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Part of my work on creative thinking and expression includes numerous questions, activities and exercises within the
Create Naturally Action Journal section of my forthcoming book and online course. In chapter 1 I introduce the concept of Value Guided Creativity. Journal prompts include:

Take one or more of your values and write about how you they inspire or motivate you. There is great importance in seeking a unique personal experience of a universal value.

Describe a personal experience that you wish to achieve in the future using a value as a beginning point. What do you desire? What lights you up? Take a look at the Create Naturally logo and imagine the Light empowering your life and creativity because it does. Bring the Light in and let it guide your creativity. It can inspire you...
What inspires you? List everything that inspires you now.
You can use your values to be more creative!

These questions may help you focus:
I am inspired by…

I feel more alive by doing…

I feel more alive when…

Just contemplate these questions and exercises for now and as you wish write your thoughts in a journal.
Writing by Daniel Hime copyright 2018