Evading Zombies at the Beach

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Meanwhile, this low season, someone struggles to survive ... Zombies, run! It is important to stay fit, physically and mentally, during these dark times.

This is not just about me getting that much-needed daily exercise amidst the chaos. This is also to keep my brain and emotional health in tip-top shape. Now I can enjoy nature, technology, music, and physical activity all at the same time - thanks to this app! Besides, who doesn't like Zombies? They can be fun too. Now I have something to write about. I look forward to my next beach trip, to look for supplies to survive this Zombie season. It's time to evade the undead in my brain.

I learned about this cool app from a Steemian. I've been wanting to try this game but I just couldn't find the time. Now that I'm back on Steemit, I am feeling creative again. Just when I thought I could take it easy under the fiery sky. There's nothing cooler than evading zombies at dusk.


I'm not really a running person or whatever you call it. In fact, I hate running because it's tiring and unenjoyable. I guess I'm just a pretty lazy person when it comes to exercising. It's not that I need to lose weight or something, as I said, this is also for my mental well being. We all know that physical activity releases all the feel-good chemicals. My newfound hobby gives me something to look forward to or achieve daily. A good routine this low season will keep me motivated.


This is the stats, for starters, or for someone who hates running. I hope to stay consistent and finish what I've started. Because I know myself very well, I tend to give up on something when I don't like it anymore. This is a test.

I admit that I cheated here a bit, okay but not really. I ran then switched to fast walking when I got tired. I only started running again when there were zombies to evade. Because I had something to run away from, there was a reason. So, I walked, ran and walked. After 3km, I began imagining things. I started talking to myself, but hey, I'm not on drugs by the way. I'm just a naturally high person, even writing about my zombie experience at the beach makes me feel high enough.

Was it the zombies or the sandflies chasing after me? I noticed the massive emptiness and sprawling twisted-looking trees. Zombies were hiding. In my head. Zombies were looking at me. I walked fast while listening to my guide. I don't have any Zombie survival skills. I am learning and this is just the beginning.

I love Zombies, I wish they are real. They give me a purpose. Something to write about daily. Tomorrow, I am going to another beach 15 km from where I am to look for more supplies. To survive.

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Lol I'm just like you I don't enjoy running I only do it because I need the cardio and for soccer which I do enjoy. Lol that would really get me running if zombies were real, I love a good zombie movie. I see zombieland 2 comes out this year, you going to check it out?

I love a good zombie movie. I see zombieland 2 comes out this year, you going to check it out?

I love zombie films too, definitely will check it out!

Hello @diabolika, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

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