Home Tour Of My New Apartment

in life •  5 months ago

Hi Friends!

I take this short break between packing for The Steem Creators Conference in Toronto and unpacking my new place to share a home tour video!

I shot this a few days ago before we started moving things in so you guys could see the empty place. I may do another house tour video once it's all setup - so stay tuned for that!

After filming the video, I decided to come back that night and film some sunset shots - so watch all the way to the end to check that out.

I hope you guys enjoyed checking out my new digs! I'm so excited that @raised2b and I have finally found a place together that we love!

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Greetings, super beautiful coruscate

Excellent apartment. The structure of it inside is very beautiful.

But what struck me most was his gaze. In addition to much green through the window, the whole sea appears. It's very beautiful.

Is there any way to get in there and take a bath?

Thanks for the post and good life in your new apartment !!!

congratulations and I hope you have a great time

Wow! That's very nice. You make us feel like being present in the place. It is good to do the waiting expecting your new videos once everything has been set up in place. Kudos.

hiya @coruscate. how you doing?

It's so big and the view is incredible, I wish i was you right now, I bet your buzzing to be doing so well in life.
I feel like my 3 bedroomed house that i live in is tiny compared to yours. you lucky lucky girl


Absolutely beautiful!!! I am jealous. LOL Think of the possibilities with a place like that! That bedroom door, kitchen and VIEW! Thanks for sharing my friend.


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Congratulations on your new apartment!

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I did watch your first video @coruscate and really love your new "Digs" lol! Minus the train, you must have got a good deal because of it!👍 I am so envious of you and @raised2b what a fantastic view , especially love that sunset , just beautiful ! I live very close to the lake here in downtown Kelowna where we have 0 vacancy so very high rents! but still miss the ocean in Vancouver! 😄💕💕💕✌👍

Extraordinary views you got there on your balcony, worth millions of experience. Your home is really amazing and up to date, I just hope the train movement doesn't obstruct your sleep. Nice watching your video. I will be expecting the video when everything is set.

Yours, @mediahousent host of wafrica discord show


Oh so great look of your home apartment

nice appartment

That sunset is spectacular!!!
We've lived in a couple of nice apartments, and so often my partner will pull me away from whatever I'm doing to just look at the view. We never had a view in Melbourne, and had no idea just how excited we get each and every time... we might be broken now and can only live in beautiful places. I'm so excited that you'll never have that view built out, that's so great!

Love a compartmentalized bathroom, it honestly makes such a big difference. That deck is monster! Looks like it'd probably get the sun for most of the day... maybe the sunrise is slightly behind you to the right? Anyway, you guys have done so well, it's a beautiful place.

Hi @coruscate! Been a while... looks like your doing pretty well! That place.... just.. wow!... I don't think such a place exists where I'm from. It's truly priceless... If I would live there, I'd probably have to quit my job to have enough time to windsurf and sail! I would be on the water ALL the time. Or enjoying the view when I'm not :) I'm really excited for you guys! When will you move in for real?

The deck is incredible, and I even love the sight of the train passing by the water. And nothing beats the serenity of the water in the evening.

I guess if you record a song, though, you will have to learn the train timetable so it doesn't interrupt you. Or maybe you know how to soundproof your set-up. You are smart about these things. :)