Powering Up To Blue - Ultra-Instinct Is Next

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I've decided I am going to focus a lot on Steemit/Dtube and fade out the centralized social media sites. I decided I needed some moar power, so I went Super Saiyan Blue.


The first step was as you would expect, getting punched in the face (being robbed 11k Steem - GG) - read: "I Was Hacked" post; basically, lesson learned - For some reason that only motivated me more to use this platform; Ultra-Instinct is next. - (Holla at Steemit Witness "Guiltyparties" - went above and beyond to help me get my account back, vote for them!)

I used to write a lot on Quora, my goal was to become a top writer. I eventually did, but the centralized nature of Quora's censorship lead me to stop producing content. I tend to ramble, on Quora I had a question to wrap it all into a beautiful, neat bow, but for Steemit, it will be more of a turn the bag over on the table and let the contents spill out. Sure, a can of beans will get lodged under the table, and the dog might make off with a treasure or two, but the fill of the point will be laid out in chaotic harmony.

I always urge people to do them. To express themselves. I haven't written in over a year I think,... rusty as hell - but who really gives a fuck? I will get better next post, and again the post after. Being too afraid to start because you are scared of others judgment is the worse imprisonment; one that leads to regret and eventually self-hate.

I talk a lot about the market, and for a good reason, it has become a great passion of mine. I notice many are in distress, I am happily buying with what reserves I have left. It does or die at this point, and these are the moments that can change lives forever. For good and bad.

Don't get shaken out.

I'm going to kill it here... Cheers, Peace.

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Thanks for the shout out

I gave you a full upvote for that Super Saiyan Blue shoop :)

And it's very well done btw.

Ultra instinct was the bomb.


All credit goes to my wife. I will pass on the praise. :)


Haha OK pass it on to your wife then. I really meant it. It's nicely cut out and precisely pasted on.

Oh and I just saw your post about your account being hacked. That's terrible.


Ya, only thing to do is move forward and learn from our mistakes.


Ya, only thing to
Do is move forward and learn
From our mistakes.

                 - dhenz

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Haha....daem your timing is gold Dan!

So you're just been biding your time waiting get go Super Saiyan Blue!

Been watching your vids since the early 2017 ones! Fcuk you rock it

I am sorry to hear about your account. If you have any more problems with anything like that, feel free to contact me if you are not able to get a hold of @guiltyparties. I am looking forward to seeing more of your content here.

Booooom Man! Mad Respect! That sucked what that hacker did! Been following ya for a while on YouTube and your content is beast!


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I love all the DBZ analogies to go along with this lol! Just come back bigger and stronger like Goku! We are all trying to grow that SP!

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Keep evolving!

Hehe reminded me of this post I did 2 years ago, anyway sorry for the hack, I'm glad you didn't decide to give up on Steem because of that and powered up more. Hope to have you here for the long run and that you'll earn back what you lost over time.

Congrats on getting your account back, and about posting, I get what you mean coz I also used to have that "I'll post when it's perfect mentality." Well, it only frustrated me coz that meant fewer payouts, but now that I try to post as soon as something hits me, I've noticed ideas come more often, and the whole process is getting faster and faster.

But yeah, now let's see where the steem train takes us, and you just reminded me that I gotta catch up on DBS. lol

Welcome to Steemit!

What was your YouTube channel? I don't think I've seen your stuff before, but I'm not sure. Looks like you've got some good connections here. I found your post because @stackin resteemed it.

Glad you are here!


My youtube channel is "They Call Me Dan"


Thanks. I'm watching one of your videos now.

Others have said it, but I am sorry about the hack. As much as I wish those folks couldn't even exist here, let alone take people's STEEM, I guess that's not the way it works, and so we can't ever make mistakes, even ones we have no idea are mistakes. Seems like we have to be on top of it all the time when the thief only has to pounce once.

That said, I'm glad to see you'll be sticking around and are going to go after it. I wish you well in this. This is as good a time as any to take things up a few notches.

goodness you're buying up so much steem the price is stubborn to go down =) almost 139k SP @_@ deep

With the stolen steem experience, most including myself may have just given up. Instead you push harder and put in more commitment ! awesome to you man !

btw you might consider dlive 0% as dtube get 25% bene reward from your post. you can manually distribute youtube content on steemit like what you did even automate the posting via steempress

That's good news! It's nice to see users who make power up! The whole community will recognize this fact. If you're a steemian, you're a steemian for life, at least, that's how I see it.

I think you've bought at a good time, steem can keep going down because of its dependence on btc, but it's still a good price.

Steem on from Argentina!

So cool to see you back to your article writing roots, inspires me to get more active on steemit as well. Feels so good to know we cant be sensored here 👏

Exceptional response after the hack! Wow, not many would have had the strength to buy as much Steem and power up as you did after that experience. Respect!

Hey there. Never heard of you until now, but I can relate to being robbed. I spent 5 months in Germany at school and while I was gone, they broke into my place and stole everything.

So I can relate to bouncing back.


Sorry you got hacked, I guess I am not a victim of hackers because I don't have much Steem, still I guess at some moment you must have clicked some link, or how do you think they got your key?

You are going to kill it! Seeing you steem power makes me salivate, but how the hell does someone acquire that much AND get hacked?! - wtf

Being too afraid to start because you are scared of others judgment is the worse imprisonment; one that leads to regret and eventually self-hate.

I did a whole Dtube about this a few days ago. My first one and I was freaking TERRIFIED of judgement, which is EXACTLY why I did it. Such freedom in overcoming fears!! Not sure I'll do another one, but at least I slapped self judgement in the face.

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