Depression and the change of seasons

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As I left the house to come to work this morning, I had that thought of “ooh, it’s a bit cold, it’s going to be time to get the winter coat out soon” for the first time of the year. It seems that winter is well and truly on her way, and I know from experience that that also probably means that I’ll be having another regular visitor over the next few months


Ever since first meeting her, I have been prone to worst bouts of depression during the Autumn and the Winter, and I know that this year is unlikely to be any different.

Cold nights, cold heart?

Now, it isn’t that I don’t like Autumn and Winter, let me make that quite clear. I would actually say that Autumn is my favourite season of the year and Winter is my second favourite, so it would seem that Depression coming a-calling more during these months makes no sense at all.

That’s the worst thing about Depression

None of it makes any sense.

If it made sense, we would understand the illness better.

To this day, I don’t know what it is that makes Autumn and Winter the worst seasons for me for Depression, but I should imagine it is a combination of the other things that come hand in hand with those months

  • the regular coughs and colds

  • the short evenings and dark mornings making you wonder what’s the point of it all

  • the knowledge that Christmas (and all the inevitable expense and arguments that comes with that) is on its way

  • knowing that another year is coming to a close and wondering if we achieved what we needed

  • possible financial issues from not being to work due to bad weather

  • the fact that I tend to eat more in the cold months and out on a few extra pounds as a result....

All of these things don’t help me, I know that.

I also know that I am not special

So I reckon there must be thousands upon thousands of other people who are about to go through the same thing as me.

I just wanted to reassure everyone suffering with Depression that we are not alone.

Be kind to yourself when you’re having a bad day, no one can keep a happy face on all the time.


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I also know that I am not special

You just put that in bold letters, and I'm forceably taking that away from you.

You have absolutely no right to decide if you are special or not. Other people get to decide that... not you.

I personally, do think your special. So I've just ripped that non-special status from your hands, and taken control of the situation.

Ok @intelliguy, what does "special" mean to you?

Special means.. someone who thinks. (a rare situation these days)

Special means.. someone who ponders and expresses themselves (a rare situation these days)

Special means.. someone who feels and is not afraid of their feelings (a rare situation these days)

Be kind to yourself

Those 4 words mean a lot. Take your own advice. Do it.

I love it when you comment on my blogs, but I love the fact I could come here and comment on yours.

Handshake and hugs from another part of the world. --- Be kind to yourself, and I will too. More of us need to do exactly what you wrote. Thanks for saying it that way. :)


Oh my goodness @intelliguy - you actually just brought me to tears. Such a lovely thing to say. Thank you x


Yes, I have goosebumps from @intelliguy's words...they are so true. Sending you a lot of warmth and good vibes, and a big HUG @coffeehub <3


Good. It is long overdue. Those are tears of happiness and validation. I am glad to have met you.

P.S. Please do check out @voiceshares -- it is a good project that I support and donate the bulk of my steempower to, to help them.


Thank you both. I'm going to visit voiceshares now.
The support on this site is amazing. There are such nice people here.

Thank you

I kind of feel the weather too. When I lived in the Kansas City, I really dislike the cold bad winter days. Back in Singapore, I do feel bit moody sometimes when the weather is not very good too. That's why we need coffee in the morning :-)


Coffee in the morning and a bit of sunshine on the skin are pretty much essentials for happiness I think!


Sunshine is good. I was feeling rather sick feel weeks back. After a morning walk at beach in the makes me feel better. 😎


It really is. Not too much that it is uncomfortable, but a bit of bright sun works wonders. Even on a chilly day.

Okay, I thought @intelliguy 's response was fricken awesome but I'm going to add my own twist to it. I'm also going to take those big bold words away from you.

When did you decide that you weren't special? In my eyes everyone is special in their own way.

You've already introspected the cause and effect of your depression. That's special. Like @intelliguy said, it's a damn rare ocassion.

What is wrong with society nowadays? Showing a teensy weensy bit of self-gratitude is met with negativity. I've heard people say to me - look at her/him, they are full of themselves!

We hear this a lot, people often shy away from it. Often, others will just try not stand out at all, like I did.

You know why it is?

It's the cultural norm to feel pretty shitty about yourself. If you're going against the grain then there will be others trying to cut you to size in no time.

You know what I say?

Fuck them. Fuck them and the horse that they rode in on.

You ARE special. You should FEEL special. Don't let others decide your speciality; you set the rules of your own speciality. Bend your own definition of special.

If your special is simply posting on Steemit and earning rewards when millions are not - then that's pretty fuckin special.



Another comment that is so kind it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you. I am so grateful to the lovely people like you who take time out of their day to say such kind things.

I have thought a couple of times about editing the wording in my original post, but that wouldn't be true. What I wrote was how I felt at the time and so it should stay as it is. But then hopefully these comments also document my further thoughts on it x


Nothing is more honest than being real. You were being real there! That was awesome, even when you thought you weren't lol

WoW i'm Waiting for your next post


Thank you that's very kind.

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I suffer from depression and winter and late fall are worse too for those reasons. I am also emetophobic and the idea of more stomach bugs out at that time scare me too.


I knew I wouldn't be the only one here who felt the same.
Thank you for stopping by x

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Good post =)


Thank you dear x