The Happiest Day of My Life

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Marriage is a Transformative Experience

In the culture that I am from (on tv, radio, music and others), people are jaded about the institution of marriage. To be honest, I bought into the cliche that "it's just a piece of paper", "all that matter is that you love each other", etc.

As I grew older and got close to my 30's, I started to realize that a lifelong relationship is not only about being happy or being in love...but mostly about an unwavering commitment one another. Even when things get real tough, when kids don't sleep, when the other one is sick or when life really hits you with a curve ball that last for years.

I am lucky to have found a women that has unwavering commitment to our marriage.


I, take you, to be my wife (or husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy law, in the presence of God I make this vow.

Me and one of my groomsmen were talking the morning of the wedding. He is at the same stage in life as me and he shared with me how he would love to marry his girlfriend but that he would have to sell her on the benefit of doing so.

I said to him: Do you really want to be calling her your "girlfriend" for the rest of your life?

His face contorted and replied in disgust: "No...heck no!"

We laughed that we are now living in a world where it's us guys that have to convince women that marriage is a good thing.

Marriage is a Covenant not a Contract

Contract (n) an agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

Contracts are based on protection and mistrust. They allow the parties involved to look for loop holes and exist clauses, and are centered on your rights and protection.

The meaning of the term of the Old Testament word is bond; a covenant refers to two or more parties bound together in a way that they can't be separated. It is also a vow that you don't only take to each other but in front of your family, friends and community. They are there to keep us accountable to that covenant.

“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. - Matthew 19:4-6


Difference between a Contractual and Covenant Marriage

Contract: I take thee for me.
Covenant: I give myself to thee.

Contract: You had better do it!
Covenant: How may I serve you?

Contract: What do I get?
Covenant: What can I give?

Contract: I’ll meet you halfway.
Covenant: I’ll give you 100% plus.

Contract: I have to
Covenant: I want to



Simply put, I wanted to share with you the happiest day of my life. I'm just so excited because, we've just received these photos from our photographer that we have been waiting for...more than a month. So here are some of my favorite. Enjoy!











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That's beautiful @cryptoctopus! And sadly rare, in this strange world of "hookups" and "conditional commitments."

I'm older now (57), and blessed to be married to my best friend and someone I cannot imagine my life withOUT. And maybe there's something key in that, and it sounds like you have found the same... and someone who values the same thing as you do. Which matters... because there's a lot more to it than just "Gee, I love sandwiches, you love sandwiches-- let's get married!" don't mean to sound flip, but a lot of relationships seem to have little more basis than that...

Beautiful photos! I wish the two of you a long and beautiful life together, filled with YOUR version of happiness!

Yes it's very lovely!

getted emotional by reading these post!!!

wow congrats man!

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A beautiful story, and on this occasion I think that marriage is the duality of love. Only a fully ripe soul can truly love, and in this case love sees in marriage its highest reward and does not fade with a crown, but splashes its fragrant color more magnificently, as in the rays of the sun. Thank you @cryptoctopus and congratulations!

I don't meet many men that say that was the "happiest day" of their life. The smiles on your faces tell and express it all and I hope you can keep this bond going until heavens of the earth . I got married September 19 , 2016. And I can honestly say you are blessed , the amount of happiness I see here , God bless you with much much more

How young you are :)

A bride is beautiful, like an actress.


Gratz Cryptoctopus hope it will be marriage for all life :) you 2 are looking very well together and happy. Have you got videos from wedding? waiting for small cryptoctopus in future :) have a nice wedding vacation

You had a very large fairy tale wedding! I sincerely congratulate you on one of the main events in your life. You are a perfect couple. Your wife's face is filled with kindness and love.

I have known my husband for 14 years. And only 3 years ago we had our wedding. I was sure that a wedding is just a formal paper. Now I have a different opinion. Be happy!

What a beautiful and heartwarming story @cryptoctopus. I wish you two many many blessings and a wonderful journey together into the future. This brings back so many memories for me. I married my best friend and we are still so in love so many years later. We are more blessed than we realize, and I can see the love radiating from the photos. All the best to the two of you!

unwavering commitment one another, that was so beautiful put! Your family is beautiful and your wife was the most beautiful bride! Congratulations, God bless, and best of luck to your grooms man. I hope he can convince his future wife to marry him. I have no doubt with much prayer he will. Please share more about love, marriage and all your adventures. For these bring much joy to the community.

@cryptoctopus Thank you for sharing with us the most important day of your life. Everything looks beautiful! I love the little details and even how the bride's shoes and bridesmaids' dresses match! I thought what you said about men having to convince their girlfriends to get married was super funny! Unfortunately marriage is painted in the West as an institution rather as a blessed union. Wishing you and your beautiful bride happiness.

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Stay blessed my friend. Our stories are same in some manner. I am married to my childhood friend turned love now turned to my wife. It sure was,is and always remain the most happiest day of my life aswell. Who says dreams cant come true? I guess if we work for it.. nothing is impossible. Regards.

Congratulations! Looks like an amazing couple. Just celebrated 11 years myself.

These photos are Beautiful @cryptoctopus!!
I wish you two all the best :))
Could not agree more on everything you said about marriage and I'd like to add one thing to it: it's important to learn to compromise....talking from the experience of my 20 years of marriage ;-)

Awesome & i like the way you respond to things.
I would like to Follow you on Steemit.

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Congratulations....To a special couple who show that love can be true and forever. May your lives continue to grow in love and happiness together!

What amazing pictures! Mrs Cryptoctopus' dress was gorgeous. And what beautiful blue skies - it must have been fabulous.

A perfect first day of a long happy and healthy life together.

Congratulations x

Congratulations on the marriage of her may always happy to children and grandchildren

You're spot on about people being jaded about marriage. That said: Congratulations, @cryptoctopus! I have been in a relationship with the man for 12 years, with zero signs of marriage on the horizon. I think that I am ready to buy a house and become the crazy cat lady, only with puppies and a heck of a lot cleaner.
Thank you for sharing your joy and spectacular wedding day photos with us. My two favorites are the one where your wife is walking out the door and the last one of you two walking together. LOVE her blue shoes!
See ya next time,

Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your wonderful occasion with us. You two are a lovely couple. Best wishes for you and your wife in a lifetime of happiness. Ups and downs included. :)

God bless you and your wife with all the happiness in the world,

Really thankyou to share this post :) , so much love is needed in the world.


Marriage is definitely a covenant not a contract, congratulations and wishing you all the best and most importantly happiness in your future. Cheers and enjoy your weekend

Congratulation to both of you!

💞💞💞Congratulations @cryptoctopus...💞💞💞

I wish you all the best and happy and long lovely life to you and your wife..😊😍
Would like to see a cute baby soon..🤗
Have a great wedding vacation..👍👌
God bless you both..💐💐

She is beautiful, and you are stunning. I can feel the happiness shining on your face in the photographs. I really wish you two a blissful marriage, and the strength to love each other even in times of hardship.

You journey is only beginning. Tho i am still not bound by the covenant of marriage, I am romantic enough to look forward to that day. And seeing you and your wife's joyful complexions gives me happiness in on itself.

Congratulations on your wedding a month ago. I wish you now a joyful honeymoon month(s) and maybe The Good News next year? hahaha

So cute couple! Nice to see you in marriage dress.. Yes, you have mentioned some real facts of marriage.. Why we need a company.. to decorate our life more beautifully.. Good luck to your happy married life... Thanks for sharing about your happiest day of life... when you meet the beautiful lady as your betterhalf..

Congratulations, a beautiful couple, especially the bride!!

What can I say other than congratulations! 👏👏

Perfect couple. Both of you are looking awesome. God bless you both. Wish you a very Happy Married life.

Congratulation !!!!!

Huge congratulations to you!

@crytoctopus nice article and truly said things . I would like to add that husband and wife are two wheels of same car if one doesn't work the other has to stop , so its all about taking care of each other, trusting each other . Happy marriage life. upvoted !

I have a new article and its true story I hope you like it thanks

Happy Marriage life @cryptoctopus wish you more love and blessings in your marriage. you got grate and beautify picture there.

wow very nice..happy wedded happy and loved :)

Wow ...congratulations, so nice to share it in Steemit. Blessings to your new family

Congratulations to you @cryptoctopus ...blessings from me in Jamaica

Wish you a very happy married life! :D

What a nice couple! You two look awesome @cryptoctopus! I wish you a long and happy marriage!

Thank you for posting this lovely moment in time for you and your wife @crytoctopus.

Every photograph a beautiful representation of that day.

Very sobering and respectful post of God's design for marriage.....He invented marriage.....God knows best.

Wishing you and your wife all the best. Cheers.

congratulations , maybe we should have a blockchain with smart contracts for marriage now


Now this I dont see everyday, but none the less its a good thing, I hope your years together will be long and fruitful ;) Support each other everyday and build each other up.

Beautiful. Congratulations man! Best wishes all the way from Asia :)

I congratulate you on good taste. Wife beauty.

More power to you

Yeeeeeeeees! Congratulations. May God bless your journey as a man as wife.
Marriage is a covenant, not a contract this is so true!
While I​ was reading this post I​ thought back to my own marriage.

One of​ the best days in life.
I wish both of you all the best, much much blessing.

It will be a tough journey but a beautiful one.

Congratulations @cryptoctopus
Wish You a great conjugal life. I wish you have a many more happiest day in your life.

Your best days will be all the days you spend with her. Congratulations!

Those are some great photos - made me feel as being part of it.

Congratulation and wish happy and long marriage life with lots of kids :)

Congratulation and love the great pics of the joyous moments :)

This is wonderful, congratulations both of you! Husband and wife are not two but actually a merger of two souls that together face the hardships of life and at the same time, love each other without any condition!
BTW, I'll be 30 in November and still haven't kissed a girl in my life, thinking of doing the same!

Ooohh myyyy gosh! You made a lovely couple perfectly blend.what a happy faces of all from groomsmen to the bridesmaid. Finally you made the right choice and decision of life. Just always remember even in the hardest and toughest time of your married life, just don't let the hit of conversation control one of you and throw words with each just to hurt each one. If words is already been spoken it is so hard to get it back and too late to realized that those words must not be spoken. If hit is on then one must go out or walk along to ease and breath fresh air to open up good mind again. Congratulations, and God bless your family along the way!

Awesome post.

thank you for sharing this @cryptoctopus... This is Christian wedding... Congratulation annie and Renaud :)

What a lovely couple i must say :).....have a happy married life

These look like they were taken straight from a romantic movie! Congratulation man on this new chapter in your life!

Nice match @cryptoctopus both are looking beautiful and smart,Thank you for sharing your memorable moments with us,Happy forever


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Ahh I m getting emotional after reading this post all the details and feelings of newly wed couples that you describe in your article are just truly well said &


I wish you both a long and happy marriage.

very awesome ,,,

Great day for you my friend :) keep treasure for your marriage ;)

This is such an awesome post, she is so beautiful have a wonderful to see. Yes it is for life. Been married 48 years now and every moment is awesome.

Thanks for having shared a piece of your life...Very positive story, I wish you the best 💏

very nice pics but the 3rd one not that much

Congrats @cryptoctopus ,thanks for sharing !

I just followed you ,please be kind to follow me @braveheart22 as well .

let's rest connected for our quality posts ,best regards

Your @braveheart22

Congratulations, and may your happiness always grow your affection for one another.

great post very informative and interesting really like it!

Congratulations. I like the pictures where u guys stand and walk forward in a V shape formation. Reminds me of the geese travelling south. But yeah u are right. Marriage has always been viewed as a contract. The ring is the consideration that seals the contract.

You look genuinely happy. Hope you have a long and happy marriage :D

Really beautifull! You look good together. I wish you both the best.

Feel free to see my very first blog :)

Congratulations on your marriage and more joys and happiness

Love it, congratulations. I hope someday can be a marriage with someone special of me

I wish you a life full of happiness

wow nice post .gd post . i resteem your post

Que novia tan hermosa, Felicidades a los dos. Saludos

Congratulations! That sure is a very special moment for every lovers who want's to live life to the next level :)

Happiest day of the bride couple :) you are cutest beautiful couple i see let me pray to the god for your upcoming [email protected]

Hi, I'm Venezuelan, I like your post. Can you give me your vote in my post? @cryptoctopus

Ooo happy happy friends. hopefully forever :-)

Looks like a great wedding

Wow..nice to see your love for each other..may your bonding become stronger day by day..
God bless this couple ...

Most of the peoples called the marriage is end of the happiest life

Congratulations, you are very beautiful bride couple :)
Beautiful days for all your life!

Handsome couple, congrats! You have an excellent perspective on marriage, and you will have a long and happy one.

What a beautiful and heart warming post in a world of cynical people and behaviour. You look like a stunning couple and I wish you a very long and happy road together. I applaud your attitude.

Beautiful couple , its just not a letter that binds them it is the love that binds them together throughout the remaining life. May god bless you and enjoy your life.
Feel blessed and stay happy.

That's very beautiful , you booth look great ! Have a happy and lovely life <3

You're entering the new phase of life my friend. Congrats and best wishes.

Live happily ever after !upvoted and follow

My best wishes to you both. Congratulations.

Wow seems like amazing moment, as an engaged man , I was really interested I. Your post. Thanks


What a lovely post... this week so many of us have been writing about marriage. Beautiful content and pictures. If you have a second I wrote about marriage this week and keeping your relationship healthy... I'm 22 years deep into married life. Love to get your input and btw congrats!

She is really beautiful
Am sure you deserve each other
You nailed it
marriage is a covenant and not a contract
The key to a lasting relationship is unwavering commitment
Can feel your hapinesd in your post
Thanks for sharing

Nice writing sir... I totally agree with you @cryptooctopus

As someone who's commitment-phobic now, I fucking admire you.

Congratulations!! I wish you all the best!

P.S: Amazing pictures!

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.