MINDFUL MONDAY'S EP 3 : The widespread, profiteered, irrational fear of death - and how it can negatively affect your health.

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Over millennia of continuous dying, of war and suffering, and with centralized information control systems such as religious institutions in place; many human beings have developed an overwhelming and irrational fear of death.
This isn’t surprising.
What is surprising, is that even with the abundance of information prevalent on planet earth at this time, many still believe in this elaborated falsity of “death”.

They believe that the part of them that is ultimately real - consciousness - can somehow die or cease to exist.
The thing they mostly fail to realize is that the part of them that is consciousness - is God.
We are made up of energy - everything is energy.
The act of electrons spinning around an atom is a phenomena called Vibration, and is energy.
The helixes within your DNA are made up of light encoded filaments - and light is a condensed energy.
I believe that , as consciousness, we can interact with our DNA on the quantum level, and my question to you is this: if you have not done so, how can you prove to me that the God blueprint is not contained within every particle as a fractal position?

Can’t you see the truth of this?
In science we know that all of the universe and beyond came from one source.
Therefore, everything IS that same source. And this source is contained within the blueprint of consciousness: or DNA.

If everything that exists comes from the same source, how can anything that exists ever NOT BE that source?
To exist is the fundamental quality of existence: so why have we been led off track and made to believe in the concept of death?
Why do we make the assumption that we will one day not exist?
Isn’t this what the idea of death is? Existence falling to a state of non-existence?
Just because our bodies turn to dust we assume that it “becomes nothingness” and that our spirit dies too.

Let me tell you something, your body does not die, it is recycled into the earth. In the same way, your spirit is recycled - it goes elsewhere. All energy is recycled, as it cannot be created or destroyed: it simply IS. Who is to say that you are not the driving force of the energy that is you?

The concept of death is something pushed by the catholic and christian church to sell the idea of heaven and hell.
They need you believe that if you don’t do what they want or worship what they say, you will be punished.
What a load of bullshit;the idea of punishment.
As if any authority has the right to govern and manipulate you: the only authority they have over you is what you give them.

Christian religion, for example, takes the idea of a christed man such as yeshua, twists his words, and tells you that if you do not worship this separate entity that is Jesus ( who you are made to believe is Yeshua) than you will go to hell. They are convincing you to hand over your self authority because that is the only way they can control you: with your willingness to give them control.
Who is to say that by worshiping JESUS, you are not directly worshiping the church and their satanic roots, giving them much power?
They are deceiving their followers; think about it , they profit heavily off of them.

So why would you believe them when it comes to the fabricated idea of ‘death’?

Buying into the concept of death is bad for your health

Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? This is the average man's understanding of the law of attraction.
The law of attraction basically states that what is given energy or focused upon (intended upon) is what you attract and manifest into your reality. This is a law of consciousness.

So What do you think happens when you focus upon the idea of death, Consciously or subconsciously?
Obviously, you will attract death into your reality.
I have already explained to you that, as existence, it is a physical impossibility to ever not exist or to have ever not existed, or to ever be completely unconscious.
But my idea of death is unconventional. My definition of death is: the initial loss of life, or lowering of consciousness. This eludes to subconsciously and consciously taming the divine spark within you: the thing that holds together consciousness or which consciousness consists of.
I would call this love, wonder joy, appreciation of life, and light which is information and understanding.
I would say that death is essentially the same concept as fear, which is the absence of love, light, appreciation and joy.

Fear manifests itself on many levels.
One of these levels of fear manifestation is stress. In life we accumulate stress, as well as other types of fear, which stores in our subconscious, and further manifests as dis-ease and sickness.
Stress is known to cause a number of diseases and has even been speculated to cause cancer.
Accumulation of fear can lead to many overall health defects because the more you experience fear, the more it manifests in your subconscious mind, which is a major catalyst for what you attract.
Another manifestation of a fear-ridden consciousness is an early passing.

SO, death is basically a false assumption, depending on your definition of death. The complex part about literature is that everybody has a different definition for any given word, whether they know it or not. For example, some people see the word love and think of relationships, and perhaps they think of the fear related with that relationship; thus when you say the word love they think of fear. This is why it is hard for any concept to be explained to people who are not like minded and of the same level of consciousness.

Though I will still try.

I encourage you also to help wake up the masses, and start simple.

Let us say Sayonara to the idea of death.
Let us accept that life is eternal and that we are gods.

(P.S. Click here for episode 2 and here for episode 1 )


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Your lovely post reminded me of the 4 rules of the universe:

  1. You exist
  2. One is all and all is one
  3. What you give out is what you get back
  4. Everything changes but the first three rules

Hey there buddy. I personally enjoy some of the fresh perspective put forth in this post - I just would suggest better formatting (mainly just breaking up some of the lines just to consider mobile readers) =)