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So I'm here, laying in bed and having a lot of thoughts running through my mind, most of those thoughts being about how to be that successful career lady I've always wanted to be as a kid.

As a kid, I had it all planned out. After secondary school I would proceed to the university, study insurance as a professional course, get my Bsc. After the mandatory 1year service, I would head on to get a job with a big insurance firm where I would work for a couple of years, then resign after saving up enough to start a business.

I wish it was as easy as I thought.

First of all, I didn't get into the university as early as I thought I would. Then when I finally gained admission, it was to study Accounting instead of the Insurance I had in mind. Everything changed along the line. I graduated in 2018 hoping to start the mandatory 1year service by early 2019 but here I am, in the middle of 2019, still at home with no hope of starting the service anytime soon.

It's as if my whole life is on hold. I don't even understand what is going on anymore. I am lost. Everything happening and everything not happening has made me start to think wishful thoughts. Thoughts like, what if I wasn't born here? What if I had all the privileges the rich have? What if I was Bill Gates child or President Buhari's daughter? I sure definitely not be lying in my bed writing this. I would be living the life right now.

Seriously, I do not know what to think anymore. I don't. I need help.


It takes a long time for these things to happen.

As a kid it all seems planned out because school / university is a big plan. People can tell you what to study, what tests to take, where to apply. It's all laid out in front of you.

But as an adult that stuff goes away. You just get a job and are expected to show up to work every day.

Truth is the opportunities are still there and can still work your way towards money and success. I'm 28 years old and still struggling to make enough money to survive too. But at least we can keep working, we have our health and places like Steem where great things are happening.

Don't give up! There's lots of us here on Steem working through the same struggles and problems. It's possible to overcome it.

come hang out at my steem blog sometime if you have questions or want motivation, you aren't in it alone. I post and have conversations about this kinda stuff all the time. theres lots of good people on steem to learn from

Thank you so much for this reply. It sure feels good to know that I'm not alone in this. I would be checking your blog from time to time. In fact, you just gained a follower. Thank you.

Do not despair and give up! Everyone in life has difficult times. I myself went through it.
I can only say that not everything in life can be planned and executed at the desired time. The more you plan, you are nervous about it, you put strength into your plans, the more desperate it is that this does not happen.
My advice: relax, follow what is coming into your life. Set goals, go to them, but do not plan your life, otherwise you will fall into the trap.

Thank you very much for this. I can't even begin to show how grateful I am. But there's one thing though, ever heard of the saying 'if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail'? Everything is all so confusing.

I think I understand what you mean. I agree, it is very difficult. However, planning can be replaced by goals. It's great if these goals are for a short time. And it's great if something is out of control to have a backup option and arm yourself with positive thinking. If something is bad, then stop for a minute. Think about what this situation has given you, what opportunities you can use today if you have failed.
Remember that all our fears, failures only in our heads. Our whole life is dictated by our philosophy and all our mistakes too. If you set the correct and positive vector of thinking, then life will certainly change for the better.☺️
I will cheer for you! You will succeed! Hugging you))

Thank you for your encouraging words. Thank you.

I like you to have great aspirations, that speaks very well of you

I like you to have
Great aspirations, that speaks
Very well of you

                 - merryslamb

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