Diving into Intentional Communities

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“Lowly, unpurposeful, and random as they may appear, sidewalk contacts are the small change from which a city’s wealth of public life may grow.” -- Jane Jacobs

Ive recently stumbled upon the idea of intentional communities, and have been diving into researching the topic a little. Its interesting how these things function and how long some people live at these projects. One thing I see as the largest positive here is the strength of the community's.


I find it to be very interesting how sociability seems to poping up so much in things ive been intrested in lately.
"“...the fittest are not the physically strongest, nor the cunningest, but those who learn to combine so as mutually to support each other, strong and weak alike, for the welfare of the community.

The fittest are thus the most sociable animals, and sociability appears as the chief factor of evolution, both directly, by securing the well-being of the species while diminishing the waste of energy, and indirectly, by favouring the growth of intelligence.

Those species which willingly or unwillingly abandon it are doomed to decay; while those animals which know best how to combine, have the greatest chances of survival and of further evolution, although they may be inferior to others in each of the faculties enumerated by Darwin and Wallace, save the intellectual faculty.

...we maintain that under any circumstances sociability is the greatest advantage in the struggle for life.” (Peter Kropotkin 1902, n.p.)"

What do you think? If your interesting in conversations similar to these join our telegram group!


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Definitely some power in vocabulary, there's a documentary called the laungage of happiness that goes deeper into this concept studying a tribe that doesn't have certain things in their language

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