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Hello steemians,

I am gratefull reading all your comments, today i choose and upvoted langford:

post 3 fev.PNG

Thank you for your testimony, if we want to change humanity we need to share our story to educate the richer about inequality and help the poorer to have access to knowledge, food and healthcare.

Hopefully with internet everybody have access to knowledge, you don't need anybody to learn and be creative.

Steemit ecosystem give us a great opportunity to share wealth and create a strong and peacefull worldwilde community.

Reading your comment langford you gave me a new concept idea, nowadays, nobody should die from famine.

We should all contribute for a better world and insure the poorer to get at least the vital minimum:


Clearly if we are waiting for the system to change how many persons will die until humanity solve the famine problem.

I would like to start a new concept, obviously i can't help everyone on this earth with my voting power, but together we can make a difference!

Steemians if you need help from us, if you don't have a meal a day, simply comments on my daily ONE MEAL A DAY post and hopefully you will get upvotes from steemit community.

Please be trustworthy, if you comment for personal greed and you are not deeply in need for food or vital healthcare, you are taking money from steemians who really need it to stay alive and you should be ashamed.

Doing that you are responsible for this world to keep going wrong.

We can take our responsabilities and act for a better world now.

Share your toughts , are you willing to participate?

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i so so much love your good works sir, i would love to join this initiative because vene without steemit, me and my family have takenit as a point of duty to always fed the poor even if its once per day. Although we are doing it with the little we have ibeleieve we can do better if we have enough. thnaks again for this sir.

i have already determined to use anything i will get from your upvote and enter the streets and put a little smile on the face of children who are really going hungry. thanks sir i look out for your suport

I would like to share one meal a day to the street kids here outside our house. I was doing it during my birthday last January. We gave a pack of spaghetti and a bread.




Can they have an access to internet and steemit somewhere?


They don’t have, I don’t know where’s their house. Some of them usually hangout at the corner of our street. It’s near the main road and a traffic light. When the light stops, they beg.


What I love, I do not know today. I do not have any wish or not. It is astonishing that sometimes, when I wake up in the deep night, I hear the voice of the unreal, I see the mythical scene. Break the silence of the night and roar in my ears, There is no sea on the back.
If I do not have the moon in the sky and I see the full moon, I can recognize every star in the sky in the clouds. And on some other days, when a well-lit air is heard, first you can hear the name of a musical instrument, a beautiful melody, then whoever sings sweet melody more than the birds of the dawn

Do not think we're floating in the sea at night,
A melodious tune to flutter in the lake, so that
I can talk whispered with you ..........


Good luck 😂


because of the poor life style most of them don't have access to phone


True that.


Fantastic post friend greetings thanks


Thank you.


I think they haven't internet access from where they live. I am very sad and concerned when reading this langford article. stay away from societies that deserve internet access to gain insight into daily knowledge and creativity. Hopefully in one day, they may get more attention in the form of food, medicine, sanitation of clean water, supplies and facilities are very adequate.


God bless you for your efforts.


Thank you 😊
It’s always good to pay it forward.


Am working with several people on this platform to bring soccour, to the hopeless people. thanks for this @Damarth


Keep it up 😊

One meal a day is a great initiative Sir @damarth. You are one if the kindest people I know. Thank You so much for supporting Faith, Hope and Love Foundation for the less priviledged children in Bwari community, Abuja,Nigeria. Thank You so much for upvoting our NEW YEAR'S PARTY POST.
Walking on the street some days ago, i met a frail-looking 3yr old boy, who I couldn't help falling in love with
He looked so weak and couldn't even force a smile.
I met his mother (who's picture is not post for anonymity) who also looked sick. She them told me they were both HIV positive. My heart bled😢 on hearing that. Although I didn't have any money on me that day. I made sure to spend half an hour with the family laughing and taking lots of pictures.
I'd love to do more for these people. I introduced steemit to them but, they can't even afford three-square-meals, not to talk of phones or internet services. That's something I hope to change soon, with your support and the support of steemit community.
Thank you Sir @damarth.
Awaiting your response in anticipation @adedoyinwealth

Oh thanks,this is indeed beautiful. This is what i always want to be doing.,i have been trying to raise more found for a sister in the neighbourhood,her leg swelled up and we have been unable to determine the cause. But she was told to get some antibiotics in the hospital,though i have given her part of the money but she still need more. My intention was to post about her in order to raise some money for her. I can't hold back my tears each i see her groaing in pains. I will definitely deliver if i can get anything here.
Below is the photo prove of the leg



Thanks in anticipation...


that's sad brother, i will help you whatever i can do from my side.


Oh thank you already sir. I am sure she would be happy if she should find out somebody is helping her from the other side of the sea.
God bless your good heart sir.


Amen sir, thank you


Please send me an e.mail:


When I saw this post, I remembered some of the kids I helped back then in southern Kaduna. These kids are from a very poor background and they lack help. It's like the world abandoned them.

I did the best I could do for them. They didn't have a teacher or a good school for learning, so most of them do not know how to communicate in English. They are living a jungle life, a life of hardship.

I ensured that I gave them the best I could to ensure they had a memorable Christmas and New year celebration. I still think of them and plan to go back there to help a few of them someday.

Thank you @damarth for the opportunity to help our world. So many people are really suffering in several parts of the world. The rich keep opressing the poor. No one wants to help anyone. We must do all we can to end this. I will do my best to support this initiative in helping as many steemians as possible. Thanks for this once again.

Steemit ecosystem give us a great opportunity to share wealth and create a strong and peaceful worldwide community.

The steemit ecosystem is a great place to be in. I haven't seen a platform that brings the world together. Different people from different races have come together for the growth of this community. Everyone is playing his/her part without discrimination and no obstacles.

Thanks to the founder of this great community and also thanks to you @damarth for keeping the community close to your heart.


thank you#damarth for you kindness At the point when your children see you giving cash, they're significantly more liable to receive a giving outlook as they grow up. I compose from individual experience. I've given cash to an assortment of foundations throughout the years and have constantly tried to advise my eight-year-old child of my endeavors. Last Christmas, when he and I were shopping at a shopping center, he recognized a booth for a philanthropy and instead of spending some of his apportioned cash on Christmas presents, he inquired as to whether we could support an eager youngster abroad. We joined without further ado. Do likewise with your children and you may see comparable outcomes.

Glad to read your new blog about sharing thoughts @damarth you just helped a lot of steemians. You have such a good heart, generous because you share some blessings to other people thru featuring & upvoting a lot of steemians.

"The entire life we have has it's real meaning in giving! He who least knows the real value of giving that can leave a distinctive footprint least knows what the essence of life is about."

There's no reason for us to be selfish to other people, it is a great feeling to share to someone and to help other people because giving is one of the essence of life. We should share to less fortunate people, and we need to think the we are lucky and blessed by our creator so why not share it to other people?


In our country a lot of less fortunate families who eat once daily and they need our help. The photo above is one of example of a home of less fortunate neighbor that we want to help this time and the reason together with my husband we share the story of this family so that people will see and read the story and starting sharing some of their blessings.

Thank you @damarth for being a Sta. Clause to steemians thru your upvote. Have a great day and more blessings..

I want to specially commend you @damarth for your innovative mind. The world would be a better place if we care for the needy, hungry and poor.
I want to specially commend you @damarth for your innovative mind. The world would be a better place if we care for the needy, hungry and poor.

The photos were taken during our food hygiene and health awareness campaign to the St Mary's Senior Science College, Abak which is an overpopulated boarding school in a small rural community of Akwa Ibom State , Nigeria.
It was the world malaria day ,Aril 25, 2016.
We sensitized them on how to control and prevent malaria epidemic.
We organized quiz and debate competitions and gave out prices.
We gave out food stuffs, mosquito treated nets and clothing to all the students and even those in the Abak community.
Currently epidemiologic statistics proves a decline in both morbidity and mortality rate of malaria infection and typhoid fever after this major outreach led by our team of Akwa Ibom Medical Students.

@damarth - I am very impressed with your humanitarian thoughts. It's very uplifting to see other people also working to make the world a better place.

I've upvoted you and I am resteeming.

I've worked as a volunteer in India for many years in the past so I have seen first handed great poverty. It really is overwelming.

Back in the U.S. there is also poverty. I've done a few things to help here. Donated to various charities like "Warm the Children" where new, winter clothes are purchased for children in need.

Also some random acts of kindness.....I always keep some granola bars in my car for a snack in case I get hungry. I passed an older homeless woman begging and noticed that no one was giving her anything. I got out of my car and gave her a granola bar, not knowing how she would like it as compared to her wanting some dollar bills. Well, she literally lit up and immediately started eating the bar. So I went inside the store and also bought her a cup of coffee. She was very happy and it also made my day! It feels good to give.

I don't have much voting power so I am sending you 1 SBD. Perhaps you can share it.

Another story featured by sir @damarth that touches most of steemians and I am one of those hundreds of steemians touch by the story of @langford.

I am not going to post my one meal a day because with God's grace I havent tried eating 1 meal in a day and I thanks God for that. I also thank #steemit for adding source of income and for the technology because without it its impossible for us to be here.

All I want is to help other people in our society and this mother of 5 children, suffers an illness without findings what kind of disease it is according to medical doctor. Her story touched my heart so much, she is a mother of 5 children her husband is a Fisherman who earns not fixed income daily sometimes he earn 100 philippine peso or $2.00 USD, the whole night fishing so sad.


She is Mrs. Guadalupe Simbajon, also has an especial child son. Sometimes the family can't eat meal 3 times a day. The reason why i posted a blog about her story 7 days ago to gather help for her. But sad to say the blog post earned few SBD amounting to 4.9$ i feel so sad but nothing i can do about it because we cant force people to help thru upvotes.

I dont regret posting it because in my heart i did my best to share her story thinking that maybe someone with good heart will see and read her story and possible to help her situation.

This post is dedicated to her! I been helping her but its not enough because i am not that fortunate enough to help her. I wish to be a millionaire to help her more especially the medication.

Here's the full story:

My camera is not that clear tho, sorry about that. Just left the scene now
Did you wake up staring at your wardrobe, thinking you don't have enough clothes or that you need to go shopping? And for many of us, it's pretty simple: Get in the car, drive to the nearest mall and buy whatever you wish for.

There are millions who don't have the same means and yet they make things happen out of sheer determination.

Close to where I live, just a stone throw...there is a an abandoned house in which these little children live. They can't cater for themselves, they don't work to earn a little income to fend for themselves.

And its very touching that they keep increasing everyday. I myself I keep wondering why it is so. So what i do to help is that, from my own little income. I buy them food, snacks and I also check up on them daily. It's now as if its my responsibility to care for them @darmath please if u can in any way impact on the lives of these street children begging, it would really go a long way. I kno u are very kind. Ur actions are speaking for u. Please... They need everyones help. Use my steemit account as a point of contact to help these beggers please. For all i ask. Thanks everyone for ur upvote.


this was during my last visit to the orphanage in Anua hospital, steemit can make us all do this even more.

thanks @Damarth
you are a Great guy

Here in Bangladesh a restaurant name Bogra Akboria Grand Hotel & Restaurant they serve their daily remaining foods to poor people everynight.They are doing this for 100 years.
Bangladesh is a developing country. Standing beside the poor people in Bangladesh are so much fewer.There are two or four people who helps these poor peoples.The founderer of this reastaurant Late Akbor Ali Miah started this at 1918.Before dying he said to his son that it should be continued.

If every rich people are starting this type of social steps our world become very nice.FB_IMG_1517654764849.jpg

if we do not love the common man in the street, no matter how much love we preach, we have no love. The wealth of the whole world can take every poor person out of the street, touching lives should not be kept for the rich only, it's for humanity, I love doing it, it gives hope to humanity.

27th April is my birthday and am currently putting together another big 1 for these orphans @Damarth

hello its my first time that i am writing this comment to you and i hope i will gat help from you my name is what Aziz ul hassand and i am not a poor who need meal i am complete

but i am fighiting for those who dont have money i am trying to do something i donate 20 parcent of my earning to poor people here in Pakistan there are a lot of people who dont have cloths and who dont have meal they are bagging for meal not for money so far for them i need your help i can do it alone but that will take time and i cant do it my power is so down and i dont have enough power to gat upvotes and earn money so cn make there life batter they can eat good and be healthy i love humanity and belive in the concept of global village this world is for all of us no poor no rich we are equal am a student so i cant relly do much just steemit it the only way of earning for me ... cose i work at shop and then i go to my collage its difficult for me do manage all these thing i ccan gat help that will be kind of you thanks for posting this


this was for students in university of port harcourt and you can see the joy radiating from their faces... I also encouraged them to join sIMG_20171221_173128.jpgteemit


God bless you @bhoa you have touched lives in the university of portharcourt and God will reward you for it


I can see. It is a good thing you have done even though they don't look hungry to me.

I would love to start off by thanking @damarth for this initiative,i heard of this, of how you sir @damarth, tries to be a great blessing to numerous amounts of people every single day that passes by. You are a true leader and not a boss. May God greatly bless you for trying to contribute help towards humanity. It is a great thing that you noticed the need for provision of at least, one-meal per day to ensure the survival of people in various nations of the world.
In my home nation of Nigeria, the case is a heart-shattering one. Where the system is failing to recognize the need to help and feed the great number of children and youths.
Children in nigeria can hardly get access to adequate meals, or good sound education. For the case of feeding, the parents of the children that are in charge of feeding them do not even have the money to do so.
I would love to share a short story about my neigbours whose story is a very sad one. Their father died when they were very young. The weight of caring for the family has been on the shoulders of their mother ever since,and she was a just a secondary school teacher. Now, anyone in nigeria will know how bad the teaching profession has become; a profession that once used to be the very pride of the nation has now turned into a profession of misery. She was a teacher of a government owned public school, where her salary was just #30,000naira. Their house rent was about #15,000naira and rising. Doing the math, you'd know that their standard of living was very terrible. She would always go to different homes and help them wash their bathrooms and toilets just for her to get enough money to feed her children. Most of the time, my mother would split our meals at home and give them 70% of the mea, just to help them.
The government school's job was so terrible that they,ll even owe her for close to 6months. The system here is terrible.
The bridge between the poor and the rich here is mind boggling. Like the woman in the story, most people can't feed nor attend schools.
The rich just keep getting richer, gathering all of the money meant for the betterment of the people, and putting it all in their pockets.
Our hope for a better tomorrow in this country-Nigeria; are the youths of this time, but the state of schools in nigeria is heart breaking, children like my neigbours don't even have food to eat so as to even have the energy to attend classes and build their futures.
I took a trip to the state of kaduna-here in nigeria to see their classrooms, and i cried. I went on my knees and prayed to God to provide a means for me to help better the lives of the people around me.
The chairs they had to seat on were all broken and dilapidated,and the school uniforms they were putting on were all torn.
After that day, i went to back home to think on how to help the students attending the government school in my area. They also have torn, ripped school uniforms. I have been reflecting and thinking hard on how i can use this platform - steemit; to provide the materials needed to make good school uniforms for the students, and get a list of the children who have just one parent caring for them. I am hoping that i could start off something here on steemit and be able to create enough awareness about this issue and try my very possible best to provide food for their families, so that they can have a better life.

Kudos to you @damarth sir for outing up the campaign one meal a day

As for me, I can afford for my self one meal a day and I can even afford to help some people out wit a meal a day which I'm doing in my own little way.

I'm from Nigeria where the level of poverty is high and so many people dying of hunger because they cannot have one meal a day. The government of my country started a program sometime a to feed the school children one meal a day but due to the high level of corruption, the program is not functional any more.

In my own little way I've committed myself to helping people in need around me by helping them with food and clothing. I even have some I help out in paying their school fees.

These people are not yet on steemit because some of them cannot even use the internet. And the ones that can use internet don't have a device to access the internet. I've already told them all about steemit and we are working on getting a device for them. That is also one of the reasons I'm working hard to get to the top and gather enough steem power before they join so that I can help them better when they join.

Thanks for doing this and I want everyone to embrace this campaign of one meal a day

Personally, I grew up on the ghetto side and trust me when I say obtaining meals were an issue. I never knew how bad things were till I came of age. I was really thinking of how to help my family survive coupled with the recession when I was told about steemit. I may not have earned so much but the income I've gotten so far has helped me survive and helped my little sister. We (my little group) is planning on a secondary school outreach in March and prison outreach too. We're trying to raise the money, we hope to meet basic needs and I'm hoping to make little income from this platform to support this movement.
We may never know what people go through until we've passed through the path they're passing through.
@damarth, what more can I say? I'm glad this burning desire to help afford one meal per day for someone is also found in good people like you. We may not be able to change all that's happening in our today, but we can do the little we can. Therein lies the change and impact we seek.

In the year 2017 ago I get a little sustenance from God. And the sustenance can not afford to enjoy myself even though it's just a little bit, because with me seeing there are many more families who are starving and needing food and that person can not afford to buy rice or cook food Because the person does not have anything good that in terms of money or other, I was so sad to see that person and then touched my heart to take sustenance which was given to me is in by God to donate to those who are hungry and in dire need, after I donate a part of so many of me then also I have dinner with them because I think that person is eager to enjoy a very happy togetherness with dinner together. And this is the picture that I had time to capture first time togetherness



@damarth, your writeup has made me emotional and reawakened my vision plus encouraged me that i am not alone. I visit orphanage homes a lot as well as school for the hndicapped. Recently, i visited a Juvenile Remand Home in Ilorin, Nigeria where i went to arrange a once in a week meeting with the inmates.

The truth is, there is so much we can do to bring food to tables. We can also create seminars and empower people with skills and if possible, create an establishment where the best participant is employed. So much can be done

Thanks @ damarth for bringing this opportunity.. This is a pic with my friends at the hostel wen we wre eating...

Native Nigeria food...IMG_20180203_104753.jpgIMG_20180203_104805.jpg

Please be trustworthy, if you comment for personal greed and you are not deeply in need for food or vital healthcare, you are taking money from steemians who really need it to stay alive and you should be ashamed.

This one meal a day initiative is an excellent one. One that is geared towards touching the lives of everybody. You must be a humanitarian for this.

Really ,any one who participates for personal greed just ends up leaving the world in a circle of impunity and such a person doesnt deserve any good thing this world has to offer.

This initiative is for the poor and the poor should benefit but how do we get to know the poor? Does the poor have access to Internet connection? Does the poor have money to buy data to steem? Somehow I feel those who need this arnt here on steemit but I may be wrong.

I just feel you may end up giving this charity to those who already have enough and are greedy. I would want to participate if I am greedy but I am not, the world needs something better than greedy people so I will just sit and watch the deserving get all the assistance they need.

Thanks @damarth for this...


I had the same thinking process, then i thought don't do it too many greedy persons will try to exploit the concept and you will be disappointed by humanity once again.

Maybe i fear something that will not happen and i take the risk not helping persons in need for few scammers.

It's better to trust each other trying to solve problems than fear and inaction.


I just pray your good deeds reach the right people.. So that they would know huminitarians still exist. @damarth


We will be agents to reach such people and report back with proof


@sistem. Yes it's truly they don't have access to internet. But you can help some poor people around you just l use too. Good contribution


I really appreciate your kindness "ONE MEAL A DAY" @damarth ... It's true with steemit (upvote) we can help people - people who have no income to earn. People - people who are not to meet the needs of other life, even to eat once a day just hard. People who usually eat potluck can eat well. The problem is how they have Mobile and so on to access steemit while for everyday meals they are difficult especially to buy Mobile and so on. Therefore, it takes the steemit communities or private individuals of great-minded stemians to help assist those in distress who even eat once a day is difficult. And I hope the people who make up big in steemit do not mind to set aside some of their income to help those who live in distress.

@damrath, Absolutely steemit platform really helpful for the any persons. Its contribute wealth thought via upvotes. You gave real inspiration post. Absolutely it encouraging me. Last month I can contribute some of my wealth to desolate peoples to share meals. Its only little bit person. But I was glad coz why I help another desolate peoples to give meals for solve their famine problem. I want to continue this unfortunately I can't take photography that moment coz they didn't faced in front of camera.
I Nice to decided follow you. Great concept.

This is great of you @damarth. You always have a way of putting smile on people's face. Before I came on Steemit some weeks ago I was struggling to take care of myself but now at least I can afford a meal a day.
Since I have come to Steemit, with the little I have I can buy my own meal, but I could like to help this poor little children around me. Some of them comes to school with empty stomach, torn out clothes, unkempt hair. If wish to help them and with my stay here on Steemit, I'll help them in every small way I can.

When I was a teacher, I use to frown at fellow teachers who beat children who came to school without brushing their mouth. I think we as teachers should show small love by buying tooth brush and tooth paste to those children and see if they will still come to school without brushing. This little act of kindness will make the world go round. Thank you @damarth

This is so great an initiative , this is relating to the situation currently in the school where i am currently serving as a youth corp member in my country Nigeria, see picture here...

I hope to help them in a little way i can before i finish my service year

I'm really grateful for this opportunity, nothing brings happiness and satisfaction than helping others, currently, I took up the role of providing lunch for primary school pupils in my community because teachers complained that some of the school children go to school with an empty stomach, and they have recorded a large number of children fainting in school because of hunger, I'm a student too so I know what they go through.
So with the little income I make from being a sales girl, I provide lunch for the children onceIMG-20171218-WA0002.jpg a week, and I pray my income increases so I can provide something more than this.


Share your toughts , are you willing to participate?

Yes I am willing to participate.
To be sincere, I have a plan of organising something like this soon.

I come from a country (Nigeria) where a lot of persons live in abject poverty.

This is my plan

  1. To use my steemit earnings and pay school fees of some bright students in selected schools.

  2. To organise a programme where follow steemians in my community can contribute from part of earnings to run a school feeding programme. I'm really working towards this and we'll start it soon.

For me, it's not all about self happiness, food, fun etc. It is about touching lives and putting smiles on others people's faces. That's what gives me joy and doing this for school children is my dreams and I pray I achieve it perfectly.

Thanks @damarth for this. It shows you care about humanity and you love giving. You'll surely be rewarded and you'll find happiness in doing this.

Happy Steeming


We can all be creative for a better world, your projects look really helpfull!


I hope you can notice my posts too sir @damarth 😊

I am one of your loyal followers @damarth .. Upvoting me gaved me a lot of motivation to grow here on steemit. I am currently helping the community starting to make a blog about my responsibility to the community, I started with my student who use her hobby in dancing as a tool to finish her studies and now in 2 months time she will finsh her highschool. We dont need to be professional slaves and work like robots to put something decent on our plate. We can do what we love and live the life that we want here on steemit. Thank you for being one of my inspirarion.


Wow this is more than great initiative!!

There is a problem because most of the people who don't have food on the table don't have a computer either. I don't talk about western poor people who have car, but no for fuel or who first buy branded cloth but then dont have money for food.

Local communities could help for those who don't have for food, they could provide place like libary where people can make their steemit account and be able to receive help.

It's just a thought.
Keep up a good work.



Yes we have to find solution about that. Maybe steemians helping poor on the street could post their actions with photos, and we could vote.


Yes, that is a good idea. For example on a road to my previous job, i was passing by a homeless shelter. I have often stopped and give something to them, mostly mine or my friends cloth wich we don't use anymore.
But it would be great to go there and help them make Steemit account. I will think about that idea.

This is a nice initiative by @damarth which i expect everyone to be sincere with.

Of course, i don't give out food or meal but i prefer to take them to an eatery and pay for their meal. I did this while i had a short stay in the northern part of nigeria where i had to take this hausa kids (Almajiri) to a food joint and pay their bill.

Another one i am embarking upon today is giving out those cloth am not wearing again. This is the little i felt i can be of help to those needy (kids) around me here for now.

This has being a gesture i and my family have received from others before, though things are not yet as expected but we can boost of the normal square meal and wear therefore, it is a thing of joy giving back to the society whenever it is available and necessary.


You are an awesome person @ damarth.I have been following your posts for at some point now.You are great motivation to me and a large group of other steemians.I plan to tow the same line when I have the means.keep doing what you are doing man.

I can see the potential for this to grow and be very rewarding to the hearts and souls of those doing the giving, & it would be life changing for the person being helped! I live in the Dallas, Tx- by no means is it like many of our poorer countries who live in extreme poverty, & it is hearbreaking to think of anyone not being able to eat especially a child! Where I live we have tons of homeless, under every bridge in downtown, we even have an area named tent city that is under several bridges and the city of Dallas closed it down last yr leaving the homeles families who lost their jobs, homes due to many different circumstances, ended up divorced & with nothing, were released from the military and had nowhere to go, military veterans that served our country people from all walks of life- took away all they had to call home or a commumity ...just because people in power with money felt that they we're creating an eyesore and a nuisance for everyday people or people who chose to visit Dallas or vacation here, our shelters are too full and there's nowhere for them to go- so our homeless lost all- in the last months they have set up in other areas and we have a new "tent city" the homeless people actually go out of their way to keep it clean and try not to draw attention to themselves so they are not "evicted" per say, yet again..when they have nothing more than a tarp on string to call home...myself and my husband and kids donate anything we can from our home,or thrift store or things donated by family or friends- be it blankets, coats clothes etc....whenever we can..I make a point to buy or make food for whoever I can that is waiting outside the whataburger, or underpasses down the street from my work 3 nights a wk, my manager also feeds them if they come into the steakhouse and ask for food, I take my kids and let them donate toys & clothes that they pick out themselves from their own stuff so they can see the importance of helping other children, & how very fortunate they are, we go pick up pizzas and drop them is not a lot but we are only one small family and we do what we can, because prior to having our kids about 15 yrs ago myself and my husband had to live in our car for a couple months because his job closed down and we couldnt make it..he got a new job and we saved until we could put our incomes together to get a place again, but in the mean time we still had our carpayment and insurance and phones and other bills so we couldnt waste money on hotels it was unrealistic- but we came up and then got pregnant with our son and since then every yr life gets a little better! we now have 3 kids and we both work and have 2 cars and all the bills that come along with a family and a house, we have gotten better at saving and are so happy to have survived our struggles, but it humbled us, helped us realise what was most important & made us appreciate everything- it is not something we ever thought would happen to us but bam! It did! If more people came together and just helped 1 homeless family a day can you imagine the difference it would create- I am not saying it will change the world but it will sure help make it a better one! I love this idea, I see some people questioning how they will know if it is going to the right place or cause- this is one of those times you just have to do it it out of the goodness of your heart and hope the reciever is a true humanitarian! All good things come back to you! As long as you do it for the right reasons! I dont need meals or help- I just wanted to share my views/story and what we do to help, and just add that I love how this platform brings the world together...I love it! Surprises me daily!

I would like to commend this generous offer you are giving us, because not everyone that has, really care about the indigent.
I live in a not so poor community in Nigeria, but after a recent outbreak of lassa fever in the area, good food has been had to come by.
Me and my friends take out some week days once in a while to share some food that are contributed from other communities. The food is never enough though and we only wish we could do more to alleviate the sufferings of these affected individuals.
Thanks @damarth because I have once been a beneficiary of your kindness.
This one day a meal program could the reason an extra child does not go to bed hungry.
Thanks in appreciation of your help.

@damarth, thanks for this opportunity.
This life eh.
Have been trying to raise help for people affected with leprosy (PAL) but nothing.
👇 👇

The people that needs our help sir, are in no way here on Steemit, not at all, they are out there.
I as an individual believe so much in volunteerism and after graduation last year from the department of biochemistry, I joined different programs that are involved in volunteerism.
Yesterday aur-clinic outreach,(ACOF) did an awareness campaign on cancer in a secondary, community and trust me, the students were so much delighted with what they heard.
Am yet to write in details.

Also, I was asking, not asking begging a curator in my country to resteem my post so alot of people can see it and might get interested but nothing, only a friend I met on discord did so for me.
What a world.

In essence, I am set 100% to go anywhere anytime to help people out there.
Poverty is not in Steemit, Steemit platform has given so many people opportunity to wealth.
Those in needs are out there, yes they are and they need help.

Tomorrow Sunday, we (medical students of the University of uyo) are going to visit the people affected with leprosy, just to assist in what we can.




I wrote something for you.
Would share in due time.
Having phone issues.
But lemme thank you first and tell you that on Sunday we visited the hospital of the PAL(p
Persons affected with leprosy) and It was a success.
Thanks so so much

Hi @damarth,,,

Thank you for giving opportunity to the people who need it.

Hopefully through this very social post can be a hope that has been expected by everyone. Steemit has become the biggest part of my life. In my area aceh many users of this incredibly incredible platform.

Even I have built a small community that originated from my family and close friends so that users who enter the steemit platform through me can be directed in managing this incredible platform.

You can see my post about introducing themselves here. I aim, through this platform can change the economy of everyone for the better. even my own through my sister account @bawangmerah230 hire delegates around 4000 sp so that the community can be passionate in writing their work. now it's about 20 more people who join through me.

They are people who do not know how to work. but I hope through this platform can give us a good economy.

Maybe, in my opinion sp delegation is the best thing that can help many people as long as, everyone can be patient and firm in managing this platform.

by, @boyasyie

I must commend you for this movement.
But life is funny.
Which steemian will say he doesn't have a meal in a day when they get paid for posting every day at least 0.5$ a day.
C'mon, now sir you posted and come see the flock of messages, all for upvote.
The last time you posted something on share your thoughts, I never came for the upvote or for myself, but for someone @magdnrobinson. He is doing a good work in volunteerism.

Now the actual people that needs this help are not on Steemit sir, no not one bit, they don't even know how to make use of the internet let alone but data bundles.

This is my own thoughts.

This post made me recall the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations wherein they are doing every way possible in order to solve those issues humans are suffering for decades now.

Their target is to make a change for everyone and live a better life in the year 2030.

If we noticed the first four goals refers to poverty, hunger, good health and well-being and lack of education.


I believe one of the major reasons why people remains poor is the lack of education. When we are educated we can always find good paying job that could address the financial needs of the family.

I may not experience a one day meal in my lifetime but my family did experienced having difficulty in buying for food because there was no more money.

I remember when we get the chance to loan a 1 sack of rice, my parents used to divide it to the rest of their married children and those people who are dependent to them.

That is why I appreciate them for having a big heart, that even in hardships they still think of the welfare other people.

Another, I considered funny thing that I could think in order to eradicate poverty is for the rich to share part of their wealth to the least of their brothers and sisters.

They may be outdone certainly in number by those people who are in poverty line but if all of them will share, perhaps such action could at least curtail the percentage of those who are suffering and dying of hunger by a considerable number.

Funny but I wish I am rich so I could help in a maximum level.

Nice initiative there @Damarth, the world could definitely use more people who think with their heart rather than their wallet. I'm a skeptic at heart and throughout my life I haven't really done much for anyone but myself. A few years ago a lot of things changed in my life and I've now had the pleasure of giving a bit back to those who needs it, both through supporting various help groups but also through volunteer work in the Philippines with @iwanderela.
Recently I had an interaction with @sharonomics that opened my eyes to what I can do on steemit to help other steemians out. I don't have a huge SP yet or a lot of followers that I can resteem to but I've put up a giveaway to share whatever I got with someone who needs it.
I know it's not close to feeding a hungry soul in the real world, but taking baby steps here, it'll come :)

hi,damarth , first of all , i will say thank you for your contribution to the steemit community all the time. With your encouragement, I will cherish the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on this platform. It can also help those who need our help to give my upvote . every day i am very happy to share my thoughts with steemians , that's really good feeling . i wish our world is getting better and better and our life is colourful and meaningful. thanks again for your always support . let's move ahead !

I am a public school teacher in the Philippines and there are so many cases of malnutrition among our students. The culprit -- poverty and lack of opprtunities to earn. In our school, we initiated a feeding program for all students who are malnurished. We always look for stakeholders and sponsorship to support this program. At the moment we have around 80 students whom we feed everyday, and the number is growing. Although many politicians have already pledged to help, we are not closing our doors for other sponsorships, especially from my fellow Steemians.

Its great to see that someone still exists out here who really is sincere enough to know that many persons are trying to be creative for the purpose of making money here on steemit. If it means anything to you, I would gladly say, that I for one am really proud of you sir @damarth. Food and water are most essential to our continuity as living things. Yet, in my country and many other places in the world, people see more of blood and tears than water. Excuse me to point out the fact that there is enough water at supply units but not enough good will and good hearts to pour water out to every one. Steemit my friend has brought good will to my life and the lives of those I have introduced this to. Although I haven't been active, and haven't made much from it because I started few weeks to the resumption to my final year session studying a gruesome course as architecture, for the fact that my pals are making it big and upgrading their standard of living from this, are testaments of hope for a better yet. In my dialect sir, "osanobua a kpa uwe" @damarth. I pray for more humans like you to spring up and fuel initiatives and innovations. My best friend @yourmercury(He'll kill me) is an exceptional singer. He was a very shy one too and a poor shy one at that (I'm dead). He never sang to people he never went to a studio he never sang to a guitar in his life not until December wen he joined steemit and the open mic did my friend man up and sang to a video recorder and even won on the open mic contest. Now he sings every week and has got finally a good phone and some cool wears lol. My point, the fact that he was appreciated in text and cryptos was a driving force to this boy's commitment to creativity. I'm glad that there is this platform and that there are persons like you on this platform. Tomorrow morning when you wake up from bed, look at your mirror and know that you just fed many persons who probably would have eaten less or something else or non at all. Your are the man @damarth. God bless you.

Regards Regards to all, from the entrance to the community to Steemit I thought it was the country where I come from (Venezuela) who was in a social crisis, in the absence of food, education and quality medical assistance, but I have seen under several testimonies that many countries are under the same condition.

Sad to see how humanity is self-destructing.

Gentlemen we must be guarantors and participate in the help of our neighbor, remember Jesus Christ did not send us to love our neighbor as ourselves

@damarth we thank you from the heart that you are the one of the GREAT EXAMPLE, you are worthy of admiration.

And I join your work "ONE FOOD A DAY"

Obviously this concept is like assuring the common Man who does manbwho does not have the certainty of feeding well at least a day meal, back here in Africa thw hunger is so much in countries like Somalia and Zimbabwe,

However I contribute mly own quota in the little way I can certainly.

Your cause is example certainly, and believe me, I'm in support of your selflessness.

Thanks for your help @damarth, as very many people need, you can help through the internet with the steemit.
I really hope for you, do not ever orangutans people who need you.
The world knows, you are someone who is needed in steemit.
On this earth are now very much still lack of food, they do not know where to look.
Thank you for @damarth who has helped all the people of steemit users.
Because the internet is now a very good way to communicate with all countries, including with you @damarth.

This is a really nice initiative @damarth . I was priviledged to be part of a project in 2016 that help feed homeless children on the streets and this was a really great initiative as we could all see the joy on their faces. Some could not express their gratitude in words but I could see the burdens that we lifted off their shoulders by just providing a meal for these people. From the pregnant mothers to the little children, everyone was able to benefit in one way or another. I most definitely would love to do something like that this year as there is no end to charitable works. We all need each other to survive and I am in full support of this "a meal a day" project. Nothing trumps genuine charity and care. The world is not a very good place but if we try in our little capacities then I am sure we can make a difference..

In this place called life, God would awaays put
people like you Sir to represent him here on earth. God bless you... "A meal a day"

Am part of a small charity group with my friends called "the smile campaign". We do the best best we can to help the less privileged.
This is myself when we went to share clothes and shoes for beggars. Screenshot_20180205-152008.jpg

A big thank you to @damarth for the support .. You are indeed kind and I hope your kindness won't be taken for granted .. I promise to donate the payout from the upvote in my comment to the needy I see everyday that beg for food outside different eateries and also in the street and I will report with proof .. We should all take advantage of this initiative to contribute to the welfare of the helpless in our society.. A change starts with each and every one of us so let us do the little we can

you have got usually been the top rewarder and encourager, i was almost in tears reading that men testomony and testimony, nicely the arena is this sort of small place and steemit had made it smaller.

With loads of love from humans like you hundreds of guide and lots of have escaped the pangs of poverty infact many houses and terrible nations have enjoyed the benevolence of this platform.

As for me, been suffering tough to pay my payments in university, do not dropped out for a year, it was difficult, this time it's higher, i've pretty enough to pay right here.

you are an extraordinary character pal, I don't know you too much, but your works have told me what I really must recognise.

Thank you so much for this post @damarth .Do not forget to do good and share your hand, because such sacrifices pleasing God. " We must not forget to "do good", that is, to help others, as well as "share our possibilities". For example, parents of wise parents can teach their children to help in their daily work with the elderly, write a card to a sick person, go to visit or telephone to be supportive and take care of other poor or sick children. So children learn to be kind and generous every day of the year...

Damarth! You are a blessing to steemit and to the world. You have helped lives on steemit and I am a testimony to that.

A report from the guardian news paper on August 18th 2017 says that

61% Nigerians live below one dollar per day.
This is just crazy. How can a human live below $1. $1 is not even enough to eat a good meal and some Nigerians cannot afford a dollar. Our nigerian government do not have the interest of the people at heart. Every day I see young children and adults roaming the streets begging for food and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. I wish I had enough steem power and influence on the steemit platform to start a project hete on steemit that has a sole aim of generating funds for the less privileged on the streets of Nigeria.

Even though my steem power and influence is quite low I would still use the little I have to generate funds for the people. I want to see a Nigeria where every children can go to school and not beg on the streets because of the corrupt government officials.

I would use steemit to put food on the table of the less privileged. I stand with you on this @damarth.

Steemians if you need help from us, if you don't have a meal a day, simply comments on my daily ONE MEAL A DAY post and hopefully you will get upvotes from steemit community.
I am solidly behind this.Even though I have a low Steem power I would upvote everyone that drops a comment about not having food to eat. I must join my mentor @damarth on this great initiative.

Your steem power may be low but your actions are great.

I am very fond of hearing about the post @damarth, because the world is now too many people who are hungry and have no money to buy food for everyday, and money is very hard to find, because the job vacancy, which is hard to find, and in the presence This steemit, hopefully able to make money in this steemit, if I am wrong answer I apologize @damarth.

To save our community and even our world at large, we should all endeavor to reach out to the poor and hopeless, and also, show the confused and downtrodden the right paths. Ever since I joined the Steemit community, I can proudly beat my chest that I have helped people out of dire situations, not just introducing them to Steemit to make their labour finally pay, but aid the hopeless with valuables they need; As the saying goes, ‘Doing good pays for the future in many ways’. Once again thanks @damarth for this wonderful opportunity.

This platform is indeed any such top notch possibility! It adjustments many peoples existence completely, by giving them the exchange to help their research or simply giving them a way to explicit themself!
beautiful minds have become connected with every different and share the love, joy and happiness. The fantastic vibes are anywhere around. i've seen agencies of steemians collectively, and it's far slightly viable to look them more excited about something else than steemit! I feel this may be my blessing of 2018, our blessing.

@Damarth I must say i've been following you for quite sometime and I must say that your selflessness and consideration for others are out of this world.
It's a priviledge to have kind souls like yours on this platform.
That said, I am willing to participate in this brilliant initiative


Thank you , i hope we can make a difference all together.


I might not be hungry but i know some people around me that definitely lack priviledge of eating barely a square meal a day.
It always touches me so deeply and very recently i used some of my little steemit earnings to give Ahmad and his sibling Rasheed- from a very poor home a decent meal.
I just vowed to give any earnings that comes out of this post to the people i know that can't afford a decent meal.

IMG_20180203_143449.jpgits a very nice thing.
If we all are conscious and work spiritually then the beautiful world will be.there are still maney poor people in the world with whom we stand to stand by.we have to go ahead eith our conscience and intellect.i agree with your thoughts.and i want participate in here

Really, this is a good intention, but am a little bit unconfortable with it. Please don't get me wrong, it is good to be of help to the needy. My fear, Humans nature are deceptive sometime, I pray this opportunity will not be abused by some greedy people.Anyways, it is a nice concept if people will not abuse the opportunity.

This initiative is wonderful. We need each other to end this plague called famine and steemit could raise a voice in the cryptosphere that will resound and make positive impact in our world. I will follow up on this initiative. I will like to engage it for a motherless children home in my area. I hope this "ONE DAY A MEAL" will be a tagged or to make it visible in the steemit ecosystem, just my thought

I have no words to say thanks to you that what you are performing and what are you doing for poor families and all that. This is a great work which is not done by everyone's but those who have kind heart and passion to do something for people, they are real hero in my opinion.

You have given a really new concept and I didn't see liek this post anywhere on any social platform where people doing like this. I also suffered with same condition which you raised today.

I'm belong to a family who can't get some money to pay my educational fee then how can they get me a good food. I worked hard after my classes to earn some food to feed and money to pay my fee.

You don't know how much I'm happy after reading your above post an drew thanks to the man who give you such a nice idea to help needy people.

I want to participate in your contest which is One meal a day because I'm thinking I'm deserving to participate in this. This is why I joined steemit few days ago. Thanks again for your support ❤️

@damarth I’ve a good idea but it should be helped by some big communities .

If we design a website in such a way it is affiliated to amazon and some other online shopping 🛒 sites . If all the people of the community buy things from that website , we can generate the affiliate money and we can serve to the poor people who do not have one meal a day . This idea is mine and striked when I saw hunger death in my country . Hope the idea can be worked out with some determined people .
I sincerely admire you work @damarth for serving the poor and showing humanity still exists in the world .


I am sure if someone actively help the poor on the ground and proove what they do, steemit community will help voting.

This is really great @damarth i am so happy to discover steemit which has been a source of help to my financial struggle. I am young and unmarried but i have a family to take care of, and gladly when i felt all roads were blocked, i discovered steemit, at first it sounded too good to be true but here i am today, free from financial struggle. I hope many other people get to know about steemit and i would be a channel to help the less privilege by introducing them to this great platform. Thanks steemit, thanks @damarth

Poverty does no longer simplest exist on thirdworld united states however it exists eberywhere due to the fact those who have extra, want extra and people that have no longer, do not have the understanding and education, the possibilities or the assist had to climb out of the pit of poverty. also, a few do not have the attitutude or the inducement to strive. I grew up in a very small community in the Philippines. We knew we did not have a lot of factors, we knew we couldn't have the whole thing we wanted or wanted, however till moving to Cebu at age 7, I didn't recognize we had been poor. I notion absolutely everyone lived through the crops they grew, animals they raised and different matters they labored or traded for. some human beings do now not consider they're poor because they have got what they want to live on and experience that this is sufficient. except the wealthy hold getting richer and want to take it with them or provide it to their youngsters who won't recognize it and/or do not deserve it. And i might as an alternative have my soul than promote it for wealth and electricity.
we just need to awareness into our goals in life and deliver everything to it.. Our excellent, sweat, time, love and attitude.

I am wholeheartedly willing to participate sir! Anything we can do?
Someday, if I grown here i will follow your foot steps. The willingness to help others is too good to be true. It touches my heart that someone here is still considering others, even us such a newbies here. Youre one of our greatest inspirations here. Your good deed will be our guide to be able to succeed in here and help others in need too. Its our pleasure to be part of your advocacy. This is such a great idea! <3

I discovered steemit last October approved last November and made a decent post this month. My friend told me @jacinta.sevilla that it can be possible to achieve happiness, fullfillment and financial freedom in this community. She mostly make some artworks, deep and detailed ones. As a teacher, being paid like thrice than the minimum wage but I cant even save a penny nor spoil myself a decent double shot espresso at a local coffee shop. All of my salary goes to my debts. I got a car accident last 2016 and a major cyst operation. I spent 2017 paying my debts. I startting to ask myself if am I unlucky or just ungrateful. Everything is routinary. Safe yet boring. Nothing motivates me waking up from my bed. I wear a decent uniform but I walk without dignity. I love teaching but I fell harder on arts. Since during in childhood it was my firstlove. Parents told me to secure something on your plate rather than your emotions. People see art just a way to express. But for me art is everything and art is everywhere. One of my post earned around 70 sbd . In the place where I leave it cant even earn a dollar. Steemit made me HUMAN again. Now I am decided to persue my passion into action. I am forever grateful to steemit and its supportive community. Might quit my job and try to live more.

this is the only platform where we share our stories and our feelings does not matter what type of feeling we shared. in above comment of langford shared a great views about her sister achievement and i appereciate you that you select one of the best comment from your post and make it your post you are one of the best steemer which give a new conncept to other steemers to appereciate people on steemit.

that is outstanding of you @damarth. You continually have a manner of putting smile on humans's face. earlier than I came on Steemit some weeks ago i was suffering to take care of myself but now at least i'm able to afford a meal an afternoon.
given that i have come to Steemit, with the little i have I can purchase my own meal, however I ought to want to assist this poor little children round me. some of them comes to highschool with empty stomach, torn out garments, unkempt hair. If wish to help them and with my stay right here on Steemit, i'll help them in each small manner i will.

when i used to be a instructor, i exploit to frown at fellow teachers who beat kids who got here to school with out brushing their mouth. I think we as instructors ought to display small love through shopping for tooth brush and teeth paste to those children and notice if they will still come to high school with out brushing. This little act of kindness will make the world cross round. thank you ...

One day, a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family. On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, "How was the trip?"
"It was great, Dad."

"Did you see how poor people live?" the father asked.

"Oh yeah," said the son.

"So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?" asked the father.

The son answered, "I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden, and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden, and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard, and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on, and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us; they have friends to protect them."

The boy's father was speechless.

Then his son added, "Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are."

very useful for the information you provide, hopefully I get upvotes that memyaskan of you all, thanks.!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful writing with @longford and supporting it @damarth

Unfortunately, what you say is true. The world is a ruthless place. A lot of people are hungry. Some people are adding fortune to their wealth. Politicians talk about the per capita income. Is this ridiculous because there are so many poor people there are so many per capita income? Why do people keep being selfish? A shoe, an hour, why a shoe is paid so high. That money is spent on the annual dinner requirement of 10 people in Africa. Syrian people fleeing from war. The world keeps turning while starving. This is not really just. This world is really a ruthless and unjust place. @longfourd brother wishes your wishes happen. You can help people. I hope everyone can get this up to you.

One meal a day, is a great idea, we cant keep for that one person to change all, it starts with us...

Wow.... This is a challenge and i'll love to participate in this. I am in Lagos, Nigeria and we have so many people, especially little children roaming about on the streets, some begging for food, some drinking and smoking.

You can imagine a little child of 7 years smoking. Children of nowadays really need help and its in Unity that we can help these people. Thanks for this orientation @damarth ... You are a great leader and influence.

Well its a great initiative... By Gods Grace we have enough to feed ourselves and feed others who don't have money for meal.. We continue giving away meals to poor people... But I guess the people who don't have money to eat don't have internet access either. In fact about 40% of population of Pakistan consists of people who don't have money for meal...

That's a great idea @damarth, there so many poor people in the world today.The steemit ecosystem is a great place to be in. I haven't seen a platform that brings the world together. Different people from different races have come together for the growth of this community.

You have always been the top rewarder and encourager, I was nearly in tears reading that guys testament and testimony, well the world is such a small place and steemit had made it smaller.

With loads of love from people like you loads of support and many have escaped the pangs of poverty infact many homes and poor countries have enjoyed the benevolence of this platform.

As for me, been struggling hard to pay my bills in college, don't dropped out for a year, it was hard, this time it's better, I have quite enough to pay here.

You're an amazing person buddy, I don't know you too much, but your works have told me what I really should know.

Thanks @damarth sir!
The one meal a day weight loss plan promotes fast weight loss through restricting the time of day during which you eat and the number of meals you eat in a day. This type of diet has different forms, such as intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting, or eating only one meal a day.

Eating one dinner a day can enable you to restrain your calorie consumption, regardless of whether you're checking calories or not. While weight reduction calories shift, generally going from 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day, you may experience serious difficulties eating every one of those calories in one dinner. In the event that you can get more fit on a higher number of calories, however, it could be considerably more troublesome - and not exceptionally sensible - to eat them all at one sitting.

Eating less than as far as possible - 1,200 calories for ladies and 1,800 for men - may make you shed pounds speedier, yet it puts you in danger for supplement inadequacies, particularly in the event that you take after this eating design as time goes on. Dropping weight too quick more often than not brings about loss of muscle and water, notwithstanding fat. Losing muscle may cause a reduction in vitality levels and increment your danger of recapturing the weight later. Furthermore, eating excessively couple of calories may moderate your digestion, making it harder for you to drop weight.

Every human being must have a sense of responsibility, where the sense of responsibility must be tailored to what we have done

Thanks @damarth

What I love, I do not know today. I do not have any wish or not. It is astonishing that sometimes, when I wake up in the deep night, I hear the voice of the unreal, I see the mythical scene. Break the silence of the night and roar in my ears, There is no sea on the back.
If I do not have the moon in the sky and I see the full moon, I can recognize every star in the sky in the clouds. And on some other days, when a well-lit air is heard, first you can hear the name of a musical instrument, a beautiful melody, then whoever sings sweet melody more than the birds of the dawn

Do not think we're floating in the sea at night,
A melodious tune to flutter in the lake, so that
I can talk whispered with you ..........

Helping the poor is very noble
You are a really wonderful person
Poverty in my country is very much I love to help them all u

you are lucky man

God bless you @damarth. I am thankful to God that I can afford food.

I am one of the lucky ones.

The internally displaced people that have trooped into the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, because of the insurgency in the North are not so lucky.

To contribute my quota, I help by giving alms when I can. The truth is that the economic situation in Nigeria is not friendly and everybody is struggling.

I believe it will get better as far as we help one another. Thank you for your help. You inspire me to help people with the little I have.

God bless you.

thanks for your assist @damarth, as very many people want, you may help thru the net with the steemit.
I simply wish for you, do not ever orangutans folks who want you.
the sector is aware of, you are a person who is needed in steemit.
on this earth are now very an awful lot still lack of food, they do no longer recognise in which to look.
thanks for @damarth who has helped all of the human beings of steemit users.
because the net is now a superb way to talk with all international locations, together with with you

Is great @damarth, I love your efforts for community.

Great initiatives to help people in need @damarth. Respect you for that. But how can we know whether we are helping genuine people? There may be people writing fake comments just to make quick bucks.
We can start by spreading and empowering all the Steemians so that they can help each other and also help others. My point of view about Powering up on Steemit and how we can help ourselves and others and also help the platform grow.

Amazing amazing post @damarth.
You saw the post and felt for him, but we grew up together as best of friends. Lol you could imagine how I would feel and how I have always felt. Not just a one day feelings but it’s just a daily routine.
This guy is an amazing fellow and a strong man, a man who never gives up in anything he’s doing.
I believe I can tell you more about him because he’s my brother from another mother.
This is a guy we both strive together even when my father ran and left my mom as I said in the earlier comments before, this man never stops encouraging me. Even with his hard condition he was going through.
But today am happy he’s living a happy life.
And if he’ll permit me to say this, a major contributor to his life today is steemit.


  • Pays his fees on his own
  • takes care of his younger ones
  • even help me Pay some of my bills before introducing me to steemit.
  • always talks about assisting his mom
  • wear good clothes
  • bought a good phone
  • took the responsibilities of his elder sisters child

What more can I say... am so happy to see this post from you @damarth.

This is the man6A179045-D5FF-451C-8157-2362CAF4C1DC.jpeg

This can be used to encourage other young steemians.


Steemit change my fate too!

Before starting my story, I would like to introduce myself first. I am degree student which taking Economics course at local university(Sg) currently. Before I knew Steemit, I was about to stop studying my degree and go for a work in order to pay my school fees.

Luckily, I discovered Steemit on Jun last year and start blogging. I start to earn money myself when I am studying. As time goes on, I was able to make a few thousand bucks and I changed my mind. I am not going to work anymore, because Steemit provides me an awesome platform to earn some money after school!

I am so appreciate to Steemit as it totolly changed my fate!

I am indeed really surprise and amazed at work I'm going into

Wow. This is really a great idea. I have always wanted to do this especially for those women whose husbands have eloped leaving them helpless; with kids to fend for and no job at hand....

Unfortunately, I sincerely don't know where to even start from.

Telling them to join steemit isn't an option either because they don't even have phones talk more of having access to the internet...

At this point, its more like my heart eats me up seeing them on the streets begging...

For these kind of people..
A meal a day would go a long way to help but then another question comes up...

For how long will they depend on the "meal-a-day"..

The perfect solution would've been the government creating jobs for these kinds. Sadly, the nation is not even health enough to stand on it's own....

But we are still hoping for the best and hoping for a change especially to the hungry children on the streets...

In the mean time..
Thank you @damarth for touching lives in the little way you can

I've read @lagford full commentary, when he commented your post. I always objective to inequality. We all are humans. Why so humans divided both parties of rich and poor. Any time to spend for poorer to help them. They want to basically foods, sanitary facilities, if kids- school bags, books, pencils etc... If nations join together under the one organization we can change the world seriously. I have no longer wealth facility. But I gave only 05 kids choosing any year to share books, pens, bags and other necessary things. Its really happy to me. Thanks for giving me opportunity here.

Thank you @damarth for giving us this platform to share our experiences. You are really a positive influence to us. I greatly appreciate to your work .

you a real robin hood friend....
you have a very good're a good person I just want to say this @damarth

If there is a way to get this 'meal a day' to children here in Nigeria it would be great... The current administration promised a meal a day during campaign... You need to see the rubbish it has become.

If only the government here would grow a heart... Or borrow from steemians out to change the world

This is a great development @damarth.
But the problem is most of these people that don't have access to food would hardly have access to the internet. For a country like Nigeria where internet is one of the most expensive commodity. Only we the average and rich people have access to the internet ...
I bleive its all left to everyone of us to go out there n save at least a life in our various communities

I come from a public school where everyone is not particularly financially buoyant. I plan on using the


to assist the needy around me

This platform is indeed this kind of first rate opportunity! It adjustments many peoples life absolutely, by way of giving them the change to help their studies or just giving them a way to specific themself!
beautiful minds have become connected with each other and share the love, joy and happiness. The fine vibes are anywhere around. i've seen agencies of steemians together, and it's far barely feasible to peer them greater enthusiastic about some thing else than steemit! I sense this may be my blessing of 2018, our blessing.

Great idea, I wish you all the success with this project.

In Benin city where I school, I will like to help the kids that roam the city's ring road. There are lots of kids that can be found there by the roadside in tattered clothes, begging and holding unto strangers until they give them mere change or send them away forcefully.
It is really sad and depressing when I see this and sometimes or most times I wish I could do more for them if I had the opportunity.
One time, an NGO I am a part of took it upon ourselves to feed some of them but limited by resources and funds, the food could not go round and they ended up fighting for it. While this is a sad and depressing event, it happens so very frequently.
So I just want to say in conclusion that I would if given the opportunity use half of the sbd won to feed the kids