5 + 1 Words In English, Every Day (44-45.)

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(Español aquí) The idea is to incentivize people learn some words in English every day. Learning only five words daily means 1825 words a year. Not enough to speak very well, but it can be a good start. Much better than doing nothing. Do you know somebody who needs to begin to learn English? Some relatives or friends? Please give them this simple lessons.

(List of lessons at the end)

Lesson 44

#EnglishDeutschEspañolGoogle TranslatorFree Dictionary
1onein/an, eingeschaltet (Maschiene)prendido (máquina)GoogleFree Dict.
2offaus, ausgeschaltet (Maschiene)apagado (máquina)GoogleFree Dict.
3errorder Fehler, die Panneerror, falloGoogleFree Dict.
4restartneu starten, wieder startenrelanzar, reiniciarGoogleFree Dict.
5resetzurücksetzen, zurückstellenreinicializar, reajustarGoogleFree Dict.
+closedgeschlossencerradoGoogleFree Dict.

Remark: "Open" and "closed" are used in case of shops, bars, offices, other businesses.

Lesson 45

#EnglishDeutschEspañolGoogle TranslatorFree Dictionary
1plateder Tellerel platoGoogleFree Dict.
2glassdas Glasel vasoGoogleFree Dict.
3forkdie Gabelel tenedorGoogleFree Dict.
4spoonder Löffella cucharaGoogleFree Dict.
5knifedas Messerel cuchilloGoogleFree Dict.
+cutlerydas Besteck, das Silberzeugla cuchillería, los cubiertosGoogleFree Dict.

Remark: cutlery or silverware

How to use it?

You find the words always in Spanish and German. The Google link takes you to the Google Translator, where you can set your desired language (above the right side box) to be able to get the meaning in many other languages.
Below the left box, the speaker sign gives you the important pronunciation, the voice sample. Another choice is the other link to the Free Dictionary, with voice samples in both American English and British English versions. The reader should also pronounce the word himself/herself, several times, not only listen to it.

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Some of the last lessons:

32.-33. Days of the week - Cold weather.
34.-35. Some animals, Days of the week 2
36.-37. New Year – Drinks
38.-39. Meals – Illness
40.-41. Numbers, Numbers
42.-43. Astronomy, Face

List of all lessons:

Index of “5 + 1 Words In English” – Índice de la serie “5 + 1 palabras en inglés”

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