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RE: The Importance of Being Wild: A Short History of Wild Things

in #life3 years ago

After that, I think I'll never say that I'm wild person. I always describe that like sometimes that I don't have ''clean'' mind, my mind is always thinking, working. And I am also pretty hyperactive. But from you post, I see it like somehow bad. Maybe mine ''wild'' word is different than yours. :D


Your wildness @dadazler is super cool... 😋 Keep it unleashed for us in steemit and let's keep it wild....

There's nothing wrong with being wild. :) It's a good thing most of the time.

I'm wild but also organized. I'm hyperactive but I can stay focused on my work or any other serious stuff. I can be both. Well, dunno, I don't want to categorize myself. I am one crazy wild super serious kid.

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