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RE: Remembering How to Read: A Few Tips

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I confess I'm one of the people you describe as having modified her brain into that search for fast and easy comfort. Even though I like to think and read, my brain refuses to do it unless I force it to. I've used Steemit a lot for this. I for one write poems, so I also travel the poetry tag and read poems and comment on them. Sometimes, I use the poems on Steemit to inspire myself to write my own lol. So I post them as comments and then post them as full posts. It feels like cheating sometimes but it works lol.

Right now I'm reading my first e-book in some months. I'm very proud. Steemit helped me achieve this. I don't think I could have achieved it on my own. I even go to the gym and exercise, I spend time away from the screen, but I was accustomed to not thinking, to talking to people, to finding quick satisfaction in my activities. Drawing a quick picture, writing a quick story.

After I finish this light e-book, I want to go for some classics. I hope my mind will let me. :)


What a great story! I'm so happy to hear you're back to reading and that Steemit helped you get there. Yes, please keep trying some other books too!

Make baby steps and that is great and I love ebooks.

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This is am amazing read! I really admire your desire to try and maintain a balance between the technological world and trying to remain grounded. I myself have found it hard to stay in control as there are so many distractions and attractions. I love watching movies, music videos and scrolling through social media. I also have a very short attention span and when it comes to actually reading a book its a challenge. I think that its easier for me to read when the book has pictures in them. I will follow the tips that you gave and see if I can improve. Thank you very much for this.