Emergency Preparedness // Making a Bug Out Bag

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Hi Friends!

For a few years now, I’ve been thinking that I should really get a Bug Out Bag together. It’s one of those things that is easy to put off – until one day you are in the midst of an emergency and wish you had it.

What is a Bug Out Bag?

For those who don’t know – it is basically a bag of essentials that you can quickly grab if you are in an emergency situation. As you will see from the list below - it covers things such as water, food, shelter, clothing self-defense and more. Let’s face it – if there is an earthquake, flood, fire or any number of other natural disasters - you probably won’t have time to go searching around your house for a flashlight, tent, rain gear, warm clothing, etc.

Having a bag like this ready to go could make a huge difference in your ability to survive in the midst of disaster.

Reasons for Making This Post

First of all, I am tired of putting this off and know that I need to start assembling my bag. This post acts as a bit of accountability for me to at least get the ball rolling and start assembling things.

Second, I’m hoping to get feedback from you guys on my list! I have been doing some research and compiled a list based on different categories – which is listed below. I’d love to get some extra eyes on it to see if I’m missing anything really important that should go in my bag.

Third, I hope that it maybe raises awareness for emergency preparedness. I bet there will be a mix of people reading this post who are totally dialed on this type of thing… and those who have never even thought about it. It’s easy to get caught in the idea that “bad things happen to other people”, but in the event of a natural disaster in your area – imagine how much better off you will be with a bag like this that you can grab and run out the door.

My Current List

Like I just mentioned, here is a list I’ve compiled based on research. I’d love to get your thoughts and opinions on this though. Am I missing anything really important? Or maybe just something that would be a good idea to have? Here are my various categories.


  • Water pump

  • Collapsible water bottle

  • A few water bottles that are filled (for immediate consumption while looking for good water source)


  • Freeze dried meals

  • Protein bars

  • Oatmeal packets

  • Starbucks café via packets for coffee

  • Dried fruit

  • Lightweight cook stove and fuel. (backpacking setup)

  • A few lightweight camping dishes and utensils


  • Wool layers – leggings, long sleeved

  • Set of waterproof rain gear (pants and jacket)

  • Wool socks

  • Thick work gloves

  • Warm beanie

  • Lightweight hiking zip off pants

  • Couple of wool t-shirts

  • Wide brim sun hat that rolls up. (so it doesn’t take up too much room in the bag)

  • Hiking boots ( I know this will take up room… but what if I don’t have time to grab a pair of shoes?)

Shelter and Bedding

  • Tent

  • Small Tarp

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad

  • Thermarest compact pillow

Starting a Fire

  • Tinder and fire starter

  • Waterproof container for tinder (so if my pack gets wet – I can hopefully still start a fire)

First Aid

  • Good first aid kit

  • Foil emergency blanket

  • Insect repellant (my own essential oil mix)

Personal Hygiene

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Toothbrush/paste (travel size)

  • Compact wash cloth

  • Soap (Dr. Bronners – can be used for personal hygiene and cleaning dishes)

  • Toilet paper

  • Full size pack towel

Self Defense

  • Knife (not just for self-defense… a knife will be one of the most useful tools in the whole pack. I will probably include two knives so I have a backup.)

  • Should I include a gun/ammunition?


  • LED flashlight – extra batteries

  • Headlamp

  • Compact lantern

  • Candles and matches? (if room)


  • Old school radio (I need to research this more)

  • Spare cell phone

  • Solar panel charger w/USB cables


  • Cash – broken up into smaller bills

  • Maybe gold or silver pieces too?

Miscellaneous Items

  • Whistle

  • Sun glasses

  • Duct tape

  • Rope and chords

  • Compass

  • Binoculars

  • Physical map of the area

  • Small sewing kit

  • Fishing rod and tackle kit (Tenkara is a good lightweight option)

Buying vs. Assembling your Own

You can buy Bug out Bags that are ready to go. If that would be easier for you… than go for it. I just feel like the quality of the items in those bags are probably pretty cheap and I would rather assemble my own bag. That being said – having a pre-purchased one is way better than nothing at all. So, if you are looking at this list and thinking that you will never do this – maybe consider that as an option.


Thanks for reading/watching my post! I hope you found it helpful and I am really looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

After I have finally finished assembling this bag, I know that I should probably continue with my emergency preparedness plan. Maybe scout my local area for a good water source, and a good place at high ground to pitch a tent/directions on how to get there? I’d love to hear your thoughts on next steps too!

I know this topic today is a little different than some of my usual life/business/music/dance type of content – but it’s been pretty top of mind for me lately and I thought it was worth sharing.



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  1. I LOVE THIS POST. Its my 2nd favorite post of yours this week :):)
  2. Seriously take a look at this to augment your plan : https://steemit.com/zombie/@goldmatters/mene-also-great-for-the-zombie-apocalypse

bahahah that post is awesome!

On a more serious note though.. the Mene charms would actually be a great way to carry smaller pieces of gold in a bug out bag like this! Much better than carrying one large coin. The fact that they are all stamped with the words Mene 24k would help prove their authenticity in an emergency situation too.


Totally! And since they are only 1 - 3 grams super divisible and you could trade for burrito bowl, guac, and la croix!


hahah you know me so well!!

Great article and ideas in there, awesome job!

While reading the list, I couldn't help but think of a magnesium stick to make fire as well as the bamboo utensils I use all the time. There are also pros and cons to bringing wool instead of fleece, especially if there are fires involved in the equation. In the First aid Kit, I'd bring flat head tweezers too. In terms of lighting, I'd bring beeswax candles.

Depending on the area where you find yourself, a good book telling you about the usage of the plants both for medicine as well as for functionality is a must in my survival kit, especially if read ahead of time...

Congratulations on this list, you seemed to be conscientious and appropriately concerned. Knowing your location is key on so many levels and hope to come across good hearted people who also have the same heart and vision of oneness when it comes to survival, otherwise, even a gun won't do you good on the long run.

Namaste :)


Thanks for all of the great tips! Especially for a book on local plants and their medicinal qualities. I should really start seeking out like minded people in my area so that in the case of an emergency - we can work together.

Thank again for all of your input - I really appreciate it!

OMG @coruscate,I prep for the end of the world as we know it!I tell most people it is for hurricanes but its much more than that.I fish and grow alot of fruit and veggies,You know I stack the shiney stuff. All the things you mentiond are important and a buggout bag always travles with me.If things get worse,like nuke wars or emp's you need to form a communty of like minded folks to weather the storm.I'm glad you brought this topic up!P.S. GUNS and ammo are a must!


haha I love that song! Thanks for your thoughts on the gun topic too. Your right, I just need to "bite the bullet" so to speak and buy an extra gun to keep in there.

Great point about forming community too. It would be a good idea to start forming relationships with others that are like minded now so in the event of an emergency we can band together and support each other.

Good list!

I might add a sawyer water filter and gaiters from "Dirty Girl" brand. Keeping those feet clean! Weight is a big consideration with longer hikes, I need to keep it below 25 lbs. so my joints don't get too sore. See you on the trail. :)

Here's my 2017 PCT thru-hike loadout:


ooh I love sawyer. Thanks fo the tip on gaiters too! So cool that you did the PCT last year!! Have your or do you want to do the AT? Both are on my list eventually, but I think I might like the scenery on the AT more.

I would the PCT through northern cali and Oregon, but I'm not the biggest fan of dessert hiking. How was that piece of things for you?


Haven't done the AT, I think the PNT is the next big hike for me. I suggest the PCT in sections. That way you can enjoy the best of the seasons. The desert is rough! I would suggest skipping that part, or going at just the right time of year. It depends on the hiker. :)

Even the smallest of bugout bags can be the largest of help in a time of emergency!


Exactly! That's where I'm at... at least get my bag started and add to it as I can. I know I have a lot of these items already sitting around because i've upgraded my backpacking gear throughout the years and still have old gear in my possesion.

Thanks for the encouragement to keep going on this!

Great list.

For the radio. A Handcrank solar/powered radio/flashlight would be ideal.

For fire, you can get a stick of magnesium with flint attached. You can take any hard object, scrape off the magnesium (oxide), then flash it with flint and you get fire that will ignite in wet or dry conditions.

One other recommendation to think of is feminine hygiene products. As a specific example, when women escape an abusive home, they grab their "bug-out bag" and head for a shelter. The one item that those shelters are in constant need of is feminine hygiene products.


Thank you so much for the suggestion on a radio! That is super helpful.

Also, thanks for the suggestions on the rest of my list. I'm surprised I didn't think about feminine hygiene products! What a simple, but important item to include.

Wow! I need to prep mine... but mine will include cookies... mmm I need to satisfy my sweet tooth some how 😜


hahahah your comment might be my favorite yet. lol How could I forget the cookies??


Hahaha! You need comfort food in moments of distress... I would also recommend ice cream... but it might melt 😆

That is a sound list.

I hadn't realised you were a prepper Lea.

You will have to come on my Alternative Lifestyle Show too - that covers homesteading, prepping etc 😊

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Hi @pennsif!! I'm kind of new to the world of prepping - so i'm not sure if i'd be the best person to interview! haha

I have definitely been doing more research lately though and it is something I'm interested in learning more about.


I will be looking out for more prepping vlogs...

I would go for silver pieces over gold. Stitch them into your clothes to conceal them. It helps hide them but also makes the item of clothing heavy so you can bludgeon an assailant with it. :)

I would include a firearm if you're thinking of self-defense. It's easier to neutralise a threat at a distance than to engage them in close quarter combat and take them out with a knife.

I recommend reading '100 Deadly Skills' by Clint Emerson because he explains why you need latex sheaths in emergency situations also :D



ooh great idea bout stitching precious metals into my clothing. Do you recommend silver because the overal value is lower and so i'm not overpaying for items?

Thanks for the book suggestion too! Looks like there are a lot of great resources in that book that would help inform my decisions for how to prep for emergencies.

Also, thanks for your input on the gun topic. I think you are right that I need to make that happen! I don't have the combat skills to win a close quartered encounter and so I can see how a gun would serve me better.


I imagine that gold, especially if it was displayed or carried in the open, or used in a transaction would make you a target to be robbed if it got passed around that you'd had something of value. Somebody might make the assumption that you have more and target you for a robbery.

Plus yeah smaller denomination makes it easier to pay for small incidental items. You don't want to hand over a 1/4 oz gold coin if you're transacting with somebody who can only source and sell you $5 worth of flour for example.


All fair points. It seems like having a mix of gold and silver in different sizes would be the best way to go. Thanks!

I live in Florida and have one of these I add to every Hurricane season. When the storm hits, stores sell out of batteries, generators, etc. It's always smart to get them purchased before the storms on its way. Great post!


I'm with you on that one,Rain colection and T.P. also! Where in FL are you?


Awesome that you are on top of things! I actually used to live in Florida when I was a kid and went through my share of outages during hurricane season. Smart that you get that taken care of in advance. I was lucky my parents were dialed on that too when I was a kid.

I was always shocked at how many people flooded to the stores and payed ridiculous prices in times of need. Hurricane season happens every year... it isn't too hard to be prepared for it!

i think it is time for the steem sisters to get offroad

Do you know how to kill an animal? Or are you vegan?


oooh great question! I have killed/gutted many fish in my day - but that somehow seems easier than killing an animal. Because I mostly fish for fresh water trout... they are small and the gutting and cleaning process is pretty simple. Killing and gutting a larger animal would be a bit harder for me.


As bigger the (wild) animal as harder the killing

you will need a good team anyway if you face the wild @raised2b @maryjane



haha good point! Having a group of people around me who are like minded is important!

those recommendations are very important to be prepared at all times for any eventuality

i just learnt a lot from this beautiful its really helpful thanks

No doubt you have choosen a topic which is different from your usual posting topics but i want it to put this in your notice that your post is always priceless...
There will be hardly a post which will not be helpful for us otherwise all the post whether related to music, dance or any other thing they all delivers something which is very helpful in day today life...whether in the field of motivation, inspiration, information or some else thing..

I keep one if these in varying degrees of length from 3-5 days. This is essential while living in coastal Florida.

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