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Today is a pep talk. Many years ago in the mid-90's I was asked to create a program for at-risk teenagers. I wrote a manual for them to write plays about their hopes and dreams and they would then perform them with adult help at a small black box theater. I trained all concerned so that I could videotape the results and I was blown away by the teens creativity. I began researching more about creativity in general because I needed to re-create my life. I knew that the work could benefit others but I was never motivated to publish my notes about creative thinking, the imagination or personal growth.

One disaster after another (strange karma) have followed me to this very day and so I am once again in the awkward position of re-creating my life. I suspect many Steemers may be in the same boat - which is why I have been posting my notes from the forthcoming book Create Naturally. I am re-editing everything now for release, but I thought some of the posts might be beneficial to the community now. I hope folks appreciate the value of being creative in general and realizing that this can add so much more fulfillment to life. For me my creativity has been expressed in countless projects over the years and now in screenplay writing. I loved working in motion pictures in California and Florida and now I would like to write scripts and also am interested in documentaries.

So I encourage all to explore their creative spirits and look at creating as one of the most important endeavors in life. And you can just.....
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Nature does and paints beautiful visions to inspire us and provide all the materials for our creative minds to play with and improve the quality of life. So Stay Creative Steemers and give yourself a pep talk now and then.
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Nature is amazing!

Continually amazing and often quite enjoyable.