At the hospital- how to spend time until baby comes...

in life •  2 years ago 


Yup! Finally its that time!!
I was starting to get impatient:)
So what do you do when youre inbetween contractions at the hospital?....

Eat a burrito

Play with some hospital buttons
(i love the electronic bed!!😄)


Or just keep on steeeeeming... keep on steeming!!!😁👼

Looks like its going to be a long day... hope all this ends fast and easy 🤗


Have a great weekend everyone!



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you loking very happy!!! for increase your happiness i am also upvoted you! !!

Hope everything went well! By the ways, I must say you look stunning for being in labor at that time :)

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Good luck. Keep us posted abouth the little newborn steemian ;)

Hey, if it is a boy, you can call him steemy. LOL


Exciting and excited for you

Best of luck 😘😘😘😘

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Good luck!

What do we do? we keep on steeming. LOL. I love Finding Nemo.
I wish you the best with your pregnancy and all the joy that comes with it

Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.


Good luck with the delivery and labour. From what I’ve seen it’s not all that much fun! Glad your making the most of it, so far!

Wohoo! Way to go mommy! Hope you have a safe delivery.

so, what are you going to call him or her?

So wonderful to experience this. Thank you for sharing @cooknbake. And the very best for you and the new arrival :)

Congratulations! and good luck!!! :) Wait my response is old! How did it go???

Oh my, I had no idea you were pregnant!
It's so exciting to welcome a new baby Steemian, hehe!

I hope everything goes well and you get to enjoy your time with the little one! <3

P.S. You look beautiful and your hair is gorgeous! :)