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Not Too Early And Not Too Late Type Of A Schedule

My dialysis on Fridays is usually placed on the first set which is in the wee hours of the morning, 4:30 AM to be precise but my mother would wake-up at 2:00 AM so that we could prepare to leave, I myself would have to get up from my bed at around 2:30 AM because with my kind of condition it takes time for me to finish up especially if I am in pain and waterlogged already and at most I would finish-up cleaning my body after 45 minutes of pure hardship.

Just imagine pain, stiffness, and breathlessness rolled into one, it is not nice of a feeling so I would really be worried when the time comes for my bathroom use. A commode is out of the question for now because I am not used to wiping my (you know what) when it is time to use the toilet while maybe I will be okay with sponge bath but I will not be liking it especially for a creature of a habit like myself.


While Everyone Is Still Sleepi'n We Are Already Rolli'n

It is in my prayers that my health issues would improve and not get worse so that I will not get into going all through my worries as told and would really hate it if finally someone would be the one bathing me. So if I still can do it then I will do it by myself. The key is just to take my time, not rushing it and be brave when I am in the bathroom and keeping to secure myself with my footing so as not to slip and break a bone or two.

Well I would be delighted to slip, break my neck, and die than to suffer a broken bone that who knows if it would ever heal particularly for a patient like me which has bones that leaches Calcium more than it absorbs. The Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 again would play a crucial role in my effort to try and reverse the bone de-mineralization and improve my joint pain issues so with all that I wanted people who are concerned about my welfare to pray for me so that it will add more possibility for me to have my life improved.


I Am Always Praying For My Bones To Stop Its De-mineralization So My Pain Would Stop Too

Anyway, I am set to get dialyzed tomorrow at 9:30 AM God-willing so hopefully we would be able to come home while there is still light. What I like about the schedule is that at least my parents would get an ample rest and not get headaches from getting up at the wee hours of the morning. While the schedule set after that which is 2:30 PM is still okay but a bit late especially for me that is waterlogged already.

Secondly I would be able to have the crispy-fried pork meal with some rice seasoned with soy sauce which I really like eating because the store/restaurant that serves it opens late at around 10:00 AM unlike if I am to be scheduled at 4:30 AM even the convenience store that I usually buy my meal would not have the meals ready at 6:30 which is a bit late because it would cause my to get my blood pressure to crash like what happened the last time.


I Get To Enjoy One Of My Favorite Dialysis Meals With This Kind Of Schedule

I do not like the weather today, it is cooler and doesn't help me with naturally diminishing my body fluids through perspiration unlike in "summer time" where I can indulge in drinking more fluids and get into my dialysis still light in weight which in turn will not cause me to backlog on the amount of fluids that has to be taken because my nurses are already set me to have a limit to me on how much fluids that they have to take. So in short I am not comfortable with a cooler weather and it is hard to cope or adjust because it is hard to control my fluid intake.

I will see if I can do something about my perspiration needs and maybe building myself with a place where I can spend some time by just sitting and perspiring for the sake of my well-being. But I will waste time there doing nothing which is a factor too that I have to factor-in. I do not know if I can make use of a suit for that matter but it seems weird but at least I can still work with a laptop. But it might work and maybe I can finally use my portable stove or even my alcohol stove so that I could boil water, make a steam, and direct the flow to a plastic jacket with a drain so that I could get a sauna bath here in the confines of my bed.


I Hvae To Have Something That Could Help Me Perspire So That I Won't get Filled-up With Fast With This Kind Of Weather Today Here In My Place



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