Better Get On Board!

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One of the major sticking points that I have for the rise of the Steem blockchain and the STEEM price is the community.

The ability for this community to reach out to:

  1. Businesses
  2. Exchanges
  3. People on social media
  4. Individuals all over the globe

Is uncanny...

The ability for the network effect to take hold and drive the user base of the Steem blockchain to the moon is insane.

As we see DApps like actifit, Steem Hunt, dtube, Partiko, etc. flourish, we will see mass adoption of each dapp and subsequently, of the Steem blockchain.

As the Steem price rises with the coming bull market, I expect the user base to grow 10 fold or more.

As this base grows, more people will want and need Steem power!! Driving the demand further!

The circle of Steem is coming and you better be on board before we blast off to the moon!

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