WHAT IF I TOLD YOU Morpheus NEVER said “What if I told you”

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There are a lot of now popular and infamous quotes that come from one of the most epic movies of our time, “The Matrix.” One of the most well-known quotes is:

“What if I told you, that everything you knew was a lie?” - MORPHEUS

So now, WHAT IF I TOLD YOU… this famous quote is no longer in “The Matrix” Trilogy at all…?!

The most interesting thing is this: one of the most VIRAL set of memes on the internet today show the image of Morpheus from The Matrix where he says this famous line of “what if I told you...” and people have created “their own” sentence to create something hilarious. There are thousands of examples of this, with the newest set saying:

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU Morpheus NEVER said What if I told you the matrix.jpg
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