Father Ramblings #009: Weekend Fun with Dry Ice

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Dear Steemians,

Whenever I get dry ice from a delivery package, I like to have fun with it with the kids, mixing the dry ice with water, to create a mysterious witch-cauldron smoke.

So I wonder why this happens? I guess this is where my science degree could have come in handy, had I remembered most of the stuff I learned in college (sigh).

After reading up on the internet, I will spare you guys the trouble of looking for that information. One major warning about dry ice though is that dry ice is ridiculously cold (double the cold of regular ice). It is so cold that it will "burn" off your skin, so watch out and be careful with it!

The reason why dry ice creates this smoke and fog is precisely because of this coldness. Because the dry ice is so cold, adding water, which is so much warmer, instantly converts the ice into carbon dioxide and water vapor. I'm sure many of you will see this once October rolls around and Halloween festivities are underway!

Have a good one!

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In our case, this will be one of the fun things to do with the grandkids. We haven't so far, but they are getting to be old enough to where keeping their hands safe isn't like herding cats anymore!

My daughter is not yet 2, but I think one perk of being the younger sibling is that you learn so much from the older brother. In our case, rather than play with the hands, we made it fun so that our kids could take turns blowing out the fog.

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