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Taking a little boat trip to the islands, so before leaving I made sure that I had enough beer for the road ( or for the sea if you like 🛥️🌊🍻) and of course my little pink speaker to listen to my music on the go.

By the way I did hide another couple of beers in my handbag for emergency...
Cold beer goes down really nicely on a hot day...

Ready for the ride...
Cheers 🍻


Enjoy my friend, share lovely photos

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Thank you 😃 have a great day

OMG you’re a real trooper! Grinding out a post none the less! Your efforts have to be commended! Boats and beers are the real secret combination to a good day!

Enjoy your trip and have fun I know you will

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😂😂 Yes I am just enjoying the Steemit world and having a great life... Boats and beers my favourite 😎 have a great day

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That is amazing 😀 thank you so much for your support and for the upvote!!

Beautiful looking

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