Steemit Virus Contest 3: my entry

in life •  2 years ago

Thank you to steemit-virus for this contest, this is the second contest I have entered and not only do I enjoy entering, I also look forward to reading the other contestants’ entries.

The original post setting out the rules and the idea is here:

So here I go:

The moment I saw the image that steemit-virus had posted for us, I felt as though it represented Depression perfectly.

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you will see that I have written quite a lot of the topic – it is something dear to my heart (unfortunately). I feel that Depression is a dangerous illness because it is so misunderstood. My posts have been to try to raise a little awareness of the illness, and to show people that there is nothing wrong with admitting that you struggle with life from time to time. If I can talk about my battles with Depression, hopefully it will mean that other people will feel they can too.

The dangers of Depression are multiple – society seems to think that there is something shameful in admitting that Depression has got the better of us, and as a result, people are loathe to discuss it, even with their friends and their family, and so people go without getting the help that they need or the support that they need to deal with this illness.

You can’t see that someone in battling with Depression merely by looking at them.

Which is why I think this picture captures that feeling so perfectly.

On the outside, we look fine, “normal” (whatever “normal” means).

But if you were to peel back the face and look into a Depressed person’s mind, what you will find in there is that person trapped in their own internal prison, unable to get out. Helpless, Hopeless and utterly alone.

When you are suffering from Depression, it is the most isolated feeling. A lot of that is your own fault as you find yourself pushing away the people closest to you with your behaviour – you just can’t help it – you can’t face dealing with people. And you go on and on until you are alone. If friends don’t understand what you are going through, and I do think it’s rare for someone who hasn’t suffered with Depression to understand it, they will wonder why you suddenly don’t want to see them anymore. But when they call you and text you and ask you to come out, you find it so irritating because all you want to do is be alone and stare at a wall for an hour or two. So you ignore the calls and the texts, you don’t explain yourself, and eventually even the oldest of your friends will give up keeping on trying to get you out of the house.

When Depression takes a hold on you, you are powerless to do anything. Even the most regular, day to day tasks, like eating or showering feels like an epic mountain climb and you just can’t face it. The only think you can do is sit and stare.

If you feel like this, remember: you are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with it. Please try to talk to someone.

And look after yourself x

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Hello @coffeehub, thanks for participating in the contest, you can add the picture in the contest so your post looks more attractive



Ah thank you - I will try

Definitely need to follow you. I am constantly suffering from depression. Thanks for the info tho :)

Best of luck for the contest ! :)


I am sorry to hear that.
Depression sucks. Sometimes I think I should get a t shirt that says that!

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Nice write up @coffeehub ...i will also love to know your view about my entry when i post tomorrow. ..
Good luck to all the contestants


Can't wait to see it !

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