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Topic # 1 : Aging and death.

Today's Test-run topic is about the correlation between aging and death.

Now, pretend this is an email and it begins...NOW!

Your Daily dose of Colour: Aging and death.

Age is something that runs in tandem with death when it comes to the opinion of the status quo.

The status quo would have you believe that as you get 'older', you get closer to death.

That every year you live you are deteriorating: until one day you die.

Yet what is death? Do we ever really "die", or cease to exist?

Or do our souls just leave our bodies?

Reconnecting to some central source of intelligence?

Perhaps our perception of "death" - and therefore aging as well - is construed.

Death is a fabricated concept.

We are in these bodies to experience life in the 3D realm.

We could have just as easily incarnated as a plant or a star.

A microcosm or macrocosm.

Does it really make a difference? Is there really such a thing as individuality?

Or are we all really the same thing having different experiences?

The concept of death is an illusion; one formulated on the basis that everything is separate.

But those of us who have experienced oneness know unequivocally that death is not real.

If we know that death is not real, then why do we believe that as we get "older", we get closer to death?

Is it possible that we could live longer If we did not hold this model of reality within our subconscious mind?

What if we could get younger as we move through life - by changing our perspective?

Why are diseases such as osteoporosis, dementia and altimeters associated with old age rather than ill health?

What if we could get healthier, just by redirecting our belief system about death?

We could certainly become younger in our mindset - and ultimately this would play out in our physical reality.

If we knew that we could leave our bodies or essentially "die" anytime, but that we need to complete a mission here and therefore can't die unless it is completed; would we even age in the way that we know it?

I,e slowly disintegrate ? Slowly become less capable of everyday tasks?

Or would we leave this world in perfect health?

The truth is,

We can become more youthful with every passing moment. More child-like.

We can manifest our youth or our deterioration.

Its up to us!

Perhaps we only get older because we forget to dream - because we forget to truly Live.

Because we forget that it is the moment that counts....

....Because we manifest death.....

We manifest death in the form of sorrow, fear, helplessness etc.

We are subject to DE-evolution : we stop evolving.

This is my idea of death in its actual reality.

We get caught up in the daily grind and we lose our true purpose - we lose our imagination.

We lose our sense of wonder.

What if we can take back our youth - take back our life?

Well, heres the thing....


You can become younger.

By remembering what it is to dream.

What it is to truly live

To be magical.

To not give up on life.

Perhaps we can create a new model of time associated with death.

Perhaps we can simply begin to believe with faith that we are getting younger with time - not older.

Is it really stone hard fact that we deteriorate with time - not just our bodies - but our mind and spirit?!

Perhaps we can take back our vigor. Our youthful splendor.

Perhaps we can never truly die: Simply by choosing to live.

Harvard Medical School scientists find way to reverse engineer aging in mice. What does this mean for humans?

A poem about life and death

As the leaves slowly rustle and the grass slowly sways.

As the birds call out names and big oaks provide shade.

As the sun gently sets with a glowing golden hue.

I think about what I've done; not what I have to do.

As the water of the ocean surges again toward the far out cliffs.

As the clouds close in; to seal nights kiss.

As the flowers tilt their heads goodbye,

And the moon comes in to replace the sun.

I think about my past.

I have little regrets.

I have lived a full life, and so must now pass on.

I am ready.

Ready for the winds and the earth to call me back home.

Ready for the transition.

Ready to go back home.



Read my article about the illusion of death here

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