harass my few Steemian followers just like what I do every day to my friends on Instagram and Facebook. Anyway, I guess there's a right time for everything.

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Oh wow thank you for mentioning me. It is an honor coming from you. I will definitely check those other two out.

"And of course, doing this means exposing everything about me and I'm not quite ready yet, at least, not for now." I feel you there. Putting myself out there like that would make me a little bit uncomfortable too.


Haha, no worries. And please let me know if you have any other Steemians to upvote. Really I need some recommendations.


As an edit to the last comment. I also think @alexbeyman makes some really good content on a diverse range of topics. I like @keniza, he has been posting his novels on here and he engages in the comments a lot. She hasn't posted in a while but @zameena-zen is a talented poet and musician. I can't think of anymore people to recommend at the moment but if I do I will let you know.


I really appreciate the recommendation! I will check each profile and see. I've been very busy lately it is hard to find time to look for new authors to upvote.

My problem is finding a lot of smaller accounts. I follow people who post a lot of good stuff and they tend to be bigger accounts.

Yes, it is my problem too! I prefer to upvote/support smaller accounts .


Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.


I am trying to think. Two of the ones I was thinking of have stopped posting. I like @paradigmprospect for a lot of cool trippy stuff and music. I don't know if you are into movie and video game related content but @darthnihilus does that very well. For blog stuff I like @whatsup and @whatamidoing. @jonyoudyer is making good weed content and doing good work on this site in general. I know that I am forgetting a bunch of people too. I would need to look through my feed. I also follow @c-squared I think it is mostly for people who curate for things or something but it resteems a lot of random good content.

My problem is finding a lot of smaller accounts. I follow people who post a lot of good stuff and they tend to be bigger accounts. I go through introduceyourself or I follow people who write stuff that I like but a lot of them stop posting pretty fast.

Unfortunatly steemit is not the finished article but as you have seen the people who are active tend to be very good. Personally I am not too worried about the price of steem at the moment as it is just a reflection of the whole bitcoin and crypto market rather than the steem blockchain.

I'm actually very positive about steem as I can see the amount of development that is happening right now in front of us. There is huge potential on here and I know lots of people who are working to take advantage of that which in turn will bring a lot more users to the different apps that we have.

It cant be easy to start your own business as I have worked for a few people with smaller businesses and have seen some of the struggles that they have. Being your own boss is time consuming enough but trying to build your brand and solve all the problems that come with it is 24/7. I'll be keeping an eye out and hopefully you can make it a success.

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Yes, Steemit is still in beta and those who are writing good quality content consistently are rewarded too.

Being your own boss is time consuming enough but trying to build your brand and solve all the problems that come with it is 24/7.

True. Thank you for the kind words.

No shame in using every social media to promote your business.
Every social media is different, so the ads and text of facebook shouldn't be the same as the ads on instagram or steemit.

I view steemit as a bit more sophisticated than face and insta.
So you would have to use a different langauge to get noticed or team up with some whales :D

Either way. I think you should use steemit as a promotion service but with more quality in mind :D


I agree!

That moment when you realize you have to let people in is more challenging than it would appear. I am rooting for you.

What I encourage you to do (and what I have seen so far on SteemIt) is that you stay true to yourself. Follow your heart, live by your standards, and find other people who can support you along the way.



What I encourage you to do (and what I have seen so far on SteemIt) is that you stay true to yourself.

Even in business, yes. Just like here on Steemit, I'll just continue sharing and everything else will follow.

hey @diabolika. Feel free to post anything that seems worth. I believe that the first step has been made and you should continue to push forward and make this project a success of which i believe you will.

Hope to see your advert on facebook and I will to share it and support you in your journey.

keep it up strong @diabolika


nice job, hope to be successful

Marketing is always sell and buy olace

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