Syros, Greece Showing Some Signs of Life {#SteemitChallenge Day 24 of 28}

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This morning, Syros finally showed some signs and symptoms of life during the daytime.

Throughout the mornings, on Saturday and Sunday, not a soul wandered through the streets. Every mini market or store front we passed was closed.

Chirp, chirp

Only cats roamed the streets, or an occasional local peaking their head out from the balcony door to check on the clothes-pinned laundry.

The town would vibrate radiantly every half hour, and on the hour with massive church bells from the many Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches sprawled throughout the city's streets.


Today, however, was an entirely different story.

As we made our way to find a breakfast joint, hundreds of people were milling around, popping their heads in and out of shops or looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

It was a completely different scene from the last two days on the island. The markets were open and ready for business.

We found the local joint!

Fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, freshly caught fish of the day, sea sponges, hats, sandals, olive oil, soap and more.




It was like the island-wide virus had disappeared, allowing the people, both locals and tourists, to find a second dose of life.

Last night was a similar deal, too. A cruise ship docked in the port of Syros and a thousand people immediately began to infiltrate the island.

1,000 passenger Ets TUR cruise liner

The herd just kept on coming, with no end in sight. People, people and, you guessed it, more people flooded the boulevard.

The cruise ship started in Istanbul, Turkey and was stopping at many islands in the Cyclades. Mainly the larger, more touristy islands like Ios, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos and Santorini.

Syros just so happened to be one of the stops along the way the 15-day cruise schedule. The boat came in around 8 pm and left the island again around 6 am.

The people aboard had this time to walk around, explore the island, eat, drink, party or whatever until it was time to depart.

One interesting thing which I noticed was that there was no music playing. No music whatsoever at any of the cafe bars, clubs or sit-down eateries.

It was quite surprising to me, given the circumstances, but I guess this was conducive for a good nights sleep since we are staying right in the center of town.

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