30 Days Of Discipline Day 13: Overcoming The Pain Of Day 10

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I just wanted to keep those of you who have been following, up to date on my 30 Days of Discipline program. We're about to finish week two and the routine is starting to kick in now, although there has been a mental hump to get over.

Day 10

I find that anytime I try and create a habit using the '30 Day' technique. I always find day 10 tough. It is probably not always the tenth day, but it is always on or around then.

Perhaps it's because the early euphoria brought on by embarking on a new challenge begins to subside around a week after you start.

Up until then the incremental change tactic works perfectly. You have been adding one rep to your exercise routine everyday. You have been keeping todo lists and being proactive. Not eating carbs before dinnertime.

Then all of a sudden you falter. You might miss an exercise slot and perhaps even you miss a day out, promising yourself to continue the next day.

The next day if you don't get straight back on that '30 Day' horse, and you miss another day. Chances are that will be the end of your challenge.

I know, I've done it before myself.

Pushing Through The Barrier

I've found that the only way you can push through this particular pain barrier, is to just remind yourself why you're doing it.

You are doing it because you want to bring a certain focus into your life. Whether that's because you feel you could be a bit fitter and healthier. Or that you want to be more organised and together. Or your just trying to stay positive and perhaps change your life around.

The fact is you're signed up to it because it is a hard thing to do. You are making the choice to change something about your life.

So what I do is I just chant my mantra to myself; Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

And yes, I do a President John F. Kennedy impersonation to myself as I say this. Then as I'm saying it to myself, I just get on with the program. Whether it's checking something off my to do list, meditating or exercise. Or writing down an idea.

The Rules

  • 30 Days Discipline must be practised at least 6 days a week (Sundays off). note: I've since modified this to 5 days a week due to family commitments!

  • Each day you must complete 100 pushups, 100 situps (choose variation), and 100 squats.

  • The exercises can be completed in however many sets of however many reps you want, e.g. 10 sets of 10 reps each. However whatever rep number you start on, you must add one per day to those reps.

  • Daily meditation, for as long as you like however you have to add one minute per day to the routine. Take this up to a practical level and then stop, so meditating for more than 30 minutes may not suit daily routine.

  • Cold showers/baths, the water can be tepid/lukewarm, however there must be one instance of cold, cold, cold!

  • No snacking.

  • No carbs before 6 p.m. protein only.

  • Carry a notepad around and write down ideas that come to mind.

  • Keep a rigorous todo list.


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Hello, Cryptogee. Your diet and exercise advice is excellent for those who want to maintain healthy. Presently, many people probably know how to maintain healthy but they are not willing to consistently discipline themselves to commit to do it. I myself can do diet part but not exercise part. However I will try your exercise guide. Thanks

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Your message is spot on for discipline and habits. My challenge is writing on Steemit at least once every day through the month of September and you're absolutely right - I also go through the "meh" phase because 10 or 11 days straight feels like quite an accomplishment. If you got that far you know you can do all 30 days, right? So, what's a day off going to hurt?

Well... I've ended lots of personal challenges because missing 1 day is forgivable but missing 2 days restarts the whole walk of shame so it feels like any accomplishment has been erased and then I look for "a good day" to launch another challenge.

The cure? I guess for me it would be Don't take a day off.

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nice photo and great worsd

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